Terence Nuzum strikes again! Albums 11--20!
Number 26.  This edition is for the week of September 18--24, 2000.
Mike's Rant
Hitting 40, Top 10 album addendums, collector's albums, The Exorcist, Harry and Tom Chapin.
   Howdy gang.  Let me say at the start that so far 40 feels ok........no creaking bones or anything.  Not a lot to say, but, as Spencer Tracy said, "what's there is cherse!"
   It was great hearing from HATS bassist Scott Van Sickle......and I must agree his choices for top 20 albums are pretty sound. (See issue # 25---N) In fact, with the exception of the one knucklehead who obviously owes Billy Corgan and Lou Reed money, everyone had a great list.  I will give him credit for his choice of The Doors.  Hey Scott, do you have a copy of the "Logan's Run" soundtrack?  It goes for BIG MONEY on Ebay!  :-)   I mentioned to Nolan in an earlier email that he shouldn't be too surprised at the Monkees being among our choices..........a good part of the early HATS repertoire were Monkees songs.  Everyone check your copy of "Headquarters."  If the picture on the rear of the album, at the bottom, shows the boys in beards (except Davy who I guess hadn't hit puberty yet) you've got a collector's item.  After the first pressing, the photo was changed because the record execs didn't want the boys to spoil their youthfull image with facial hair!  If I had to list an additional 5 albums, they would be:
RUNNING ON EMPTY - Jackson Browne - the first recording I have owned on Vinyl, Cassette, 8-track (!) and CD.  Not a bad tune on the bunch..........and I love the fact that it was recorded on the road (not on stage, but in a bus, a hotel room, etc).  Incidentally, I also own the Jaws soundtrack on all four formats mentioned.
SPIRITS HAVING FLOWN - Bee Gees -  unlike Matt, I will proudly declare my admiration for the Brothers Gibb.  Their followup to the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack..............they had big shoes to fill and did so admirably.
BORN TO RUN - Bruce Springsteen - My father had no idea what kind of music I liked, so when he was picking up things for my 16th birthday, he happened to notice this scruffy, bearded guy on the covers of both TIME and NEWSWEEK.  Swayed by the double dose of influence he went to the store and picked up the above mentioned album.  From the title track to "Thunder Road" to "Jungleland" there isn't a bad tune on the disc.
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack -  I have a great story regarding my meeting Ted Neely, who played Jesus in the film, but that is not why I picked this.  A great example of the art of collaboration between musician and lyricist, this in my opinion is the greatest merging of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.  Rice tells a funny story about the big ballad "I Don't Know How To Love Him" originally being part of a possible jingle for breakfast cereal........"How I Love A Kansas Morning."
HARRY CHAPIN LIVE - Harry Chapin -  Not technically a greatest hits collection.  Harry has pointed out that he rarely got radio play because his songs were too long.  But this album captures Harry at his best............from songs you may recognize (Cats in the Cradle, Taxi, WOLD) to others that are just incredible pieces of songwriting (A Better Place To Be, All My Life's A Circle).  For more Harry Chapin news, see my notes below. (See Mike's original Top 10 list, issue # 23.---N)

Had the opportunity this weekend to catch a sneak peek at the new and improved "The Exorcist."  Sad to say that with the exception of the "spider down the stairs" scene (which was all to short) the added scenes/images don't really enhance the film that much.  In fact, there are parts of the film that I really don't think were "intended" originally (I mean they aren't that horrifying that they couldn't have done them in 1973), but I won't comment on those until after everyone else has had a chance to see the film.  (Hmmm...my curiosity peeked now---N) I will say that what was scary in '73 got some giggles from the jaded audiences of today who have seen EVERYTHING from decapatations to eviscerations.  (Punks...screw 'em. It's STILL a classic!---N)  Tho it did seem to drag a little, I would recommend seeing it even if you've seen it already.  There is nothing like the big screen experience! (I might've added 3-D puke, but....---N)
As Nolan, and I think Matt, know, I have toyed with the idea of writing a screenplay based on the life of Harry Chapin.  I was further spurred to this project when, during a chance encounter with film director Wes Craven, I found out that he had been given his start in the film industry by Harry.  I recently contacted what I thought was a Chapin website and was thrilled to hear back from Harry's brother Tom.  Tom you may recall was host of the Saturday morning kid series "Make A Wish" in the 1970's, and was also part of Harry's band.  Tom mentioned that there have been several attempts at the above project, but nothing has ever come of it.  He gave me some contact information so that I could get in touch with Harry's widow, Sandy.  Fingers are crossed that all of this comes to pass.  I also just found out that when I'm in NYC this weekend, Tom Chapin will also be performing there.  I'm hoping to have the time to meet with him.  Wish me luck! (Absolutely the best of luck to you, my friend!---N)

Next week, all the news from the Big Apple!  See ya!
P.S. Readers: I'd like to invite you all to submit for publication the songs that remind you of a special place and/or time and/or person...that special HER or HIM.

 Coincidentally, that's kinda what MY list was....more of a "what-was-I-doing-when-I-heard- this-and-what-a-difference-it-made" list. Mike and I debated on what "Top 10" means to most people--is it what your favorites are listen to now in addition to a few historical ones (Mike's take)--or is it the ones that changed your life or made it different/better in some way (Nolan's take) regardless of what's out now?---Nolan.

Terence's original Top 10 list appears in the first "shootout" we had in issue # 23.  The following list was submitted as an additional Top 10 list, numbered 1--10, but was edited to read 11-20 for clarity's sake and to reflect the original intention.---Nolan.
Here's my top ten list of songs that (A) didn't make it the first time or (B) songs I forgot to put on and wished I had.











   Thanks once again, Terence, my boy.  This will ensure more reactions from my reactionary columnists. (And I'm sure old man Mike meant "knucklehead" in a nice way.)
  I'd like to hear from some more dark and brooding young people out there. What are your musical influences?---Nolan.
Terence's website is Viddywell Productions.
Matt's Rail
   Hello, everyone. I'll begin by saying how great it is to still be able to say I'm in my 30's. True, this will only be a fact for 3 more months, but fact it is!  I've been racking my brain trying to think of things that have to do with 40 in order to rub it in to Mike, but the only thing I can think of is that "Mike is 40". Sorry!
   I concur with my cohort in panic bar rebellion crime, that you, Nolan, should not be suprised about our Monkee love (not to be confused with "Puppy Love" sung by Donny Osmond). I don't think we ever jammed without doing the Monkees. My personal greatest moment in playing guitar was when I got down the beginning riff of Pleasant Valley Sunday. (You got one over me, then!---N)  The plus in all this is that I have "2" copies of Monkees "Headquarters", one with and one without the bearded trio (Davy notwithstanding).
   I'm glad to hear, Mike, that you are persuing the Harry Chapin story. We all seem to have our special gifts, and yours is writing. Aside from being quite funny very often, and your wittiness usually carries over to what you write. Don't know how that will serve you with the Chapin story, but consider it a push to writing something comical. I have an idea it will be genious.
I know I've already listed my top 1 thru 20, but I made a personal decision not to include soundtracks (I stand alone) so....
1. JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR: Perhaps my all- time favorite album. The story of Christ and his crucifixion. I only wish it also included the resur- rection and ascension, making the story complete.
"Mike's Rant" is 2000 by Michael A. Smith
2. ROCKY: Fond memories of listening to this with Mike when we were kids. We had the movie down, so we would recreate the fighting scenes to the soundtrack.  Naturally, Mike was Apollo.
3. A CHORUS LINE: Marvin Hamlisch at his best. This also has personal significance as I learned of this in the Drama club in high school, which were special times.
4. THE SOUND OF MUSIC: The hills are alive everytime you listen to this masterpiece from Rogers and Hammerstein.
5. JAWS: I'm sure this will suprise some, that Jaws is this far down, and that shouldn't take away from how much I love this, and it's so directional, in that it takes you directly to the feeling you had when you saw the movie, which is an incredible feat.
6. GREASE: "with new pistons, belts, and shocks I can get off my rocks, you know that I ain't braggin', she's a real pussy wagon, grease lightnin'" blasting through the bowling alley as Mike would roll strike after strike listening to this.
7. HAIR: What is there not to love about every song on this album. All individual and unique, yet all sending the same message. And who can forget "Manchester, England, England, across the Atlantic Sea!"
8. ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: Cult rock at its finest.I would love to do the timewarp again.
9. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: The movie that relaunched the careers of the brothers Gibb, (FINALLY! Hey, Mike, there it is!---N) with Stayin' Alive, Night Fever, and More Than a Woman.(And you're right Mike, I should be ashamed of myself for not putting them in my top 20. I just couldn't make up my mind which one to go with, because I have so many favorite Bee Gee albums. But if I had to mention one, it would probably start with "Life in a tin can" which I'm sure you never heard of...see, that's how sick I am about these guys...I just love 'em)
10. THE HATS (LIVE-AT THE FANDOM ZONE): True, this is a video soundtrack, but is inspiring nonetheless. I feel fortunate to have this window to the past. (My usual tip to new readers: The HATS was our first garage..er...KITCHEN band.  The Fandom Zone was a comics specialty shop in North Tampa where we staged the above-mentioned "video" around summer of 1984. Rare indeed! ---Nolan.)
That's about all for now, so till next time....Take care, and God bless,The Mattster    "Matt's Rail" is 2000 by Matt Drinnenberg
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