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PCR #97. (Vol. 3, No. 5) This edition is for the week of January 28--February 3, 2002.
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Greetings one and all.
In an unprecedented show of kindness, Tony Dungy (new head coach of the Colts) has asked and been granted permission to talk to the entire Offensive Staff of the Bucco's! It's uncommon for a former head coach of an organization to extend a olive branch to the fans of the town he's just left, but the thought that the entire Offensive (in task and substance) staff being history can't be viewed any other way. Sit back, close your eyes, and dare to dream.......dream of a pass downfield further than 2 yards from scrimmage. Imagine imaginitive playcalling. Yes....these are the things that sustain me. With this possible mass exodus of confused ineptitude from our team, one can only rejoice at the possibilities. Hard to imagine it could be any worse. Thanks Tony....you're still Da Man.

Here's some happy news for those of us who are proud to proclaim our Monkeeism....Rhino Video has announced plans to release the entire Monkee TV Library on DVD this coming May 2002. Have also just learned Micky and Davey are teaming up with the Osmond Brothers for a Summer tour, so Nolan might have a chance to see is favorite singer from his favorite band.....Merril Osmond! (Oh...MAY I?---Nolan)

Sam Raimi (and Anchor Bay) has repackaged for DVD the original EVIL DEAD film in a new case that is made to resemble the Necrenomicon. It's called EVIL DEAD:BOOK OF THE DEAD. From appearances, it looks like it's fashioned like a 'real' book. It is absolutely LOADED with extra features. Naturally, I just HAVE to have this so I've already located the best price. Best Buy will have it for $27.99 on it's release date of March 5th. Certainly any good father, like Mike, has plans on suprising their son with this as a "just because" gift. (Phillip, if this works...you owe me).

Matt's birthday box
For those of you privy to the Kick-Ass Christmas Box Mike referred to in a previous Rant, and the impending subsequent Birthday Box to me in his effort to top it, an UPDATE. I've just received the MOST EXCELLENT BIRTHDAY BOX containing not only the new Jaws Biography, but also, and most importantly, an absolutely Gorgeous JAWS plaque, that I've supplied a picture for. As any regular reader of PCR understands, this is the ultimate gift for a guy like me. Therefore, I gladly proclaim that Mike is indeed, THE BOMB.  Althought he's still my bitch by fantasy football standards..........

Well, here we are at another Super Bowl. Hard to imagine for those of us who are football enthusiast' that the season is all but over, but with THE BIG GAME upon us, reality is reality.
   Pointing to "reality", it seems that everyone has already fitted the Rams for their new Super Bowl rings. Nobody seems to give the New England Patriots (my adopted home-boys) ANY chance that they could even "hang" with the Rams. Of course, these are the same people who 2 weeks ago were saying a Rams/Steelers Super Bowl was impending fact. So much for the football genius.
   Me?  You can ask my next door neighbor what I predicted. He'll tell you that I told him last Friday, before last weeks stunner,  that the Steelers had already lost.  Why was I so confident?
   Because plain and simple, the Patriots have the best 'TEAM' we've seen in the postseason since the 85 bears!
   Not to take anything away from the other winners of past Super Bowls..but think about it!! Talent wise, do the Pats' even have a reason for being here?! Are the receivers as good as the Rams? No.  Is Brady better than Warner? Of course not.  Can there be any question that Marshall Faulk is better than Antwain Smith? Let's not be ridiculous.
   So why am I PICKING THE PATRIOTS? Again...it comes down to TEAM!  Oh sure, the Rams could easily blow out anybody...except the Bucs.  Therein lies the answer.  Tough D most ALWAYS wins the super bowl. Especially when  its brought to the frenzy of disrespect the Pats are feeling. Disrespect is something we've all experienced at one time or another...and we know how it brings us to a state of non-harmonious thinking....now...place that axiom in the head of I guy who beats the crap out of people for a living. REMEMBER...YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!

Till next time, take care and God Bless,

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