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an original fiction by Apopka-based filmmaker Jason L. Liquori that has never been published before. Originally marked as "done" 03/31/94, Jason went on to elaborate and build on his characters' adventures for many years in private. I am proud and excited to present this first in a series of illustrated adventures of his original story. ---Nolan B. Canova

Chapter 1
n the basement of a huge cement building surrounded by electrical fences and soldiers a meeting is taking place. Some twenty of the world’s most powerful and vicious criminals and terrorists have gathered for an auction. They watch patiently as Dr. Ignus paces the stage.

“Gentlemen,” he finally says, “and Ladies,” he adds motioning to Linda Nero, the only female in the room, “you have come here today to see a new weapon. A weapon of my creation. You will all have an opportunity to buy the technology, but only one of you will leave here with the prototype.”

A covered container begins to lower from the ceiling. As it comes down onto the stage Dr. Ignus continues his sales pitch.

“There has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not geneticists can bring back the dinosaur,” he says. “An idea which seems to please most of you. It is true that a beast with the strength and killer instinct of Tyrannosaurus Rex sounds like an amazing weapon. Such a creature, however, would be too large and too stupid to control. Thus it would be useless.”

“Like a gun you can’t aim,” says a voice from the audience.

“Precisely,” responds the doctor. “That is why I have created this.” He waves his hand and the cover raises off of the container.

As the cover raises it reveals that the container is a cage. Inside is a thin, well-defined man. He is wearing skin-tight camouflage and his face is painted as well. Aside from the strange dress, the man has unusually large legs. His eyes are an eerie green and he has a wild look.

“It’s just a man!” shouts Linda. “I don’t need to buy a man.”

“I’m sure you don’t, dear,” answers Dr. Ignus. “This is no ordinary man.”

Dr. Ignus draws a 9mm Beretta. The two men sitting with Linda draw automatic pistols and point them at the Doctor. Dr. Ignus looks at Linda. She motions her men to sit down.

“Thank-you,” says the Doctor. He shoots the man in the cage.

The target remains still. The Doctor shoots him three more times in the chest. The bullet explodes against him, yet he remains motionless.

The audience watches in silence.

“This is Dinosoldier,” says Dr. Ignus. “He is the perfect weapon. Designed genetically, not mechanically. He is 100 times stronger than any man, especially in his legs. His tough skin and dense muscle structure make him very resistant to bullets.”

“How do we know you didn’t use blanks?” asks a man in fatigues.

“Try for yourself,” says Dr. Ignus.

The man stands at his seat and fires two rounds into Dinosoldier. Again the creature remains unmoving. Five more doubters jump to their feet and fire wildly.

“He didn’t even blink,” remarks one of them.

“Boys,” says Linda.

Her two bodyguards stand and draw their weapons. Each fires furiously and empties an entire clip into the test subject. The Dinosoldier shakes a little as the barrage of bullets hits him, but when the firing stops there is no sign of injury.

“We can all buy Kevlar,” Linda comments.

“Yes, but can you all find soldiers with such savage strength they can do this?” asks the Doctor. “Dean,” he says, “leave your cage.”

Dean, the Dinosoldier, rips the iron bars apart with his hands and steps out of the cage.

“Uncontrolled savagery,” says a spectator.

“Pick the lock, Dean,” commands Dr. Ignus.

Dean opens his hand. A retractable set of claws springs forward from his right hand. He uses his index finger to open the lock in mere seconds.

“The perfect killing machine,” explains Dr. Ignus. “The intelligence of a man, the savagery, strength and instincts not of an animal, but of a dinosaur.”

Dean tilts his head to one side. He blinks his eyes.

“Doctor,” says Dean.

The spectators are amazed. None of them ever considered that he could speak.

“There are several vehicles approaching the compound at high speed.”

“Monitors,” says Dr. Ignus.

Television screens surrounding the amphitheater turn on. At first they show only empty desert, then, through the hot haze, headlights become visible. Further magnification reveals an army convoy speeding toward the compound.

Dr. Ignus’s guests jump to their feet.

“Wait!” he shouts. “Three 4x4’s, two utility trucks and a transport. No more than forty soldiers. Dean will stop them.”

“I’m not waiting to find out!” shouts a voice from the nervous crowd.

“Yes you are!” demands Dr. Ignus.

Steel doors slide down and block the exits. Dean steps into an elevator and disappears behind closing doors. The spectators sit down. They are trapped and trusting Dr. Ignus is their only way out now.

Dean appears on the monitors. He steps from the elevator and walks toward the electric fence, stepping 30 feet short of the fence.

A 4x4 carrying three men and bearing a bull-bar pulls away from the convoy. The bar is insulated with rubber tires. The man in the back is readying an M-60 machine gun.

Dean glares at the approaching vehicle.

“He doesn’t even have a gun!” complains one of Dr. Ignus’s guests.

“Ram it!” shouts a soldier in the truck.

Sparks fly as the electric fence springs open from the impact of the 4x4. The machine gunner fires at Dean. As the vehicle approaches Dean crouches down. The bullets bounce off of him. He grabs the speeding truck and hurls it through the air. The soldiers fall to the ground unconscious. Their transportation crashes to the Earth hard. It tumbles a few yards and explodes.

“Wow!” exclaims a potential customer.

Linda watches with delight.

The other two 4x4’s drive in and circle Dean. The utility trucks stop inside of the fence and eight soldiers file out of each one.

“Surrender,” a soldier shouts from one of the vehicles. Then he speaks into his radio, “Only one guard? Be careful, it has to be a trap.”

Dean leaps into the back of one of the 4x4’s. He tosses the two soldiers out and drives toward the foot soldiers. They fire at him furiously. Dean flips into the air. The vehicle explodes into flames sending the soldiers scurrying for cover.

Dean lands sure footedly. He kicks one of his attackers in the face. Blood flies and the man drops into the sand. The rest of the foot soldiers fall back, firing sporadically at Dean.

“What the Hell is he?” one cries.

They back themselves into a corner against the cement building. They are in a three-sided structure built for storing vehicles. Dean pushes one of the trucks toward them. It rolls a few yards and then flips onto its side. The truck slides towards the soldiers and pins them inside the cement carport.

An armored transport rolls into the compound. Dean turns to face it. Dr, Ignus and his guests watch as the transport fires a 60mm explosive and Dean disappears in a cloud of dust. When the smoke clears Dean is no longer in the picture.

Dr. Ignus lowers his head and rubs his eyes.

“He’s not indestructible,” comments one of his guests.

“Look!” Linda shouts.

The transport begins to shake. It slowly raises off of the ground to reveal that it has been lifted by Dean.

“But he is quick,” says Dr. Ignus triumphantly.

Dean drops the transport and it cracks open. Six soldiers run out the back. Dean enters the vehicle. After a moment the turret bursts off of the top of the transport and Dean exits carrying the dead driver over his shoulder. He has blood around his mouth. The other soldiers turn and run.

Dean drops the body and chases the soldiers. He easily overtakes them. He opens his claws and tears through all six of them without missing a step as he runs. He looks over the corpses and walks back to the elevator.

The last two soldiers in the remaining 4x4 drive at Dean. Without looking back Dean leaps straight up. He goes seven meters into the air. The 4x4 goes under him and crashes through the elevator doors. It plummets down the shaft and blows the doors off when it hits the basement. Dean climbs down the shaft by putting his arms stiff against one side and his legs against the other. He climbs through the wreckage and back onto the stage.

“The genetic technology is $25 million,” says the Doctor. “Shall we start the bidding on Dean at $50 million.”

Dean looks at the Doctor with surprise.

“What?” he asks.

“Oh, you’re worth ten times that, son,” says Dr. Ignus. “This is just the opening bid.”

“I don’t wish to be sold,” states Dean.

“These people came here to see you, Dean,” answers the Doctor. “You will leave with one of them.”

“Then I choose her,” Dean responds pointing to Linda.

“It doesn’t work that way,” Ignus responds. “You leave with whoever pays the most.”

“No!” Dean argues. “I leave with her.” He walks over to Linda and takes her hand.

“It’s been nice doing business with you, Doctor,” Linda says smugly. She motions to her guards who fire on Ignus’s computers mercilessly. One of them snatches the disks from his hands. “I want Dean to be the only one,” Linda says. She runs her eyes up and down his unusual physique. “For now.”

“Are you going to let her leave with the prototype and the plans?” Dr. Ignus pleads. He looks over the other guests as they watch silently.

Dean snarls at them and bares his claws.

“Who’s going to stop us?” Linda asks.

Dean tears the steel door from one of the exists and the four of them leave. The other guests follow closely all trying to get on Linda’s good side.

Dr. Ignus begins to cry. “I should have gotten a patent before showing it off to a group of criminals,” he says to himself.


"Dinosoldier" is ©1994, 2003 by Jason L. Liquori. Illustrations will be uploaded and expanded on an ongoing basis by myself and whoever else wants to contribute. The "logo" at pagetop is mine, but I intend to fill out the pages with more as I go.--Nolan

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