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PCR #116. (Vol. 3, No. 24) This edition is for the week of June 10--16, 2002.
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As mentioned in last week's PCR, Dee Dee Ramone was found dead at his home. Looks like the cause of death was an overdose, which is always the big bummer when news of this kind arrives. Can't think of something worse than someone biting the bullet before their time, let alone ushering it in themselves.

Adding to the misery is my personal love for this band, which I owe solely to Mr. Nolan B Canova, who turned me onto the Ramones via "Rockaway Beach" and "I've Gone Mental". Just two songs branded with the manic, pulsating power of rock and roll, as only the Ramones could display. I believe that I've heard in the past that they did a concert once and did something like 20 songs in 20 minutes, or something along those lines. Playing at such a pace only demonstrates how much these guys loved to jam.

So what now? Well, I'm just gonna kick back, pop open an ice cold brewski, listen to Rock N Roll High School all night long, and reminisce.

I'm really hoping I've been given wrong information here, but from what I understand, the DVD version of ET has next to nothing to go along with the movie. The version on this, of course, is the new 2002 release....NOT the one that has gone down in history as classic film-making. This is worse than insane to not at least have the ORIGINAL FILM in the DVD release. Not to mention the other frilly things the DVD maniac nowadays expects.

The only strategy I can see for doing such a thing would be the "Matrixology" the studios seem to be looking into. This is where you have a hit movie, and instead of including all the neat stuff with the disc, you sell a separate disc for the same price as the movie. This move, unfortunately, worked for "The Matrix". Is this just the next step in how we, the people, are going to be screwed over by big business? I hope not.

Thank God for Tim Burton.

And while I'm on this subject, I have to mention that the 20th Anniversary DVD version of JAWS was a bigger joke then what is about to come out for ET. The theatrical JAWS was so compelling, that it won Oscars for sound, and yet for the DVD release, that had the sound redone!?!? Sorry.....but I'll take the REAL DEAL over an updated facsimile any day. All of the material that is out there to have concerning this classic (which I, myself, have some of on VHS) and these morons in charge don't have half a brain to think...."gosh, fans may want to see this". Losers.

Know this is short and sweet but the in-laws are here so.......

Till next time, take care and God bless

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