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PCR #116. (Vol. 3, No. 24) This edition is for the week of June 10--16, 2002.
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Hello, gang! Another AFI list, some news and notes and I propose another Top 10 Challenge. Shall we begin?

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Way to go, Deadguy! What a great account of what I'm sure will always be a great memory to tell your grandchildren. A friend of mine did a similar thing at a Karaoke bar one night to the tune of "Hotel California." Add my enthusiastic pat on the back to those of your friends. Sincere best wishes to you both.

To two of rock's biggest stars. First, Sir Paul McCartney married Heather Mills during a private ceremony in Ireland. And it appears that Rolling Stone front man Mick Jagger may be joining the former Beatle at the round table. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has nominated Jagger to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

   Sad to report that Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone was found dead in his Hollywood home this past week. Authorities suspect a drug overdose. Born Douglas Glenn Colvin, he wrote some of the bands biggest hits. He left the band in 1989 but returned in the mid-90's. The group was inducted this past April into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Band leader Joey Ramone died in April 2001 of lymphoma.
   Also, Robbin Crosby, 41, guitarist and founding member of RATT, died last week after an eight-year battle with AIDS. Crosby maintained that he contracted the disease through his heroin use.

Remember the old Saturday Night Live skit where Dan Aykroyd, as a refrigerator repair man, pulled a pen out of the crack of his mostly exposed ass? I can tell you that accidentally exposing too much of your butt is a pretty common occurrance. I can remember helping a friend in his yard and my wife coming up and informing me that I was "doing a Dan Aykroyd." Well, I'm happy to report that a Wisconsin company has added a few inches to the standard T-shirt, marketing it as the "Longtail T." The shirt is supposed to prevent overexposure when you bend over.

If it's June, it must be time for the American Film Institute to come up with a list of 100 something or other films. This year, they have chosen romances. According to the AFI, the top 10 Romantic Films are:

1. Casablanca - makes sense. After all, they'll always have Paris.
2. Gone With The Wind - I guess someone gave a damn!
3. West Side Story - does this make it ineligible when they do the top 100 Musicals?
4. Roman Holiday - Peck and Hepburn? Oh, yeah!
5. An Affair To Remember - remade by Beatty as "Love Affair." Why, Warren?
6. The Way We Were - Babs and Bob. Sequel talk is still out there.
7. Doctor Zhivago - What? Talking animals??? Oh, sorry. Wrong movie.
8. It's A Wonderful Life - I'm lost on this one. Unless I missed something between Bert the Cop and Ernie the Cab Driver.
9. Love Story - Love means never having to say that bad acting and a sappy story can still make a shit load of money.
10. City Lights - Who knew Chaplin was a romantic.

Other choices I agree with: Annie Hall, Moonstruck, When Harry Met Sally, Roxanne, The Goodbye Girl, Dirty Dancing.

Choices I don't understand: King Kong, Pretty Woman (she's a WHORE, for God's sake!), Last Tango In Paris (Brando and butter? How romantic!), Bonnie and Clyde (!!!), Witness (must be the straw hats and button-less clothes), Grease (unless I missed something between Zucko and Knickie) and Jerry Maguire (tho not romantic, I do find the image of Kelly Preston screaming "DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING ME!!" pretty arousing).

The other day I was listening to a James Taylor album and was reminded how much I enjoyed his cover of "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." I enjoyed it so much that I started thinking about other songs that have been covered by others. From Los Lobos' hit remake of "La Bamba" to Barry Manilow beating David Cassidy to the punch by releasing "I Write The Songs" first, there have been many great interpretations of earlier hits. I'm sure you have some favorites. Take the time and send in your 10 faves next week!

Well, that's it for this week. See ya!

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