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Vol. 1, No. 16    This edition is for the week of July 10--16, 2000.
Fox "X-Men" special a derivative reminder of "Blair Witch" Sci-Fi Ch. promo
Nolan B. Canova
  Billed as a quasi knock-off of the '50s McCarthy hearings, Tuesday night's Fox special, : "X-Men: The Mutant Watch", to me, had last year's "Curse of the Blair Witch" written all over it.
  Don't get me wrong. It was a fine special. It promo'd a lot of clips from the X-Men movie opening this week (I think). I'm just saying I've seen the same tricks before. Permit me to elaborate.
  We start with a seedy, too-clean looking Senator--with "moral majority" written all over him--addressing the "mutant watch" committee (or some such thing) about the dangers of mutants being allowed to roam free among us. He calls for legislation that would mandate that all mutants register. As official mutants, I guess. Because they look like everyone else. Therefore a threat. M'kay?
  Show movie clip here. Good stuff. Run commercial. Now, back to the congressional hearings.
  We are now outside the hallowed halls of Congress--ON VIDEO TAPE--listening to a concerned reporter commenting on the Senator's witch-hunt. The exiting officials--who were previously ON FILM--have much mud-slinging to accomplish before the cameras go off. Everyone's very grim.
  Show movie clip here. More good stuff. Run commercial. Now, back to the good Senators--NOW ON FILM AGAIN--hash out the "mutant problem."
  Outside--ON TAPE--more reporters...OK, you get the idea. If the pattern feels familiar, as it did with me, it's because we saw a very similar thing last year: the brilliantly conceived Sci-Fi Channel's "Curse of the Blair Witch" (a nifty "movie" in its own right), that used the documentary film/video mix look for reality-enhancement. Which, as we all know now, worked a little too well. But, I digress.
  An old friend/colleague of mine from my band days, John Lewis, has seen the X-Men movie already (free pass thing), and judged it extremely worthy of fan's attention and respect. And that it might just be the most faithful of the comic book adaptations to come along in years. Powerful praise.  We'll see. I hope he's right. I'll be among the first in line and I'll let you know what I thought in next week's Newsstand.
My "Cub Koda" story
In last issue's "Mike's Rant" Mike relayed the passing of Michael "Cub" Koda, 51, lead singer/guitarist/co-founder of Brownsville Station ("Smokin' in the Boy's Room"), who was very influential in my early guitar years. The following story I wrote to Mike in a private email and am reprintng it here. His reply is in Commentary...
Only 51. Damn shame. Yeah, he was cool. The Rocket Club was practically empty that night due to lack of promotion. My friend Dave Scott and I happened to be passing by the club and saw the marquee say "Cub Koda and the Bone Gods tonight!"

I learned from Cub himself that the marquee had only been up a couple of hours. This is around 9:00pm! They went on at 10:00pm and rocked. It was me and Dave, plus a couple of stragglers and the bar help in the audience.  I figured Cub would call it off.  But he was a total pro and went on regardless. Oh, he was pissed, mind you.....but I always hoped it was our wide-eyed enthusiasm that made a difference.

He signed our flyers, which were the only thing we had to write on. I've often wondered over the years how far the "Bone Gods" got after they left Tampa, because I never heard of or from them again. I'd like to know how Cub died.
Video Update
  Being as it was the thirty days required to leave anything at Public Access had expired, I decided--quite at the last minute--to go ahead and purchase the 3/4-inch master tape of "The World of Nolan" (my talk show pilot from last month).  I don't have a player that can play that, but, in the end, I couldn't face seeing it "bulked" (slang for erased for re-use), so I bought it. Besides, I thought, I never did get a really great copy off the air, maybe I'll use the now-restored dub rack someday and try again.
  So I run into Frederica (Fred, for short) this nice lady I've known the whole time--who's been promoted, I think--and she tells me she's scheduled another airing of it for August 6!!!  I tell her I just bought the tape, so it's a personal possession now, but gimme a sec and I'll go GET THAT SUCKER BACK OUT OF THE CAR!  So it's back in the Access archives for now. And I'm terribly flattered and impressed they judged it worthy of additional airings.
  Let's hope "Radioactive Television" fares as well! (That is still scheduled--with increased confidence--for August 3 & 5.)
          All contents this page are 2000 by Nolan B. Canova


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