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   PCR #159. (Vol. 4, No. 15) This edition is for the week of April 7--13, 2003.

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Mad Matt's Plastic People
Ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls of all ages...I would like to THANK YOU !!! for showing up...

For my first trick, I'd like to introduce you to an old friend-o-mine...


This particular critter has always been one of my favorites... He's BIG...He's green...He has a speech impediment...but ya gotta luv the big lug cause he's got a heart of gold!!!

And now thanks to the folks at "Sideshow Toys" we can take him home with us! These people have not only made one, but all FIVE incarnations of this guy!!! Sideshow Toys and Universal Studios Monsters have recreated a damn near perfect likeness of all FOUR actors that were cast as the original Monster:

Frankenstein movie figures from Sideshow Toys

  • Boris Karloff, in Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein...
  • Lon Chaney Jr., in Ghost of Frankenstein...
  • Bela Lugosi, in Frankenstein meets the Wolfman...
  • Glenn Strange, in House of Frankenstein...

These wonderful figures are 12'' tall, all in which feature over 20 points of articulation, all come in authentic costumes form the original motion pictures. Each figure comes with an assortment of goodies from the film such as: shackles, books, brain jars with labels (Ullman and Strauss to be exact), and of course, daisies!!! All figures come in a full color box that features a replica of the original movie poster of the front flap.

These wonderful headsculpts were done by a guy named Mat Falls. The best part of this collection is that it gives today's younger collecter a chance to own a small piece of cinamatic history...and for them to say "Hey granpa...who's the big green guy with the flat head?"

These figures range in price from $20.00 to $40.00 retail...

I've have seen them at Toys 'R' Us and Spencer Gifts, also at Flea Markets as well as online.

These figures are very well made, imagine... you can actually play with them and they won't fall apart in your hands (unlike certain McSpawn junk that we'll bitch about later) and they look really cool on your shelf!

Well, that's about it...on my skull scale of 1-5, I rate these figures a definite


See ya next time...MAD MATT

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