Number 19.   This edition is for the week of July 31--August 6, 2000.
Made it to air!
  The much beleagured, much bally-hooed, and much delayed first episode of my original dramatic series for Public Access TV, "Radioactive Television™: the last TV on Earth, Episode 1, The Horror Writer" is in the can and on the air!
  I'm as proud of this as I can be with only some expected reservations: it wasn't the picture I had in mind exactly, it had lots of problems right up until the end, but I think it's OK for a first timer.  I'm supported in this by the few well-wishers who had the kindness and generosity to call or email me immediately after the broadcast with reactions, mostly favorable.
  It's over this that I've had to delay my entries on this week's front page and I appreciate my loyal readers bearing with me. See below for the first few pix taken directly from the videotape. I'll start slow to see how slow it downloads. Please see my main home page, "The World of Nolan", for local repeat showtimes.
The Lone Mutant! Mike Randall
S. Beasley is The Lone Mutant of Atomic Beach.™
Mike Randall, horror writer, played by Mike Scott
The Monster appears! The Utter Horror
Mike Randall, consumed by the flames of his obsession. Oblivious, the evil swells behind him.
THE UTTER HORROR. Manifestation of obsession.
More pix and reviews of this and other flix over the next couple issues...stay tuned!
For now, go to the Letters and Commentary and see what's up with Mike, Matt and Lisa!


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