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  Love the new photo on the homepage. (Re: my redesigned homepage, not the photo at left; see caption---N)  You don't look a day over 35!  (It helps if you squint. Seriously, thanks! I never feel old. --N)
  Hello gang:  Since I overwhelmed the page last week, I'll try to be more space conscious!
  As readers may remember, a few weeks ago I wrote a piece relating the tragic story of my former wife's cousin, Ronna Franklin, who's husband was on trial for her murder.  I am ECSTATIC to report that a jury has found him GUILTY with special circumstances on all counts.  He is to be sentenced on September 18th (2 days after my birthday) and what a great present it would be for him to receive life in prison without possibility of parole.  If you remember my story, you will recall the effect Ronna had on everyone around her.  Matt was so smitten he wrote a song about her!  As soon as I got the news, I phoned Matt and told him the outcome.  Together we reminisced and Matt told me that he had in fact written a few songs about Ronna.  Hopefully, I persuaded him to put them on a tape that I can give to her young son so she will know how much joy his mom brought to those who met her.  If you would like to read the news, just click here: sacbee Local News: Franklin guilty of murder: Jury finds special circumstances
Matt's Rail
Phillip and Michael Smith!
    As Mike has alluded to often, in fact, in this week's issue, a wonderful, beautiful spirit was taken from us all some time ago by what I consider the world's best version of a true, actual, evidentiary walking piece of shit.  The woman I'm referring to, of course, is Ronna, a relative to Mike thru marriage and a relative to me by mere good fortune, for anyone who ever met her felt like a part of her family...because she made it be that way.  Truly a caring, and inspiring individual whom I'm just as certain is seated in the audience of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
   The walking piece of shit that took her from us will soon be sharing a cell with, hopefully, someone who's crotch is of massive length and circumference, insuring a life filled with zero rectal control, which is 'still' too good for this SCUMBAG.  I understand he is quite tall and muscular, so the boys should find him quite pretty. I delight at the thought of his impending "ass-banging".  Can't think of anyone who deserves it more
than this jerk-off. (I think we're all agreed---N)
   Of course, this won't bring Ronna back to us, or take away the treachery of said 'piece of shit', but if solace can be found in justice, then solace is finally available to all who seek it.
   May God bless Ronna and the family she left behind, for only good and decent
people could have given us such a wonderful example of wonderful.
(There's no graceful segue into anything after that diatribe, so readers, please stop and take a breath before continuing.....---N)
   So there's been a couple changes in public access in Tampa Bay?! Looks as though Malcolm is out and has lost his show. Looks like the one, the only Nolan B. Canova is still around. This is no suprise to me, of course, as I've gone on record as saying Nolan is WAY ahead of the pack when it comes to public access. Certainly, not too far off at all to bigger and better things!  Best of luck to the flourishing success of World of Nolan!  (Thank you, Matt! I hope it works out for the best.---N)
   Time for a new top ten,,,,,,how about TOP TEN ALBUMS, and greatest hits can't be included!!!! (Nolan, Mike, what's your take on this?)  (Hmmm...interesting...---Nolan.)
   Till then, God Bless and see ya next time, Matthew
Finally able to shoe-horn it in, the long- promised father-and-son photo of Mike & Phillip Smith! (The hairy one is Mike)
  How great it is to know that Nolan and I have the same thoughts. (Actually, that's pretty scary!---N) When I was a kid, I, too, wondered about where and what I would be
when the year 2000 rolled around.  Would I have a good job?  Would I be married?  
Would I have children? Most of what I thought would happened to me personally has
pretty much transpired.  I've got a job I enjoy and a son I love.  I had a wife who loved
me, but I was too stupid to realize it.  I've had good times and bad times, thankfully
more good than bad.  I'll be 40 next month, with hopefully at least another 40 to go.  
Maybe by then we'll have those flying cars Nolan! (Senior citizen discounts will apply on their price, hopefully!---N)
  Hey Lisa..............kindergarten is nothing!  Wait until they start to drive and date.  
The hair on my head is as dark as ever, but the very few gray ones in my beard I must
blame on my son!  Having appeared on stage briefly with Sir Ian McKellan, my guess
for queen of England would have been Freddie Mercury!
  Congratulations to Oscar nominated actor Robert Downey, Jr, who was released from
 prison last week after serving one year in prison for his various drug problems.  Within
the week, he landed an eight episode deal to appear on "Ally McBeal" and has been
courted by "A" list directors such as Robert Altman.  I hope this very talented actor
has learned to control his demons.
  This Wednesday evening, August 23, the Sci Fi Channel is running a show entitled
"EXPOSURE: A tribute to Star Wars," hosted by my pal from New Jersey, Kevin
Smith!  (Kevin responds: "Mike who?"---N) Apparently, the show will feature a never
 before seen short film by George Lucas and three others that he inspired.  Good thing
 South Park is a rerun!
  Last week I had the privilege of writing an article for the Movie Insider web site
regarding movie going when I was younger and today.  Please give it a read if you're
interested.  Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated. The Movie Insider | That was
  Well gang, that's it for this week.  Have a great week and I'll catch up with you soon!
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