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Governor Jeb Vader's Advice to Voters-- "Go Pound Sand..."
Fulfilling his "devious plan" to circumvent the will of the Florida voter, Governor Jeb Vader announced last week that he was seeking to rescind the Constitutional Amendments for the High Speed Rail and Reduced Classroom initiatives passed earlier by Florida voters. All but saying that those who voted for these Amendments were morons for doing so because he didn't personally support them, Vader used his typical "but I'd have to raise taxes" rebuttal, Vader has once again demonstrated his contempt for anyone who dare think different than him and actually consider moving Florida into the future, even if it means that we finally pay the bill for our growth. As usual, Vader whimpered and pouted when people reacted to his latest round of "It's not my fault for this-- it's yours".

And also as usual, Vader is overstepping his legal bounds and stonewalling the Florida public. An excellent commentary on Vader's latest pout session can be read in Dan Ruth's column "What aGreat Addition to Florida's 2004 Ballot" in the Sunday March 9, 2003 edition of the Tampa Tribune (http://tampatrib.com/News/columns/MGAV4E2L2DD.html)

Nolan was unfortunately wrong in last week's "La Floridiana" when he added that:

"Currently the latest genius notion from the Vader-man is reducing---or more likely cutting out altogether---art and Phys. Ed. classes statewide in order to pay for reduced classroom sizes. The reduced classrom sizes bill was passed by the voters last election. So Jeb is punishing us for this inconvenience by gutting the arts. Say, think it's time for another State Lottery, so that every dollar really can go toward education?"
How was the Nolester wrong? Simple! We all know that Saddam Hussein was the actual mastermind behind this as eliminating Phys Ed means that we will be left with a bunch of weak and flabby draft-age students to fight against Iraq-- oh that Saddam, he's such a character! We all know that when pressed hard, Vader will somehow try to weasel out of this by blaming that Poster Child of Terror himself Dictator "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Saddam Hussein.

But seriously, this Governor is ruining our state's heritage and economy. Let your state legislator know your objections to Vader's misguided and inept ability to govern. Contact your State Senator by logging on to http://www.flsenate.gov/ and contact your State Congressman or Congresswoman by linking on to http://www.leg.state.fl.us/house/index.html

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