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PLEASE READ THIS TOP SECTION FIRST. The ad banners seen on this page are for demonstration only and are not meant to convey any definitive style. Unless other arrangements are made, you are responsible for the design and creation of your own ad banner. Please email me your appropriately-sized ad banner graphic and I'll host it on my server! Animated banners are fine, but please keep all file sizes under 20KB!

TEXT LINKS. To avoid screwing up the layout and to head off hogging the sponsors' box, please keep text links to no more than 20-25 characters long, including "dots", underscores and dashes (the "http://" part will be hidden in the HTML code so doesn't count). Until I change the layout in the distant future, count on your published font face being sans-serif type, size "3" in classic HTML (see example below), or similarly configured with the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets. They will always carry the same or similar "mouseover" CSS tricks consistent with the the rest of the page. Any differences will be at my discretion or other special arrangement.

BOTH GRAPHIC AND TEXT LINKS will include a "tool-tip", a little pop-up box that displays a title or other brief info when you hover your cursor over the link or graphic (see samples below). The text included in the tool tip will be whatever special you want to (briefly) say in there, otherwise my discretion.

REGARDING PLACEMENT IN THE LAYOUT, IMPRESSIONS, CLICK-THROUGHS, ETC.  The Crazed Fanboy homepage and Message Board where your link/banner will be residing receives well in excess of 10,000 visitors a week with a loyal return visitor base. Site-wide Crazed Fanboy receives 14,000 to 18,000 page views a week (mostly due to constant search engine activity in the Archives). At this time I am accepting ads for the CF homepage and Message Board only (only one ad needs to be purchased to appear in both places). I can pretty much guarantee about 15,000 impressions a month there. Placing ads on any other part of the website (i.,e., Creature Feature Database) may be done in the future, but my primary concern right now is getting the first-come first-served going on the homepage and message board. I will accept only one (1) 468 x 60 ad banner for placement on the homepage and message board at this time. Custom-sized, wider banners will be considered for side spaces. All other banners, regardless of size, will be placed in the layout at my discretion (but with an eye toward maximum visiblity of course!). I am hopeful this results in a lot of "click-throughs" to your site, and of course, increased sales, but I am not coding anything to deposit tracking cookies at this time (but may in the future), so I need you to tell me if it's working. As you'll see from the ordering information below, if it's not working out for you, you can hit "Cancel Subscription" at any time.

Important: No pornographic material will be considered or accepted. Only websites and businesses that display subjects that obviously appeal to my readership will be accepted. Rejected applicants will be emailed a refund.

Appropriate ad subjects I'm seeking that may not be quite as obvious as pre-existing ads include (but are not limited to) the following: books, cult movies, weird science/the paranormal, custom-made T-shirts (or any custom clothing), human-powered vehicles (bet you didn't see that coming!), computers & electronics, Halloween costumes, magic, toy stores, modeling experts, tattoo artists, graphic artists, movie talent, musical score writers, playhouses, and independent movies & video sales. Everything else will be case-by-case.

Note: all payments are handled through the secured servers of PayPal. If you are not already a member of PayPal, you may be asked to choose a username and password to create an account. This is a normal part of the operation and guarantees an encrypted transaction. NO ACCOUNT INFORMATION IS SHARED WITH ANYONE.

All that said, welcome aboard; here's hoping we enjoy a prosperous working relationship!

(Note: business names used in some ad banner examples below are, to the best of my knowledge, completely ficticious as I made them up while doing the graphics. If there is any conflict between these examples and an actual business, do not hesitate to inform me and it will be removed immediately. --Nolan)

Simple Text Link (no graphic). $5/month subscription, recurring billing.
88 X 31 "micro" banner. $5/month subscription, recurring billing.
Comics Megastore! 88 X 31 graphic.

160 X 31 "mini" banner, wider graphic, approximately the space of two text links. $10/month subscription, recurring billing.

Bay City Arts Muse. 160 X 31 banner.

120 X 60, same area as above, but more square. $10/month subscription, recurring billing.

Man In The Moon Graphics. 120 X 60 banner.
468 X 60 banner. $50/month subscription, recurring billing.
468 by 60 ad banner

Image below left, 125 X 125 square graphic, $20/month, recurring billing. Image below right, 150 X 100, roughly same surface area, only rectangular, also $20/month, recurring billing.
Books Ahoy! 125 X 125 graphic.Teaberry's Magic Shoppe. 150 X 100 graphic.

234 X 60 ad banner, $25/month, recurring billing
234 by 60 ad banner graphic

120 by 240 graphic, $35/month, recurring billing
Medieval Fair, 120 by 240 ad banner graphic

120 by 600 graphic, $100/month, recurring billing. Placement will be along right side of webpage, in main text area.
Skyscraper Banner, 120 by 600 graphic
160 by 600 graphic, $150/month, recurring billing. Placement will be along right side of webpage, in main text area.
Super-Skyscraper Ad Banner, 160 by 600 graphic