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I won't steal Mike's thunder with a lengthy, impressive historical, chronological review of this great, and sadly, late actor, although I'm strongly tempted to do so...... but I would not do my love of movies justice if I said nothing.

The first Gregory Peck film I ever saw was The Omen. Him being in it meant nothing to me at the time. For me, a suffurer of chronic Famous Monsters disease, it was all about the premise of the movie and its horror leanings. Sure, I was old enough to know which actors I liked, and which ones I didn't...which ones sucked, and which ones didn't..but I had yet to really discern the technique of acting and judge actors upon the entirety of their work.

After Omen, I'm sure there are a few in there that I caught at one time or another, like Gentleman's Agreement, but it was one movie in particular, that just screamed out at you that this man, Gregory Peck, was something very special. That movie is To Kill A Mockingbird.

It was the first movie I ever saw where I had read the book beforehand. The book, in my and many opinion, is one of the true great classics of any time. The movie is no exception. Pecks performance as Atticus Finch is so broad and impressive, he deservedly walked away with the Academy Award for Best Actor. And as impressive as his role, and his film career was, it cannot begin to showcase what an exceptional man this was.

Looking thru the tribute sites, I've found they are literally littered, or should I say "decorated" with tales of humbleness and suprise. Common, ordinary, appreciative fans being given an opportunity to feel special, rather, made to feel special, by a man who really did'nt have to give them the time of day, and probably wouldn't have been thought worse of for it.

For instance, there's Jeff Lange, an avid Peck fan that had one of the first, if not the first, web sites dedicated to the actor. He had gone to see Peck "in the round" at a dinner theater that would have questions and answers about his career after his monologue. When the time came for him to ask his question, Peck looked him dead on and said "Are you Jeff Lange?" and proceeded to tell all in attendance that Lange was the "reason I'm famous on the Internet". He then, while on stage, invited Lange backstage to meet with him personally.

This doesn't even begin to touch on the magnitude of this national treasure, and what he has meant not only to his many fans, but those whose lives were changed by his kindness, charity and concern.

Not sure if you saw this or not, but this past week, Supreme Court Elected President Bush chastised members of media and politics for questioning our invasion of Iraq. There are many members of Congress, not to mention many American Citizens WHO HE WORKS FOR, who are demanding an investigation. Many, like myself, who want this attack and the now obvious deceptions which led to American approval of it, checked out. I mean, really, do you who are reading this right now really, truly trust a politician!!  I don't care if he does sit in the Oval Office. Again, all that means, is that he WORKS FOR US.

His lashing out against those of us who pay attention is that we like to practice revisionist history.

Who better than the master of history revision himself to make such a charge.

Due in large part to him not fulfilling a single campaign promise, and doing the exact opposite of what he said he'd do, I'm ashamed of this misrepresentation of my party. As an extremely disappointed and regretful Republican, I've been placed in a mind framework of really paying attention to what's going on. Sadly, I must confess while I thumped my elephantile chest in the past, I followed my party blindly. A HUGE mistake millions of Americans are guilty of today.

Regarding our invasion, Bush told us Iraq was an IMMINENT THREAT to America. He also said we were 100% certain he had these, and were led to believe he would not hesitate to use them against us. He told us Suddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction, and that he is a supporter of terrorists. All the while, speech after speech, tying it in with the events of 9-11 and Al Queda. Bush said that, according to UN resolution 1441, we had every right to invade and oust Saddam Hussein, again specifically because of WMD that he told us we had proof of.

What he didn't say was that, months before our battle plan was even thought out, he had already given contractual rights to the oil upkeep in Iraq to his good buddy Haliburton. We also know that there are many in the CIA and FBI who say we had no evidence whatsoever to tie Saddam in with anything, other than being a evil lying millionaire politician. We did find two Winnabego-like vehicles that had chemicals. This was touted all over the news by the Republican party that now we had proof. Then...nothing. The story vanished. That's because they discovered these vehicles were used for cleaning down crops. That's what I call an imminent threat.

A lot of people are saying, "so what, Saddam was evil, and those people needed to be liberated". All well and good, but that wasn't the reason we were given for going over there and costing the lives of our dear soldiers. The people there were indeed overjoyed once the thumb of oppression was lifted, but that joy has now turned to striking out against us, as we are now the oppressors. Sure...we don't see it that way, but they sure as heck do.

If we went in there to remove Saddam, and his Imminent Threat, then the job is done and we should leave. Some talk about bringing stability back to the region, which will never happen as long as we are there dictating their lives. We will never leave now that we're there. There's too much money to be made.

When Bush stood before us, pleading his case against Iraq, he said we had every right to invade IRAN!  That's right!  That's what he said. Since no one believes in conspiracies, let's just call it a helluva coincidence that we are now threatening to invade Iran, and are now building another case against another nation that we say is an Imminent Threat. Throwing around things like 9-11, and Al-Queda.

Not suprisingly, the Republicans do not want an investigation. Why not! They had no problem at all spending millions of tax payer dollars trying to prove that Bill Clinton was a sinner. Surely the possibility of Bush lying to the American people to start a war deserves half that.

Till next time, take care, and God bless

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