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Lisa's Lambast
MIKE'S Hope you had a great birthday! Wish I had been there to help celebrate! (Me too!--N)  RANT   Here's all the news I hope the Chief finds fit to print. HAPPY BIRTHDAY... my friend and mentor Nolan B. Canova. (Thank you---N) Of the many friends I've made in Tampa over the past 25 years, I can only count the ones who have remained my friends on one hand.  Nolan is one of them.  (Back atcha---N) From his guitar lessons to his humor...........from just rushing to the Book Nook after school on Fridays to just sitting around Pop 'N' Son's at 2am with a piece of pie.............and for ALL of the movies, good and bad, we saw as "the gang"..................the memories will always be there.  Like Andrew Gold used to sing, "thank you for being a friend."
  I'm sure everyone has dealt with the irritating phone call from someone trying to sell you something.  But now it's even worse.  Where you used to be greeted by a too-cheerful voice, you now get a recorded message saying, "Please hold for a very important phone call."  Hey, if it was so damn important, you'd be there when I answered.  I also hate the people that are obviously calling from a phone book.  "Hi Mr. Smith, this is Candy at Bill's Landscaping.  Just wanted you to know that we are going to be back in your neighborhood this week and wanted to see what else we could do for you."  Now that implies they've done for me before.  Sorry Candy, but I live on the 35th floor of an apartment building, so unless you landscaped the plant on my terrace, I think you've got the wrong number!  Nothing pisses my friend Ben off more then people who call from a business and ask if you use their business.  His example..............."Hi, I'm from the Baltimore Sun and were wondering if you'd be interested in a subscription.  Do you already subscribe?"  You tell're calling from the damn paper!  
  YES!  The hotel the wrestlers stayed at was at the corner of Dale Mabry and Henderson.  I was going to say Henderson, but since I haven't been to that part of Tampa in about 15 years, I wasn't sure.  If memory serves me, there is (was) a KFC there and Christ the King school.  (Keeee-rect! And glad I was able to help.---N)
  Nolan was the one who told me about Sir Alec Guinness passing away.  I, too, was shocked and saddened to hear the news.  He must be rolling in his grave seeing all of the photos of him as Obi-Wan Kenobi accompanying his death notice.  The story is that he would not answer any fan mail that mentioned "Star Wars" and once told a boy who told him he had seen the movie 100 times to "never see it again."  Hey Matt, good thing Scheider never dogged us on "Jaws!"
   FYI Nolan:  Cub Koda died from kidney dialysis problems.  Sorry it took so long to find out. (Thanks for finding out, tho.  What a way to go.---N)
   Sad to report the passing of Oscar winning actress Loretta Young.  Miss Young passed away this weekend at the age of 87.  Cause of death was ovarian cancer.  She was the first actress to win both an Oscar (for the film, "The Farmer's Daughter") and an Emmy (for her self-titled weekly show.)
  A while ago, I wrote that I thought Tim Burton was a good choice to direct the "Planet of the Apes" update.  Nolan disagreed, and I may now join him.  The story is that Burton plans to have the Mark Walhberg character (Chuck Heston in the original) romance and mate with the ape character played by Helena Bonham Carter!  His rationale is that it is the logical progression of the characters.  Wonder what Kim Hunter would say?  (She'd say what about the part where she couldn't even kiss Taylor because he's "so damned ugly"?---N)
  Let me first state here and now that I have NEVER used Napster.............I haven't even downloaded any MP3's.  Not that I'm not curious, it's just that with my extensive album (ask your parents if you're under 20) and CD collection, I pretty much have every song I could ever want to hear (thank you KTel!).  Unless it's the Stones or the Boss or a few other faves, who's CD I will rush out to get the day it comes out, my rule of thumb is that if I hear (3) or more songs by an artist that I like I'll buy the CD.  I would think that Napster is doing the same thing the radio is...........introducing music to people that may not have heard it, and hopefully enticing them into buying it.  Maybe I'm just naive, but I don't see the harm.
  Well, the NTSB finally released the transcripts of the cockpit tapes on the Egypt Air flight that crashed a year ago.  At the time, the speculation was that the copilot deliberately crashed the craft, which the Egyptian government vehemently denied.  Let me paraphrase the last words heard on the tape and you be the judge:
  After the pilot and navigator leave the cockpit to "use the toilet" and get something to eat, a series of clicks is heard, followed by the remaining pilot saying, "I rely on God."  For 15 seconds more, only clicks and the chant "I rely on God" are heard on the tape.  In fact, he chants those words 11 times in the last few minutes in the air.  Suddenly the captain bursts in and asks him what has happened..........."Have you shut off the engines!?"  The only reply is "I rely on God."  The captain asks him why he has done this, and emplores him to help him pull the plane out of the dive that took the plane to it's doom.  "I rely on God," is all that is heard.  After all of this, the Egyptian government still claims it was a mechanical failure.  Of course this is the same government that told Anwar Sadat "it's just a parade!"
VH1, TV and ROCK and ROLL
  Last week I listed 10 movies I would include as my favorites.  This week VH1 compiled their list of the 100 top rock and roll moments on television.  The top 10 and my thoughts:
1. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan (2/9/64):  Too young to remember this, tho I have seen it countless times.  After the assassination of JFK, they were just what we needed. The first record I ever purchased with my own money was "Hello Goodbye."  Also, "In My Life" will be played at my funeral.............."many years from now!"
2. The Elvis "Comeback" Special (12/3/68):  After a series of bad records and badder movies (tho I love the "rage reduction" scene in "Change of Habit") Elvis Presley sat on a stool surrounded by fans and took back his crown as the King of Rock and Roll.  
Slim, trim, not a hair out of place. I had the opportunity to see Elvis the year he died, and while he still sounded fine, he never looked as good as he looked that night.
3. MTV Premieres (8/1/81):  With the very first video, The Bugles "Video Killed the Radio Star," MTV introduced a way for bands to have their music heard without spending a lot of money.  Bands such as Aha and Duran Duran exploited this with much success.  Among my favorite videos:  "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel.
4. Saturday Night Live premieres (10/11/75):  this show was a staple the first five years it aired.  Has had it's ups and downs but is still going strong 25 years later.  My fondest memory is everyone coming over to the house I shared with Ben Gregory and watching the night the Rolling Stones performed.
5. Motown 25 (5/16/83):  this show is most noted for helping Michael Jackson escape from the shadow of his past.  Not even a Motown artist anymore, Michael agreed to perform with his brothers in exchange for a solo spot.  Jackson introduced "Billie Jean" from "Thriller". Did his "Moonwalk" for the first time in public.
6. American Banstand Premieres (8/5/57):  I used to watch this show every Saturday after cartoons.  This show was THE place to get national attention for your music.  It had a nice beat and I could dance to it.
7. ABC and MTV air Live Aid (7/13/85):  Though the American portion of this event took place 60 miles from my home, I got stuck working all day and couldn't go.  If it matters, I did hold some strangers hand during "Hands Across America."  Luckily I had the good sense (and a willing girlfriend who changed tapes) to record the entire show. A unique event.  The highlight was Queen at Wembley Stadium. Freddie Mercury had the 90,000 plus crowd eating out of his hands.  The synchronized clapping during "Radio Ga Ga" was the definite show stopper in my book.
8. The first MTV Video Music Awards (9/14/84):  Recognizing various works of the music community, this show is noteworthy for Madonna performing her new song, "Like A Virgin" in a wedding dress. I wanted to take a dollar out of my pocket and put it in my teeth, hoping she'd come get it.
9. Elvis returns to the Ed Sullivan Show (1/6/57):  Initially, Ed Sullivan wanted nothing to do with rock and roll. He found Elvis Presley to be a very quiet, polite young man. Outraged by Elvis' hip shaking gyrations, viewers complained to CBS. Elvis didn't know his performance was only being filmed from the waist up, so as not to upset.
10. The Who perform on The Smother's Brothers Show (9/17/67):  Though, as a child, I didn't get a lot of the Bro.'s humor, I did enjoy the musicians and comic guests.  After the Who's set, the band destroyed their instruments and blew up Keith Moon's drum kit.  Moon, thinking the previous charge insufficient, doubled it this time.The kit exploded just as Pete Townsend was walking in front of it, startling him on the air. Many people have asked him if that caused him to slowly lose his hearing, but he says it happened one night during a concert.  At the time, Roger Daltrey preferred his microphone monitors on the side of the stage, instead of the front.  Townsend says that one night Daltrey let out one of his patented screams and it just pierced his ear.
 Have a great week!   "Mike's Rant is 2000 by Michael A. Smith.    Mike's webpage and email.  Read another current fan article by Mike!
Salutations babies!
  I'm baaaack! Did ya miss me? Of course ya did! So sorry for my absence last week, my baby started kindergarten last Monday and I was well and truly traumatized! I have however doubled my therapy and upped my medication and now all is well in Lisaland.
   So, I see Madonna has squeezed out another one. She named this one Rocco Ritchie. He joins little Lardass, oops, I mean Lourdes as one of Madonna's material
possesions. I am sending the kid a copy of Madonna's book "Sex" for his christening present. (Do I sense a little CONTEMPT here?---N)
   Hollywood legend Loretta Young died on Saturday,she was 87. You heard it here FIRST (I hope)!  (Not exactly, but thanks!---N)
   New Line Cinemahas picked up domestic distribution rights to executive producer Joel Silver's feature film "Dungeons & Dragons" starring Jeremy Irons, Thora Birch and Marlon Wayans. (Marlon Wayans?!) With a budget of 36 million, the film marks the feature directorial debut of 29-year-old Canadian filmmaker Courtney Solomon. I would like to say I can't wait, but I am not terribly optimistic about this one.
   I WILL however be FIRST in line on Thanksgiving day to see Jim Carrey take a turn as The Grinch! (You'll have to fight me for that spot!---N) Directed by Ron Howard, THIS one promises to be a gem!  Carrey says that the contact lenses he had to wear were SO painful, they had to call in a CIA torture expert to help him cope! E-GADS!(The CIA expert brought in a sack with $20 million dollars for Jim to caress.---N)
   Ok, that's it for me, kiddies. I DO however want to share a humorous moment from my life. This evening I was quizzing my kids on world leaders. When I asked my
(supposed genius) son who the Queen of England was, he responded "Queen Latifa!" (At least he didn't go for the cheap shot and say Ian McKellan or something!---N)
Love yas, mean it!  Lisa
MATT'S RAIL  Hello, everyone. I'm dedicating this Matt's Rail to the birthday boy, whom you know affection- ately as Nolan B. Canova. (Ta-daaa!---N)
   As mentioned by his self in Pop Culture Review, Nolan just reached that ripe old age of 45.  Which means that in 5 small, quickly passing like the unseen wind years, Nolan will be.....gulp!!! 50!!! (Thanks for reminding me...N)
   Truly an amazing accomplishment in this day in age, just to make it THIS far, without being whacked by some punk on crack, or killed by some chicken-- headed moron paying more attention to his cell phone than his driving. My congratulations on your successful endeavor! (Close calls!--N)
   Now, let me tell you a little about the man responsible for all of this....
   I have known Nolan for so long that I can't conceive of a time that he wasn't there, though I recall our first meeting at the Booknook (expounded on in a previous Matt's Rail).
   He has always been able to provide the perfect mix of humor, intrigue, and caring that aren't found very often. Wherever Nolan was, was pretty much the place to be.  He has become synomonous with many Tampa location icons, such as Book Nook, Pop 'n' Sons, and the hearts of anyone fortunate enough to have met him.
   A virtual guitar virtuoso, Nolan can rock and roll with the best of them. Still blown away by his rendition of Van Halen's "Eruption", which was "flawless". I bow on my knees in unworthiness.(Awww.You may rise!--N)
   The times we rocked together on stage were all too few, for surely I should have more of those wonderful moments, if not for sheer stupidity such as:" Matt, the Cowboys are on!"  "I know, but I gotta do this" (inside joke that's only thru time become humorous). Don't think I've ever mentioned to Nolan that I always got a kick out of his solos, watching the audience with their mouths open, agape in appreciation and disbelief (i.e.,why the hell isn't this guy on tour???) (Sniff, sniff. Yes, why?--N)
   In closing, I'm confident 'all' would agree that having Nolan as a friend, counts us amoung the lucky, and his friendship is forgiving and unwavering.
   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOLAN. You deserve a happy one. Till next time, Matthew (Thank you, Matt!--Nolan)


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