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Vol. 1. No. 6    This edition is for the week of April 24--30, 2000.
Hello, everyone, Nolan here. I trust all of you had a joyous and productive Easter weekend!  My home renovation project is proceeding forward smoothly enough, but discouragingly slowly. Let's just say lenders are not so anxious to give up their money as they say they are on TV!  After a few hangups were ironed out, everything's a go, but it may be another week or two before construction actually starts. I'm anxious to get it behind me.
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3 Stooges Bio-pic pretty successful
Scheduling miscue delays "The Horror Writer".  Special to come first.
As a matter of habit, I'm almost phobic about TV-movie bio-pics. They're almost always a disappointment, especially if you yourself feel close to the subject or subjects covered. What follows is a rare success story.
  Oops! Thought I had Public Access figured out, but I made a rather embarrassing strategic error a couple of weeks ago. After passing my Studio Producer's test (see issue 2) I found out I was required to produce a live-to-tape special to prove I could go solo, I guess. That was hastily scrawled into the schedule May 11 for a June 7 airing.
  I went down last week to schedule airdates and editing /transfer time for "The Horror Writer" (my original TV-movie, series episode pilot) and was told I can't work on 2 projects at once. That's a shame because I wanted to promote "The Horror Writer" on the special as something that was about to air. The movie can't double as the special, because the special has to be live-to-tape.
  All this means is one more in a continuing series of set-backs and delays for this beleagured endeavor of mine. However, that being said, this should be the last such delay, especially since this one was my fault--inadvertently.
TV-movie stooges.
 I held off starting this page of the Newsstand so I could watch the TV-movie bio-pic about the Three Stooges Monday night (4-24-00). I heard some great pre-publicity and was anticipating quite a show. Well, it didn't suck, but it didn't quite do them justice either. However, to be fair, I don't know what I could have done different, really, to try to get so much history into a 2-hour timeslot.
 The actors certainly put a lot into it, particularly Paul Ben-Victor as Moe Howard. Evan Handler as Larry Fine was surprisingly effective. Which leaves us with the third, arguably most crucial, role. Curly, Shemp, Joe Besser and Joe DeRita.
 John Kassir's "Shemp" absolutely did not win me over. Fans of HBO's "Tales from the Crypt" might remember Kassir as the voice of the Cryptkeeper. He also had a cameo in one of the episodes. I give him an "A" for effort (as I do them all) but I couldn't see it.
 Michael Chiklis's Curly was much better. He managed to capture much of the comic's energy and pathos. Hard to say if Curly was as fragile a personality in real life as he was portrayed in the movie.
 The "Joe Besser" part was not much more than a walk-on (almost like in real life) and "Joe De Rita" appears towards the end as "Moe" accepts a reunion offer from a Boston TV station's youthful employee, circa 1959.
 While the situation with Curly's mid-life stroke is indeed what makes for great tragedy in their lives, there's another story in the under-appreciated Ted Healy (the boys' first employer)who remains as much a mystery today as ever. He's portrayed as a real bastard (Shemp hates him) and as an out-of-control personality. It's alluded to that he either drank himself to death or was killed in a brawl.
 Larry Fine turns out to be a compulsive gambler (they spared us no dirt) with a talent for playing violin which was stifled early on.
 Moe is indisputably the group's leader. Makes me want another TV-movie explaining what happened between the time Columbia closed the "Shorts" department and where we pick up Moe in the incredibly humiliating job of a 60-year-old studio errand boy!! If this is true (and I think I heard it is) Moe,at that time, as great as he was at Stooge business, was stupifyingly naive about the Stooges' place in history.
 I believe, before he died, Moe Howard was made well aware, and so, gratifyingly, had the last laugh.
 It's worth mentioning that Mel Gibson, a well-known Stooges fan, was co-producer of this movie and tried to ensure authenticity. Given the tremendous challenge before him, he was pretty successful.
"Sins of the Blood" to air Saturday
  At least something's going right with somebody's film. I just received word that local filmmaker Terence Nuzum's video-movie, "Sins of the Blood", will be aired on Tampa Public Access TV Saturday, 4-29-00 @ 8:00pm--8:35pm, Ch. 20, to all of Hillsborough County. Two repeats for greater Tampa will follow next weekend: Sat., May 6 @ 11:35pm--12:10am, and Sun., May 7,@ 11:35pm--12:10am, both on Channel 19.
  Terence was instrumental in promoting my interest in filmmaking after a looooong hiatus.
  Altho, my original goal in joining P.A. in the Fall of '98 was to put my original videos on the air, I got "sidetracked" into learning live video production from Malcolm Hathorne, producer of the "Malcolm the Magnificent" show (now called "UFOs and Metaphysics"). That was (and is) a very successful relationship. However, it derailed my personal video plans until I ran into Terence and his aunt Pat at Border's Books one too many times.
  About a year ago, 20-year-old Terence had a couple of early script drafts he wasn't using and gave them to me, basically "daring" me to do something with them. One of them, a 5-page outline entitled "The Utter Horror" became the basis for "The Horror Writer".
  Terence's own movie, started about that same time, "The Sins of the Blood", is what will be on Public Access Saturday night. He's very secretive, but I think it had to do with a vampire society. I'll know when everyone else does.
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