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Vol.1, No.2   This edition is for the week of March 26--April 1, 2000.
Last issue, I challenged my stalwart friends Matt and Mike (and whoever else cared to chime in) to predict Oscar winners. Even tho I started late (like 2 days before the show) they came thru! Check out the results below.
The 72nd Academy Awards
"American Beauty" takes 5 top Oscars
The Winners
How close did we guess?
     Best Picture:               Best Visual Effects:
Mike:  American Beauty       Mike:  The Matrix
Matt:  The Sixth Sense       Matt:  The Matrix
Nolan: The Sixth Sense       Nolan: The Phantom Menace

     Best Actor:                 Best Editing:
Mike:  Kevin Spacey          Mike:  The Matrix
Matt:  Kevin Spacey          Matt:  No vote
Nolan: Kevin Spacey (not     Nolan: The Matrix
a lot of competition.
I hopped on.)                            Nolan here.
     Best Actress:            Looks like Mike is the clear
Mike:  Annette Bening         winner here!  In fact,I think
Matt:  Annette Bening         he was a little TOO perfect,
Nolan: Hilary Swank (thought  like maybe he had some INSIDER
I was rooting for the         info! I'm just kidding! Mike
underdog)                     has always had a better feel
                                                            for this kind of thing than me.  Best Supporting Actor:       Matt did pretty well and I came                               a sorry last. I really didn't
Mike:  Haley Joel Osment      see as many movies last year as
Matt:  Michael Caine          I usually do. The movies that
Nolan: Haley Joel Osment      placed were not my usual favor-
                              ite genre types. Good thing I
                                                            didn't have a real ballot, I     Best Supporting Actress:     would have skewed the whole
Mike:  Angelina Jolie         thing!
Matt:  Toni Collette          There's still time to write me
Nolan: Toni Collette          and tell me what YOU thought!

          Best Director:          Write to: "Letters to the Editor"
Mike:  Sam Mendes
Matt:  M. Night Shyamalan
Nolan: M. Night Shyamalan

     Best Cinematography:
Mike:  American Beauty
Matt:  Sleepy Hollow
Nolan: Sleepy or P. Menace(nominated?)

     Best Original Screenplay:      Teens Get High From Cans
Mike:  American Beauty              Of Whipped Cream (4-1-00)
Matt:  Being John Malkovich        
Nolan: No vote                      I thought I had heard ev-
                                                                        erything kids could get                                                                               high from, but this is ri-          Best Screenplay from Previous      diculous.  While shopping
    Material:                       at the local Winn-Dixie
Mike:  Election                     supermarket early Saturday
Matt:  The Green Mile               morning, I became aware
Nolan: No vote                      that the staff was some-
(The winner: The Cider House        what alarmed that cans of
 Rules)                             whipped cream seemed to be
                                                                        flying off store shelves,
    Best Foreign Language:          mostly in the hands of
Mike:  All About My Mother          bands of teenagers.
Matt:  No vote                      It seems someone discov-
Nolan: No vote                      ered that the aerosol pro-                                    pellant used in most cans
                                                                        of products such as "Redi-
    Best Original Song:             Whip" (and its generic
Mike:  When She Loved Me            knock-offs) was none other
Matt:  Magnolia                     than nitrous-oxide, other-
Nolan: No vote                      wise known as "laughing
(The winner: You'll be in My Heart) gas."  The object is to
                                                                        press the nozzle in such a                                                                         way as to "bypass" the                                                                                topping and inhale the gas
    Best Original Score:            directly.          
Mike:  American Beauty              Several cans, spent of
Matt:  The Cider House Rules        the aerosol propellant,
Nolan: No vote                      were later discovered to
(The winner: The Red Violin)        have been placed back on
                                                                        store shelves. The manage-
    Best Art Direction:             ment considered asking to
Mike:  Sleepy Hollow                see IDs before selling any
Matt:  Sleepy Hollow                more dessert toppings.
Nolan: Sleepy Hollow                (Sadly, this is NOT an
                                                                        April Fool's joke!)
    Best Make-up:
Mike:  Austin Powers
Matt:  No vote
Nolan: The Phantom Menace
(The winner: Topsy Turvy)
                                                                                              Radio Host Art Bell Resigns...Again. (3-31-00)             Late night radio fans are once again scratching their sleepy heads at the announcement that Art Bell, host of the 4th highest-rated radio program in America, "Coast-to-Coast A.M.", was "retiring" permanently from radio, effective April 26th,
citing profoundly personal family and legal problems. Bell commented in a prepared statement that it was impractical to continue to fight these battles and also do the nightly show. These are the same reasons given in the fall of 1998 for that sudden resignation, but he was back on the air in a matter of weeks. Nevertheless, he sounds very serious and, if truly permanent, will be sorely missed by graveyard shift workers everywhere.  




Best Picture:  American Beauty
Best Actor:  Kevin Spacey (American Beauty)
Best Actress:  Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry)
Best Supporting Actor:  Michael Caine (The Cider House Rules)
Best Supporting Actress:  Angelina Jolie
Best Director:  Sam Mendes (American Beauty)
Best Cinematography: Conrad Hall, ASC.,(American Beauty)
Best Original Screenplay: Alan Ball (American Beauty)
Get the picture? If I was connected to American Beauty I'd be "King of the World" (a la James Cameron) right now, but I digress.
Best Screenplay based on
previously published material: The Cider House Rules
Foreign Film: All About My Mother
Best Art Direction: Sleepy Hollow
Best Sound: The Matrix
Best Sound Effects Editing: The Matrix
Best Visual Effects: The Matrix
I'm still just a little torked at the complete shut-out of "The Phantom Menace" for Visual and Sound Effects. Not that "The Matrix" was any slouch in those categories.
Best Original Score: The Red Violin
Best Original Song: "You'll Be In My Heart" from TARZAN,
Phil Collins
Best Costume: Topsy-Turvy
Best Documentary: One Day in September
Best Documentary, short subject: King Gimp
Best Film Editing: The Matrix  (OK,OK, I get the point!)
Best Make-up: Topsy-Turvy  (Try harder next time, Mr. Lucas!)
Best Animated Short Film: The Old Man and The Sea
Best Live-action Short Film: My Mother Dreams The Satan's Disciples in New York

Tampa Gets Much-Needed Rain
  The city of Tampa and much of Hillsborough County got a welcomed soaking Monday (3-27) as a gully-washer made it's way through the area.  Heavier than expected, it brought as much as one and one-half inches in a short time to most areas, although the official gauge at the Weather Service recorded 8 tenths of an inch. Still, the drought continues in this driest of months in a year that has seen very little rainfall for Florida. Emergency water restrictions continue to be in effect for all of greater Tampa, including (but not limited to) banning of car washing and lawn watering one day a week.
  The water department has commented that the restrictions are helping and the depletion flows from the Hillsborough River are stabilizing. Still, they say, we must not let our guard down.
"Ally McBeal" Character Killed Off
Ally McBeal's childhood friend and legal colleague, Billy, who fans of the series know she almost married, died of a brain tumor in Mondays's episode (3-27). I believe the actor who played him (Gil Bellows) was leaving the series and so, you know. It was a fairly moving episode. Anybody give a rat's ass about this besides me?

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