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Crazed Fanboy Presents.....
an original fiction by Apopka-based filmmaker Jason L. Liquori that has never been published before. ---Nolan B. Canova

Chapter 2: DOUBLE TAKE, Part 1
A convoy of three dark vehicles streaks across the bridge into the city. A shiny black Crown Victoria leads the pack and a customized Ford F-350 takes up the rear. The rear shell of the truck is armored and houses a collection of high-tech weaponry. The middle car is a 1971 Lincoln Continental. The vintage car has been stretched to over 25 feet long. Its already formidable windows and door panels are reinforced. Victor Travetti, a well known figure in organized crime, sits in the security of the back seat.

As the convoy approaches Travetti's gated compound they are stopped by an uncooperative traffic light. The road in the exclusive neighborhood is quiet and dimly lit. Tall trees line either side.

"Want me to have him run the light?" Travetti's driver asks.

"No," Mr. Travetti says. "I don't need to give a cop the right to check the trunks of our cars just to save two minutes."

While the cars sit waiting for the light to change a sewer cap under the lead vehicle slides open. A dark figure climbs out lifting the large black sedan as it does. The two men in the car shout and curse as they are flipped through the air. The car tumbles onto its roof a few yards away.

"What the Hell was that?!" Travetti shouts.

The silhouette standing in the road turns to face the limousine. The driver steps out and fires at the approaching dark figure. The attacker continues his approach. Travetti lowers the window a bit.

"Stop that thing!" he shouts.

"He's bullet proof!" the driver responds.

"It's probably a vest."

The driver smiles and charges at the shadowy figure. He hits the attacker in the head. A loud crack echoes through the still night air when his fist makes contact. The driver howls in pain and falls to his knees while holding his broken hand. The dark figure grabs him by the throat. With a simple squeeze of his hand the driver's neck is broken and the man falls dead to the ground.

The truck backs up and pulls around the side of limo. It streaks toward the attacker. The ram bar bends as the speeding truck hurls the dark figure into the darkness. The roof splits open and a small tube rises from the back of the truck. With a burst of flame a rocket propelled grenade is sent into in the air. It impacts in the road where the attacker has fallen. The two men in the truck step out to investigate.

As the smoke clears they can see that their target is back on his feet. Each man draws an automatic pistol with an extended clip. The slides have been shaved to allow for full auto firing. They fire at the mysterious figure.

Without taking notice of them the attacker leaps onto the hood of the limousine and climbs up the roof. They stop firing to avoid any risk to their leader. The two men watch in amazement as the dark figure reaches down and tears the steel from the top of the car. He reaches in and grabs Travetti by the hair. The crime lord screams in terror as he is pulled from his car. With one swipe of the dark figure's hand Travetti's gut is split open and he falls silent.

Realizing their boss is dead the tow men fire mercilessly at the dark figure. It turns and disappears into the trees.

It is nighttime and the guards at the state prison are preparing for "lights out".

Jonathan Spencer, a recently incarcerated kingpin, is changing into his silk pajamas. The 350 pound prisoner enjoys many "perks" that his peers do not.

The same dark figure that killed Travetti scales the wall and tears through the barbed wire like string. He runs across the courtyard to the inner cell blocks. He climbs the six stories to Spencer's cell and rips the bars from the cement surrounding the window.

Spencer turns to face his attacker. Before he can say a word he is under attack. He screams in fear and then agony before falling completely silent.

Two guards charge to his cell. They arrive just in time to watch Spencer being pushed through the bars like a hard boiled egg through a slicer.

One of the guards manages to compose himself and sound the alarm. The killer leaps out of the window. He plummets the six stories to the ground below. Without losing a step he runs back across the court yard. Several guards fire wildly as Spencer's killer crashes through the outer wall and escapes into the darkness.

Sonya Sarason inherited her father's territories six years ago. Since then she has upgraded the security around her mansion. Half a dozen armed men patrol the inside of the house at all times whole two attack dogs roam the grounds outside.

The dogs bark viciously as the dark figure bends the bars of the iron gate surrounding Sonya's mansion. Hearing their barking Sonya orders two men to check on the disturbance.

As the guards step outside the dogs yelp and become silent as they are knocked unconscious. The intruder is upon the two men before they can fire a shot. Within seconds the intruder has torn them to pieces.

Sonya begins to get anxious when the dogs stop barking and her guards fail to check in. She doesn't become any calmer when the lights within the house go out.

Three of the remaining guards activate laser sights and spread out to search the mansion. The remaining guard leads Sonya into the den, a "strong room" with sliding steel doors and electronic locking mechanisms.

As they sit in the large dark room Sonya and the guard hear screams and gunshots. Suddenly there is a thump at the entrance to the den. The steel doors begin to shake until they finally buckle under the pressure and collapse into the room.

Sonya crouches behind her desk. A huge silhouette looms in the doorway. The guard's red laser shines across the figure as he fires rapidly at it. The guard empties the clip on his .380 automatic. Before he can reload the intruder snatches the weapon from his hand and squeezes the barrel closed.

The intruder punches the guard. The man's face splits open as he is tossed over the large oak desk and into the wall. The impact snaps his spine.

Sonya quakes with fear as the unstoppable attacker lifts her desk into the air. She realizes that she is now out in the open, but she is also paralyzed with fear. The attacker brings the desk down upon Sonya's hard. The heavy wooden fixture shatters into splinters and Sonya is crushed.

As news of the attacks spreads Linda Nero is contacted by the remaining crime bosses and they demand a meeting.


"Dinosoldier" is ©1994, 2003 by Jason L. Liquori. Illustrations will be created, uploaded and expanded upon by Nolan Canova and whoever else wants to contribute on an ongoing basis. The pagetop logo is a creation of Nolan B. Canova

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