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Howdy folks...............lots to talk about................shall we begin:
A hearty hail and hello to my new colleagues, especially old name from the past herself, Lisa.  I'm embarrassed that I'm best known to her as the guy who yanked her ex-husband down a flight of stairs.  Would it help if I said he deserved it?  Love your introduction and looking forward to more!
  If you remember a few issues ago I mentioned a couple of possibilities regarding the casting for the "Spiderman" film.  Well, the winner is:  Tobey Maguire.  Tho I would have preferred Wes Bentley, I think Maguire is a good choice.  I had no problem with him playing Peter Parker............just a little worried on the Spidey part.  Apparently he has been hitting the weights since his first audition "just in case." Incidentally, I think Sandra Bullock would be a good Mary Jane.  (Nah...too old to play a teenager---N)   Also, Mystique herself, Rebecca Romjin-Stamos has been cast in the female lead role of Aurora in the remake of "Rollerball."  Maud Adams played James Caan's love interest in the original.  Chris Klein from "Election" and "American Pie" will assume Caan's role of Jonathon E.
  Caught "Space Cowboys" this week.  Much funnier then I imagined, and a great chance for four of Hollywood's best to show their stuff.  Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and Donald Sutherland play off each other with the skill only 30 plus years on screen can bring.  Sutherland especially makes the most of his scenes.  Definitely worth a look.  Also caught the trailer for "Little Nick," the Adam Sandler film due this Thanksgiving season.  Pee-Yew.............what the hell is this?  Note to New LIne..............when the trailer for the movie starring the guy you gave $20 million to is heckled it's time to regroup!
Well I'm happy to report that the Ramsey family has decided to meet with the police this week.  It seems like only years ago that their little daughter Jon Benet was found murdered in their home.  I remember being shocked at the fact that they refused to be interviewed by the police.  They actually hired an attorney who told the police that he needed a list of what questions would be asked before they would consent to an interview.  Gee, that doesn't scream guilty does it!  I mean, if anything happened to my kid, I'd be first in line at the police department, and I'd drag along anyone else they wanted to talk to.  I can't wait to see justice served in this case.  (Ah, bucks!---N)
Adios to sweat shop proprietor and all around evil person Kathie Lee Gifford.  Man, does this woman just make me want to scream.  If it's not her cutesie sweet attitude, it's her constant droning on and on about her kids.  Hey Reege, Cody wiped his own ass today!  Who gives a shit.  I must relate a true story.  Kathie Lee is from Maryland, and years ago she was appearing at a local telethon for the Variety Club in Baltimore.  My friend Ben was manning one of the many phones when Kathie Lee took the stage and began to sing.  Shortly after she started, the phone rang and Ben answered.  The woman on the other end told Ben that she would donate $100 if he could only "make that woman STOP SINGING!!"  (So, was he successful?---N)
Love Nolan's bit on the Tampa Theatre. (Thank you---N) I was a volunteer there in 1978-79 when they began showing movies there again.  I remember in the basement was a huge cardboard display for "Santa Claus Meets the Martians," starring little Pia Zadora. (And where is that standee now, hmmm?---N) A great place to take in movies then and apparently it hasn't changed.
Paul Young, lead singer of "Mike and The Mechanics" passed away last week.  The "mechanics," who, with Young,  consisted of Paul Karrack and Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford, had a few hits in the early 90's.  Though I called a couple radio stations, no one can tell me if this is the same Paul Young who had a hit with the Darryl Hall penned song "Everytime You Go Away."  Anyone out there know?
If you were to look at my CD/Record collection, you would find as diverse a collection of music as you would see at your local Sam Goody.  To prove my point, I purchased (3) CD's today:  Alice Cooper Live, Glen Campbell's Hits and a disc that covers the recording sessions of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run."  (Uh...Glen Campbell? I'm glad to see he has fans left, I guess---N) Before you begin giggling, (Too late!---N) let me point out that the Campbell disc contained 4 songs written by one of my favorite songwriters of all time, Jimmy Webb.  As someone who has written songs (usually in collaboration with Matt,) (A dubious distinction--I've been there. Just kidding, Matt!---N) I was surprised to hear how different a song can be just by using different tempos or instruments.  The Springsteen disc contained (2) alternate versions of "Born to Run," one with a sax intro and the other with over dubbed voices making it sound like a duet.  There were (3) different versions of "Thunder Road," including an acoustic version that was just TERRIBLE.  It's amazing how just the slightest change can make a song go from bad to great!  (Changing vocalists helps--been there, too---N) That is why I have a lot of respect for song writers.  Incidentally, my top five, in no particular order, are:  Jimmy Webb, Harry Chapin, Lennon/McCartney (both together and separately), Jagger/Richards (together only. They play off of each other brilliantly, but their solo stuff leaves much to be desired.)  My pal Matt rounds out the group.  I hope one day he takes the initiative and seriously records some of the stuff he and I have written together and that he has composed on his own. (Don't hold your breath---N)
  The latest advertising gimmick that is starting to tick me off is the claim that if you don't like it, you can get your money back "NO QUESTIONS ASKED."   If I ran a business and people kept returning my product, I think I'd want to know why.  However, I think it would be fun to return a product and, when asked why I was returning it (and you know they're going to ask) reply, "None of your damn business!"
(Note to self: no money-back guarantees on newsletter.---N)
Well, all for now.  I'll take a week and try to come up with my top 10 fiilms of all time!  Have a great week everyone!
Greetings from The Land of Lisa!
  So, is it just ME, or does everyone LOVE this new reality TV? (Not really, but it certainly isn't JUST you, judging by the ratings---N)
   Not since scud missles and the OJ Bronco chase have I been so entertained!    Survivor and Big Brother.... now that's some GREAT TV. (No. Gilligan's Island is GREAT TV!---N) I will admit to missing the first episode of Survivor, but have been GLUED to the boob-tube since the second one. This show is like Gilligan meets The Real World. (NO! Not like Gilligan!---N) I predict naked, gay Rich will win. (Hoser---N) (I DO , however, reserve the right to change my prediction if he gets the boot this week) Can ANYONE believe Gervise is still there?! This guy does nothin' but nap. AND he's a sexist pig to boot!  (I didn't catch this week's; is Rudy still there?---N)
   Big Brother is pretty good too, but it comes on EVERY freakin' night!  I can't even take Regis every night.  I predict George will take this one. He's the only "regular guy" in the house. (Glad you like it. I could only stomach about 10 minutes of Big Brother.---N)
    I personally don't think I could live in a house for 3 months with the SAME 9 schmucks with no TV, no internet, no radio, no newspapers, and no phone without going postal.(Who am I kiddin',  I wouldn't make 3 weeks!) (How many schmucks CAN you live with for 3 months? Don't make me look in the files!---N)
    I wanted to try out for Survivor 2, but I missed the deadline. I think I could do it. My husband says the others would vote me out in the first 3 days for talking too much!  (LOL! The first time we ever agreed on something!---N)  WELL!  I never!  (Ok, so I did ONCE, but the monkey was drunk, and it's legal in Tijuana)
    AND, speaking of OJ.... have ya checked out his slay-per-view web site? Ya gotta pay 10 bucks to ask him a question! Poor guy's gotta pass the collection plate to buy a new pair of gloves. Sad when a murderer can't make a decent living, ain't it? (Patsy Ramsey, are you paying attention here?) (You mean...they're GUILTY???---N)
   Ok, I'm done now. Matt, so glad to hear that the wife is ok!  Mike, bummer 'bout the diabetes. Does this mean no sweets?! (shudder!) Isn't chocolate cake one of the food groups?
      Love yas,  mean it,
"Lisa's Lambast" is 2000 by Lisa R. Zubek
Steve Beasley
...on the passing of local wrestling announcer, Gordon Solie.
Gordon Solie passed away July 27, 2000 having attained the ripe old age of 71 years.
Those that grew up in Tampa should remember him as the original wrestling commentator.  Solie was there before Vince McMahon was born. The gravely-voiced announcer's body was found in his home in New Port Richey, Florida.
Having bumped into him on various occasions in Tampa restaurants and watering holes, such as "Doc Castellano's Imperial Room Lounge" on North Armenia, I can also mention that it was obvious his mother never dressed him, as he wore nothing that you would call "matching", from his green socks to his yellow shirts to his rayon dress slacks that never quite reached his ankles. He was however always the gracious host at any party. I doubt you could find anyone to say he was less than a gentleman. We all miss you and your wreslers....The Briscoe Bros, The Great Malenko, Dusty Rhodes, The Junkyard Dog, Haystacks Calhoun and all the others. Godspeed, Mr. Solie.......for your shows made many a lad's day in Old Tampa.                      
"Mike's Rant is 2000 by Michael A. Smith
Mike's webpage and email!
on our group's collective talents! Plus, kind comments on TWON.
  One of the many things I hope that most of us adults (gulp?) have learned is to never underestimate the talents of those around us. One reason I'm glad to say "I've" learned this is that it comes as no suprise to me that "The World of Nolan" was as entertaining as it was. (Thank you.---N) True this is Nolan's page, but anyone who knows me at all knows I don't give "suck points" to I should be taken credibly.
  The show focused on aspects of Hollywood make-up with guest and mutual friend
Corey Castellano and was, to me, very informative. Corey, as you may recall, is the former drummer of the now legendary "Hats" as well as the hard-working, hard-rocking "Blade" (both of which I consider myself lucky and blessed that I was fortunate enough to be part of), and now is an up-and-coming fx/makeup master, whose work can be seen today in "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson.
  One thing I definitely took with me as that I remember thinking as I watched how effortless Nolan's delivery and inquisitive demeaner carried the show. Pretty much every question I had got answered before the segment ended, mostly due to Nolan's sound bites.Very entertaining stuff much so that before I knew it, it was over. So if you haven't checked in to "The World of Nolan" yet, please do so. You'll be suprised what you learn! (Nolan, if you would please list current/future airtimes..) (Sure! One encore airing Sun.,8-6-00 @ 2:00pm, Ch. 20.---N)
  Must take a moment to thank Nolan and Mike for holding my music in such high regard. I hope I don't sound too "innerself" in proclaiming that my new music you haven't heard is light years ahead of the music you have. I guess you WOULD know if I got off my procrastinating ass and sent you guys a tape. I have a standing offer from Mike to become my agent when I send him a tape, which (sit down everyone) I "AM" working on, thank you very much! Naturally there are several love ballads, which are my favorites. (I believe Mike's favorite love song of mine is "enslaved", please correct me if I'm wrong).
Recall when I wrote that it was impossible to have a true TOP 10 list? Well, I have evidence to support that statement. A few examples are:  1. John Carpenter's THE THING (which I NEVER tire of) 2. Sense and Sensibility (which is love and kindness personified) 3. To Kill a Mockingbird (a true riveting classic) 4. HAIR (A musical masterpiece starring Treat Williams and John Savage) I'm certain Mike could provide some films equally evidentiary.
Well, that's about it for now, so till next time take care, and God Bless. Matt          "Matt's Rail" is 2000 by Matt Drinnenberg


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