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Vol. 1, No. 12.        This edition is for the week of June 12--18, 2000.
A Happy Birthday wish to Ron Canova, aged 42 years, June 13th!
"The World of Nolan" debuts on Public Access; friends and fans send kudos! Threats of more specials ahead!
  On June 7, 9, and 10 my first self-produced special for the Tampa Bay Community Network (formerly Public Access TV) hit the airwaves. "The World of Nolan" began as an assignment; part and parcel of a testing procedure to ensure I could handle producing chores when I take over "UFOs and Metaphysics" later this summer (usually Malcolm Hathorne's show. He was generous enough to be my director for this special and he did a great job. We'll probably team up again.)
  My guests were special make-up effects man Corey Castellano, actor Mike Scott, and acting coach/singer Tom Lech. It went before the cameras May 11, 2000 as a live-to-tape special.
  I hadn't intended on persuing my own talk show before this (well, not seriously), but I/we had such a good time and I got such a good response, I probably will succumb.
 The feedback and response I've received have been nothing short of phenomenal.  I really got a lot of support, which means so much to me. Now, let's see if I can make lightning strike twice!

The New Computer. Wotta Gas!
  My new computer is finally operational! In fact, it's what I'm writing on right now!  With this, I will hopefully have no more problems with things like falling behind on webpages due to an uncooperative machine. Now, I can just blame AOL.
 The main point of this investment is not only to boost my memory (128 MB Ram, 20 GB hard-drive. Up from 32MB Ram and a 1.5 GB hard-drive on my old system--but, hey, it was a faithful steed while it was alive!), but also to get into video editing on the computer; usually called "non-linear" editing. It's very hard to set it up (Corey and I have worked on this for weeks), but once your computer is "configured" properly, it's definitely the most flexible and reliable way to go.  What it may NOT be, necessarily, is FASTER--that's somewhat of a myth, at least at my level. But, it will do 2 things not available with any other system: it's non- destructive (nothing's fast-forwarding or rewinding and there's no tape to get chewed up in gears) and it's first generation in, first generation out. What that means is there's no longer any reason to have to make dubs of dubs of tapes when you want to add something to your original scenes, like, say, titles. Previously, some of my VHS projects would go thru 4 or 5 generations--with attendant image degredation--before I even was ready to make "release" copies.  Also, things like dissolves, wipes and some special effects (some--I'm not rich you know) can all be done in the brain. The way my system is set up now, I can do at least straight cuts in the editor. Some things I will still do with "outboard" gear, but the image will be greatly improved.
  Corey and I are still "tweaking" the audio situation. The original sound card was being petulant. And the new modem (56K V.90) is great on most things, but is very slow other times (could be an overlooked setting). But, by and large, I'm happy with it.


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