Number 36.     This edition is for the week of November 27--December 3, 2000.
Mike's Rant
Wanted! More readers like Dawn Scire! Readers: this came to me last week. I am elated that we got this attention. She's very nice, and I'm publishing her email with permission.
The Chief, The Beatles, and a deceased rapper.
Hello gang!  Well, we have a president (maybe) and a few fab four notes.  

   Well, as I writing this it appears that George W. Bush will be the 43rd President of the United States.  I'm sure Al Gore will try his damnedest to get his way, but I think he's pretty much out of luck.  I had thought about suggesting that they re-hold the election in Florida, letting only those voters who had voted on election cast their ballots.  This could be verified by the signature cards they signed when they voted.  But then I thought that those that had voted for Nader or Buchannan would just vote for Gore to ensure his victory.  Tho I'm not happy with the results, I accept them.  I wish President-elect Bush well and pray that he has the wisdom and compassion necessary to guide this nation!  (Well said! I agree.---N)
   Joseph Calleja, best known as rapper Joe C., passed away last week at the age of 26.  Cause of death was the intestinal disorder, celiac disease.  A constant companion of Kid Rock, he was recently featured on an episode of the Simpsons wherein Homer tried to find Joe C's parents, thinking that he was a lost child at a concert.
   Give or take, anyway.  In 1970, the Beatles broke up.  This past week, their "1" CD topped the charts with more then 500,000 copies sold.  Music leaders expect this CD to eventually become the biggest selling album of all time, surpassing the 27 million copies sold by the first volume of the Eagles greatest hits and Michael Jackson's album, "Thriller."  (Their rightful place--at the top!---N)
   One person who won't need the royalties from the above album is Sir Paul McCartney.  According to the British magazine "Business Age," McCartney is the world's richest rock star, with a fortune estimated at $750 million.  The closest to McCartney is Elton John, worth $250 million.  I guess those two solo albums and movie roles helped, because Mick Jagger has a five million dollar lead over band mate Keith Richards, $225 million to $220 million. (If it weren't for English taxes, they'd all be billionaires, right up their with Bill Gates.---N)
   Next Friday, December 8th, is the 20th Anniversary of the day John Lennon was murdered.  (Or that the shooter missed Yoko and hit John; however you wanna look at it.---N)  I hope between now and then our readers (and my co-writers) sit down and remember their thoughts on that day as well as their thoughts now and share them.

Have a great week.  See you next time!
   Hi there. This is Dawn Scire from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. I happened on your zine from a google search for "Rolleye James. " Weird *coincidence* that I hit on a Tampa site!!! (BTW, like/enjoy your Pop Culture Review(s) & have added it to my favorites!)
   So, strangeness aside, I write a radio column answering readers' questions. A lady from Philly is wondering what Rolleye James is up to now-a-days and if she's on radio anywhere/anymore. I'm wondering who RJ even IS! You mention her name in the Apr. 9 issue in relation to Siegel's takeover of Art Bell's place. Can you help? If so, cool. If not, no biggie.
   In reading your page it mentions heavy metal. Still go to shows and/or into the scene? I also do a column on underground bands in the area: then click on my Current Events story (changes every Friday). Unfortunately, starting next week I have to cover "cover" bands....yee ha!
At any rate, I'm glad I discovered your site!
Dawn Scire
    And I am always especially glad to have a new reader, especially with your credentials!  That's quite a compliment.
   To my regulars: I've already sent Dawn a reply to her questions (to the best of my ability) in a personal email.  But to reiterate for the predictably confused:
   Rolleye James (pronounced RAHL-ee) was a female announcer from the Philadelphia area who was a regular guest host for the Art Bell radio show "Coast-to-Coast AM" for months before he retired. Rolleye was a favorite of mine and I was hoping she was on the short list to get his job.  That job eventually went to Mike Siegel and I never heard her again.
   I went to Google to reproduce Dawn's search and sure enough Nolan's Newsstand # 4 (April 9th like she said) was at the top and the only one to have Rolleye James referenced as a single name!  Quite a distinction, except when you read NN #4, all I say is "and I liked Rolleye James too". Uh-oh! So I went to Art Bell's website to find James still lives in Philadelphia, so probably still has a show there.  Dawn wrote back a very nice email thanking me for my efforts. I'd love everybody to visit her website I have highlighted in her letter, or below.
   Oh and about the heavy metal guys know the story. It's the movie, it's me, it's my long-dead band days.  Maybe a good time to plug the HATS chapters in old Nolan Newsstand issues! LOL!----Nolan.
  P.S. To Mike and Matt: See? What we do matters.
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Matt's Rail
Hello again....I never thought I would be proven prophetic about anything, but boy did I eveer bullseye the Gore
Visit Dawn Scire's website "Nightlife" for music and entertainment news of the Central Florida area!
strategy. I've been saying since this all began that we would have countless lawsuits to the bitter end.  What's really funny is that he says he's doing this to protect the Constitution. What a joke.
  The Constitution tells us that we are to preserve our independence from socialism and dictatorship when it comes in the form of both foreign and domestic powers.....again....domestic!! That means within the boundaries of our nation.
  The Separation of Powers, that dictates to American Judicials not to interfere with Legislative Laws (I believe this is because the Legislature is voted in by the people), has been utterly trashed. There are reasons for every law governing ALL of the people, not just Gore supporters or Democrats as a whole...but ALL people. Time constaints are put in place and written into law NOT so they can be changed because someone's unhappy with the result of an election. Whoever came up with Sore Loserman deserves a cold one from me!
   I do understand that there are many uncounted ballots at large. What most people fail to realize is that this happens EVERY election. If the time constraints were honored then, which they 'have' been every election, then the closeness of this election should not serve as a point of beginnings for trampling the law.
  And this is NOT about disenfranchising voters. This IS about Al Gore's ego. There have been votes not counted in one way or another since the beginning of voting itself. If there is a confusing situation with a ballot, it is the common sense responsibility of the voter to ask questions. This should be a no-brainer.

Well, gotta run, but next week, you get my top 10 guitarists of all time....
Take care and God bless, Matthew  (So what are you trying to say? Are you a Gore supporter or not?---Nolan)
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