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Suzy-Q's Ultra-Swank Tiki Lounge 1962 Party

What a magical evening Saturday December 28, 2002 was! If you read "La Floridiana" in PCR issue #137, you'll remember the incredibly cool party invite by Orlando artist Lisa Clardy to this Holiday party hosted by my dear friend, Susan Hughes. Everything 1962 was featured in this small gala of close friends -- drinking cups actually purchased by Susan's parents at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, music by period artists Bobby Darren, the Ventures, Shirley Bassey among others, an incredible retro 60's original print by artist Clardy, Tiki torches and little Tikis interspersed throughout her home.

Although held at Susan's residence in Polk County, Florida, we were blessed with an international visit from "beatniks" Jesper and Violet Westergaard from Denmark. One of the most enlightening things at the party was partygoer Brendan McWilliams' copy of the book about all things Tiki. An incredible review on this phenomenal art, music and architectural movement brought to America's attention in the 1950's in large part by Norwegian explorer Thor Hyerdahl, author of "Kon-Tiki". All had a delightful time!

Starting next week, "La Floridiana" will become a monthly to bi-weekly feature so that my energies can be devoted to resurrecting the column about tacky movies known as "Schlockarama". So those of you out there who have a love of La Bad Cinema, tune in to this week's Crazed Fanboy!

William Moriaty meets Laura Petrie! Hostess with the Mostest Susan Hughes poses with your intrepid author at "Suzy-Q's Ultra Swank Tiki Lounge 1962 Party". I went as far as to get a hair cut, shave off my moustache and use Vitalis for this one!Va-Va-Voom! Susan Hughes (L) and my wife Karen Cashon (R pose next to a circa 60's aluminum Christmas tree.
Partygoer and gifted artist Brendan McWilliams gets lei'd and poses in front of artwork, crafted in a brilliant retro 60's tiki theme by artist Shag, recreated here to add party ambience by Lisa Clardy.Direct from Denmark are beatniks Jesper Westergaard (left) and his wife Violet (right), with luau lass Lisa Clardy in the middle.
Group shot of party animals (from the left) Brenna Murphy, Brendan McWilliams, Lisa Clardy, Violet and Jesper Westergaard, and (bottom) Sean Flynn.The housewife of the future will have more time to imbibe in simple pleasures, such as demonstrated in this photo by the stunning Ms. H, due to advances in kitchen technologies as America continues its march into the future and beyond!

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