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Vol. 1, No. 13.   This issue is for the week of June 19--25, 2000.
HATS reunion one step closer: the return of Scott Gilbert. Legendary comic-fan artist makes contact!
  Long-time readers of this newsletter (as well as "Mike's Rant" and "Matt's Rail") have, no doubt, run thru their minds the question: who are these people these maniacs keep referring to and why don't they ever write?
  The latter question was partially satisfied when earlier in the week I got an email (on another screen name)from Scott A. Gilbert, comic artist extraordinaire, presently based in Houston! This email was meant merely to inform me (and a few dozen others) about changes to his email and website. I think I probably shook him up with my usual extreme reaction to any contact from him, which is comparatively rare. But, that aside....
  Scott's website at www.apeshot.com is a must-see. I cannot do him justice in this brief space, nor will I try to condense a very long personal history. Mike and Matt have been doing an admirable job of that in their columns. I'm not sure Scott ever seriously considered himself a HATS (band)member as much as Mike thought, but he was always considered an "honorary" permanent member. (As far as I know, Scott never played an instrument.)
  Scott's influence on those around him was profound when he lived in Tampa. His memories of those days are not quite as cheery as ours, unfortunately, due to some stressful family problems ongoing at the time. But, no matter, he continued on thru college and, after moving to Texas, made quite a name for himself as an under/overground comic artist.
  Among his proud accomplishments are "True Artist Tales" a weekly strip appearing in various newspapers and tabloids in the Houston area over the years. These have been gathered in at least one anthology book that I'm aware of.
And "Mysterioso", a self-published comic story about sex and religion (and who can resist that?). Scott is also branching out with magazine covers and independent illustration.
  But, the bigger news is he's moving into graphic web design. Good move, there's tons of money there! Scott visited my AOL website recently (including these pages) and said the designs were "not shabby", which is a HUGE compliment (I'm not kidding) from the great one.
  Bigger news for us in central Florida: Scott remarked he is thinking of moving to the Bradenton/Long Boat Key area! That would be terrific!
  Now if I can get Matt and Mike to come down, Corey Castellano to come over, and Scott van Sickle to come around, we'll have our millenium HATS reunion!
  In the meantime, visit the APESHOT website, keep reading Mike and Matt's HATS histories in their columns, and keep up your fandom--it's important!


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