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Hello! And welcome back to Crazed Fanboy.

Nolan here. As I write this, I realize it has been three years since this site was updated last and I apologize to fans who've checked back regularly only to find no updates. There have been many personal and health issues I've had to deal with, and the plan I had in place regarding website maintenance in the interim was not as successful as I'd anticipated. There are reasons, which I'll go into some other time. No one's died and no one's been "fired".

But we are changing direction somewhat. It's been five years since I "retired" from writing and went into seclusion. I detailed my reasons for this at the end of 2011. I'm not necessarily announcing a personal comeback, but I do intend to be more hands-on.

There will be design changes in the immediate future, Crazed Fanboy will be more smartphone compatible, feature new videos and podcasts, and still remain consistent with its homegrown roots.

All for now. Keep the faith.

Nolan B. Canova
Publisher, CrazedFanboy.com


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