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Flash Fantastic!

In this day and age, where it’s becoming more and more difficult to find relaxation time and books are struggling with competition from televsion, movies and video games, flash fiction is the right dosage of reading fun. What’s flash fiction, you ask? In most cases, a story under 1,000 words is recognized as “flash fiction.” Some will want to expand the word count while others will want to shrink it under 1,000. For us at FLASH FANTASTIC, we’re gonna keep it at the 1,000 word mark.

And to make it even more fun, the flash fiction in FLASH FANTASTIC will be, well, fantastic. If you love science fiction, mystery, horror and fantasy, and want it in a small package to consume with your eyes and brain while you consume your lunch, late supper or. . . ., well, you get the picture, then you will want to check out each monthly edition of FLASH FANTASTIC.

Each edition will contain 3 stories. Depending on the submissions, we will try to offer a mixed bag of genres.

Please come back each month and don’t be shy about emailing me with suggestions, feedback or submission questions.

See you around. Stay fantastic.
Patty G. Henderson,
Editor emeritus of FLASH FANTASTIC

Starting January 2005, please email all submissions for FLASH FANTASTIC to  Art Brown who is succeeding me as editor-in-chief.
Sorry, we cannot accept snail-mail submissions at this time. Before sending anything, please read the official guidelines at right!


I’ll try to keep this plain and simple.

Original, unpublished fiction only. No reprints.

Stories up to 1,000 words. Anything more will be deleted automatically. Yes, that means even one extra word over 1,000.

FLASH FANTASTIC is a "genre specific" market. Stories of the fantastic only. That means science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery. In other words, no romances, high brow literary fiction, memoirs or slice of life stories. Cross-genre submissions encouraged and welcome.

Submissions accepted via email only. No snail mail, please. You MUST submit your story in the body of your email. Any attachment will cause your email, hence, your submission, to be deleted unread. READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: Please convert your manuscript to TEXT before pasting into email. Otherwise, some of your story may reach us looking like a bunch of gibberish. You wouldn’t want us to think you write gibberish, do you?

Rights: FLASH FANTASTIC acquires first electronic rights, exclusive for one month. After the FF edition your story appeared in expires, the story will be archived indefinitely.

At this point, FLASH FANTASTIC is a non-paying market, but we realize writers need to get paid for their work like everyone else. Therefore, in the near future, we will hopefully be able to offer small payment for accepted stories.

Only three stories will be published per monthly issue of FLASH FANTASTIC. We hope to receive numerous submissions. Please be patient after submitting. You should receive a response to your initial submission within several days, confirming your submission. We hope to get back to you to with an acceptance, or unfortunately, a rejection, of your story within two months (eight weeks).

You may be asked to do some re-writing. If you can’t handle editorial revision requests, please do not submit to FLASH FANTASTIC.

Good writing and good submitting. Submit only the best of your fantastic flash.

--Patty G. Henderson,
Editor emeritus of Flash Fantastic
Art Brown,

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