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In the news...
I have heard it all now. Princess Diana will have a starring role in the X-men spin off, X-Static. She will have a 5 part cameo in the comic book as a superhero! First Stan Lee goes off and creates the Stripperella series with Pamela Anderson, and now Marvel scrapes the bottom of the barrel and comes up with this outrageous idea that is not only appalling but morbid.

The title of the five part series is Di another Day and is not being received very well with Dianaís fans, needless to say. Marvel Spokesman Brian Reinert states that the comic is a ďsatire of pop culture.Ē The comic is hoping that fans will take the comic lightly and see that they are really poking fun at celebrities and their constant worry about themselves and their bank accounts. They chose The Princess of Wales because she is famous for being famous, they could have chosen someone else in my opinion. For instance someone that didnít die in a tragic car accident, but its just a thought!

Be sure to get the book September 10 if you have absolutely nothing else to buy!

Speaking of Stripperella, an ex-stripper is suing Stan Lee and Pamela Anderson for stealing her idea. The 37-year-old stripper states that she is the actual creator of Stripperella and that she had discussed the character with Stan at the Tangaís Jazz nightclub in Tampa last year.

Janet Clover put in the claim recently in Daytona Beach and states that she has substantial evidence proving that he ripped her off.

A funny thing recently occurred, Jennifer Lopez fired her manager of 5 years because she feels he has given her a bad rep in the media. He is the mastermind behind her diva attitude supposedly. According to her it was his idea that she come across as a stuck up diva and that she really isnít like that at all. Lopez says that she really is just Jenny from the Block and not who people have been accusing her of being. Here is the real kicker though. She is suing him for every penny she ever earned him plus interest. Yeah that sounds like something you do when you are trying to come across as a sweet and innocent celebrity. That makes her come across as a money grubber more than anything in the past. Jennifer has a private nipple pincher on payroll, a human being literally goes around and pinches her nipples while she is filming. Enough said.

A movie to look out for at the end of the year: "Timeline". The movie by director Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon) and starring Fast and the Furiousí Paul Walker. The movie is about 3 Yale students who go back to the year 1357 in disease filled France to save a man that had been sent there to do tests. One of the students has an extra reason to save him, itís his step father.

You can see a preview of the film at: http://romanticmovies.about.com/cs/trailers/v/timelinetrailer.htm

It looks like its gonna be a really good sci-fi film. Go see it November 26!

I guess thatís it for this week. Also, see my review of the Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas cartoon.

Next week I lay into independent film making and the bad attitude of sci-fi and horror junkies. Oh and before I forget, A note to Andy Lalino:

I always took you for a classy and knowledgeable guy. In your letter to Nolan this week you made me think twice. Your comment on the bobble-head Katherine Hepburn is untimely and unfunny. I am the queen of saying rude things and wonít say that I have never said something controversial but I felt like you were saying, maybe I am wrong, that because she was an "A-list actress" that it didnít matter that she was no longer around. "Did she do any cool B horror movies? No, then screw her!" Thatís the impression that I got. If that wasnít what you meant, then I apologize but regardless I thought the comment was ridiculous and childish, "ItĎs art imitating life." Sorry to be cruel, but it's how I felt.

Til next time
Ashley Lauren

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