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Take a breather from the Top 10 showdown for some Hollywood news!
  Finally..............your own series!  (Re: The World of Nolan taking over UFOs and Metaphysics---N)  About time.  Remember, I am available for guest spots!  Matt was talking about getting together down there soon...............I told him I'm in!  Fingers crossed.
  Hello gang!  Hope everyone had a good week.  As the late, great Jackie Gleason would say..................AND AWAY WE GO!
   I hope everyone took my advice and caught the special "Star Wars" edition of EXPOSURE on Sci Fi Channel last week.  It was well hosted by Kevin Smith, whose own love of the "holy trilogy" is well documented in his films.  It also gave me the chance to see two shorts I had been wanting to:  "George Lucas in Love" and "Searching for Carrie Fisher."  Both join my list of some of the best "Star Wars" parodies ever, along with "Trooper Clerks," "Cops" (with an all stormtrooper cast) and the much heralded, little seen "Movie We Couldn't Call Star Wars."
    This week's top trailer is the new, action-packed one for "Charlie's Angels."  It looks like a great mix of humor and action.  Needless to say, an "R" rating for excessive nudity would be icing on the cake!
   Wesley Snipes will begin the sequel to "Blade" in February.  
   Since being dumped as "Superman," Nicolas Cage will apparently fulfill his dream of wearing tights.  Cage is in discussion to play the Green Goblin in the upcoming "Spider-Man" feature.  Cage has received the approval of none other then the great Stan Lee himself, so it should be a done deal.
    Matt has challenged us to pick out top 10 albums.  Like my favorite movies, it's hard to pick only 10. (Readers: please see front page for our Top 10 picks---N)
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Terence's Top 10
Readers, Nolan here. The first response to the Top10 album front page story was this outspoken tome from young Tampa filmmaker, Terence Nuzum. We're friends and I welcome the full brunt of his zeal. That's what I deserve for asking for Top 10 lists!
Terence's email "subject line" reads: "re: awful, inadequate, biased, sentimental album lists."  I knew I was gonna love it!
  Sorry Nolan, but I read you all's album lists and the above heading is my verdict. I personally didn't like some of yours but was really dissapointed that you would pick Black Sabbath's PARANOID over their first LP which in my opinion was better, harder (yes, harder!!!), and had a hell of a lot better guitar playing. But, oh well. Anyway I thought it might be amusing to give you my album list. If you want to include it on your page I would appreciate it, but if you feel it's out of place to put my list then that's ok. It might amuse you anyhow. But, word of warning to you jaded oldtimers (no offense meant) (None taken....PUNK!---N), but I did include many 90's albums. I feel that any list of top ten albums lacking any 90's albums is just prejudice against new music. (You've got a point there---N) There is such a thing as bettering your elders and learning from them and topping them. (Agreed---N) Jimi Hendrix certainly did. Anyhow, here they are:
1. ADORE-THE SMASHING PUMPKINS(1998)-It was trashed by critics and public and fans alike, but when I first heard it, I was in bliss. Its stark arragements and minimalistic electronica sent me to a world where it was always gray, and frankly I felt at home. Rock critics generally tend to hate these kinds of albums, when rock bands go ambient, or pop or whatever. But I think this album is unlike any other. I dare people to listen.
2.THE DOORS-STRANGE DAYS(1967)-Ok, to start off, the Doors are the best band ever. If you are into filmmaking, you cannot hate them. Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek were film students before forming this band and it shows in this album more than any other. Each song could easily be a movie. The songs give you visions and scenes from the first listen and I mean when you're sober. And I defy anyone who says that the Doors didn't pioneer studio techniques as much as--and in my opinion more than--the accursed Beatles!!!!
3.SONIC YOUTH-EVOL-(1986)-um seriously..if you haven't heard it before than you don't deserve to have an opinion on music. (YIKES!---N)
4. THE SMASHING PUMPKINS-SIAMESE DREAM(1993)-This is the album I put on whenever I feel sad or alienated. This album is me. It came out at a time when grunge and Nirvana were king, but sounded nothing like that scene. Its multi-tracked guitars, soaring vocals, and honest lyrics have never been heard before or after.  I also think that it may be one of the only top ten albums that you can listen to again and again and it not get old. How many top ten can you say that for? This is the album that I would use to describe myself; misunderstood, out of place, and depressed by life. Maybe that's not saying much, but at least like its songs, it's honest.
5.THE CURE-PORNOGRAPHY(1984)- From the first words sung "what does it matter if we all die?", you know that this is not going to be album where you find any happy endings. If for nothing else Robert Smiths lyrics make this album, in my opinion, the greatest album of the 80's. The only way to describe it is that it's like coming home at 3:00am in the morning and you realize that your life means nothing and that killer waiting for you in the bushes is your only way out...if that makes any sense. (Yes, in that morbid way you have---N)
6.THE VELVET UNDERGROUND-THE VELVET UNDERGROUND&NICO(1967) They played pop, they played garage, they played tuetonic funeral music, and they played avant-garde. Add that to the fact that they inspired every punk, post-punk, grunge, and pop bands of the last 30 years. And that's impressive. Lou Reed's mock Dylan vocals, John Cales abbrassive playing, and Nico's haunting vocals explain every reason why this album is great. enough can't be said. Oh, and" Venus in Furs" has to be the greatest song of the 60's!!
7.TELEVISION-MARQUEE MOON(1975)-After about 2 albums Televison broke up. but they left us with at least Marquee Moon. They defied every punk band in New York and mixed classic rock with punk stylings. and because of this, it still sounds fresh. The guitar work could easily rival Hendrix on a good day.
8.JOY DIVISION-CLOSER(1979)-The sound of suicide. Listen to it at 3:00am and I dare you not to feel depressed. The most emotional album I have ever heard. It beats out any studio-produced album for sincerity. The lead singer, Ian Curtis, committed suicide months after the album was cut. This is the last breath of a miserable human being. I think that we all feel like this album sounds at least once in our life and it reminds us of how scary that feeling is.
9.THE PIXIES-DOOLITTLE(1989)-Ever wonder where NIRVANA came from? This is it. The Pixies sound like no band before or after them. They single-handedly scoped out the muscial scene for the entire 1990s without drawing any influences from past music. Their punk was not really punk. Their pop was not really pop. It was all Pixies. In simple words, they are the most original band ever. "Doolittle" shows this and more.
 10.LOU REED-BERLIN(1973)-The only defense I have for this album besides musical genuis, is that it is the most frightening album I have ever heard.
   Well, that's it; do with this list what you will.   Terence.     (Well, for starters, I'll print it out on sandpaper stock and use it to file down the teeth marks on my monitor!---Nolan.)                  
Matt's Top 10
I must applaud Nolan and Mike on excellent selections in their views of top ten albums of all time. Fine selections, indeed, and a couple made my list. So without any further ado, here are my top ten:
1. Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones: I will remember the day I heard this album as long as I live. My brother Mark had bought it at an old record store at Britton Plaza and "allowed" me to listen. The Stones mellow  you out on does of Sister Morphine, and Wild Horses, then kick your rock and roll butt with Brown Sugar and Can't You Hear Me Knocking. A true rock classic.
2. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd: What a masterpiece. I remember listening to this thru headphones the first time I heard it....and it just sears thru your brain. Just an incredible effort that takes you thru the mind of a madman. ...and the connective sounds between songs!!! Awsome.
3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John: Incredibly for a 2 disc set, there is not one bad or boring song in the lot. From Funeral For A Friend to Harmony, with a little Roy Rogers and Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting thrown in for good measure. And yet,,,,there's so much more. Some of his more beautiful ballads and hardest rock, there's something for everyone.
4. Led Zepplin IV: Nolan pretty much sums it up. It's what made me a "real" Zepplin fan. I could possibly listen to Rock and Roll a million times and never tire of it. They rock.
5. White Album - The Beatles: "She's not a girl who misses much, do do do do do do.....oh yeah", not the greatest lyrics of all time, but when these guys do it, it sounds like genious. I can't say I like any one song more than the other. Every time I listen to it, I try to decide, but always think the next song is just as good as the one before it.
6. Van Halen: This is the album that introduced me to the world of "Heavy Metal".  These guys were as hard as it got, and it was the first album I ever really rushed out to buy....the same day I heard You Really Got Me. This album will rock you to the stone age, and you'll never be happier.
7. Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen: My first encounter with "the boss", Born To Run, Jungleland, She's the One, and every other track sung to reckless abandon in the face of emotion. Heartfelt and true, you believe Springsteen has gone thru what he's telling you.  The guy really is a poet.
8. Hotel California - The Eagles: The first effort with Joe Walsh ends up becoming their finest effort of all. Walsh brought a harder edge to the lyrics of Henley and Frey, and what came out was one of the finest albums ever.
9. Boston: I was at home watching tv when my brother rushed in the house and said "Matt, come here, you gotta hear these guys, they're great" and he was right. I listen to this often even to this day. Can't think of anyone who doesnt have it. And if they don't, they're really missing out.
10. Double Live Gonzo - Ted Nugent: "Got my guitar when I was 10 years old, learned alot from rock and roll, now I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown, I lost my body and soul, and it's crazy, but I like it, found a cure for my body and soul, got me an overdose of rock and roll, yeah!" Pretty much sums up the entire album. Rock and Roll, live and in your face, doesn't get any better than this.
10a. (Sorry, but honorable mention) Imagine - John Lennon: Nolan's right, great album. And proof positive that 10 is just not feasable.
And I must disagree with Nolan on the Hat's being a garage band.  We were, in fact, and kitchen band. (LOL!! Point taken---N) And as soon as Mike sends me a copy, we'll all have one.
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