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This edition is for the week of March 19-25, 2000.
Vol. 1, No. 1
Nolan starts this page!
Super-cheap video-movie nears completion!
In a brazen display of egotistical fervor, Nolan B. Canova has decided the web needs still another "vanity press" newspaper. This is a brand new endeavor, still under construction, but please stop in frequently to see what's up.
The long-awaited video of Nolan's, "The Horror Writer", is nearing completion. The opening segment, kept under wraps by production, is right now being dubbed with music and sound effects. Final cut of the entire show, with music and sound, is expected by the end of March. Due to constant delays and problems with new equipment, the first copies will go to the cast and crew in plain VHS video sleeves. The fancier, computer-designed market sleeves will be "retro-fitted" after the fact to prevent even more distribution delays. Everyone with a plain sleeve will get the new one for free.
Public Access airing dates are still to be announced.
Corey Castellano and "The Patriot"
Brandon-based movie-fan-turned-makeup professional, Corey Castellano, a very close friend, is featured on a new website promoting the upcoming release, "The Patriot", starring Mel Gibson and directed by Roland Emmerich. Corey is listed as "key makeup"and was able to work directly with the stars. To access the movie website click here. For more on Corey Castellano, click here.
Nolan's News magazine in progress
Hopefully, as soon as next week, the magazine part of "Nolan's News" will be fleshed out and linkable from here. For now, tho, I invite my beleaguered friends, both here and out-of-state (out-of-mind?) to submit their news for publication (this means YOU Matt and Mike) and subsequent distribution to our friends. I, meanwhile, will be collecting everyone's pick of Oscar winners and see who's nailed it. In a later issue, we'll tear the Academy apart for some of their choices (as usual)!
Special delivery! We have our first response for the Oscars prediction! To read Mike Smith's letter/article click here: Letters Column.
You can write your news ,comments and rants to me at either my original homepage, below (The World of Nolan), or you can click right here: "Letters to the Editor", the address I set up for this page especially.
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