Number 22.   This edition is for the week of August 21--27, 2000.
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First  in a special 5-part "World of Nolan" hits the air.
Shake-up at Tampa Public Access.  "UFOs and Metaphysics" to finish out season as "The World of Nolan".  Story below.  1st episode reviewed at right.
   Regular readers of these pages and visitors to my homepage will no doubt remember my long association with UFO researcher, Malcolm Hathorne, and the show we've done together at Public Access TV for close to 2 years, "UFOs and Metaphysics".
   That successful association, unfortunately, has come to an end, as of last week. The official, cited reasons are the ubiquitous "creative and personal differences". While that's certainly true, like everything else, it's a little more complicated than that.
   For many reasons, I cannot go into specifics and will not resort to easy mud-slinging here. The fact remains my basic education in live television production started here, with Malcolm, and I'll always be grateful. I also learned a lot about Ufology from him and met lots of interesting people in his world.
  But, as a quasi-journalist of pop culture, I feel  like I owe my loyal readers something of an exlanation, so generally what happened is this: the schedule for the summer season (beginning last week of June in TVland) is picked out WAY ahead of this case early April. In order to obtain a primo time slot, Mal asked if I would produce his show under my own name. I had just passed my producer's test, so I had rights to first dibs on prime-time slots. BUT, as producer, I am ultimately responsible for everything that happens on the set. If anything goes wrong, I'm the one written up. I understood this and agreed, since Mal and I had a good working relationship. It was further agreed upon that Malcolm would control creative content. Fine.
  Malcolm is a very complicated and deeply serious man. Extremely so about his UFO research. While we both share a lot of similar views and have read a lot of common material, Malcolm began to develop a sense that I was more flippant about some things that he took very seriously.
  Now, we both tend to be rather obsessive about different things. On the set of the show, however, I tend not to take things too seriously, I joke around, it helps me cope. It's very stressful. Whatever he wanted to do, tho, I was there. I was fluent with all the gadgets, and there's a lot to have to remember. And I know he appreciated all that.
  What I failed to appreciate is a personal contempt he'd built up (unwarranted, in my opinion) during the summer over "my attitude". There was a rise in hostility. Emails were exchanged with up-and-down cycles of petulance. Finally, in an act of bizarre desperation, Mal told me I was "fired". I told him I can't be fired, I'm the producer. I could fire him, but that was certainly undesirable and counter-productive. (That was followed by lots of strange arguing I won't go into here.)
  After much wrangling, he decided to leave. I agreed not to use his name in any connection with the show. Unfortunate it had to end this way. I'm on my own now and I'm not crazy about it. However, I will cope and move forward. (This all sounds so much like my band days, I think.) The remainder of the shows left in the season (about 5) will go on the air as "The World of Nolan" with only this Thursday's episode being about UFOs, namely those witnessed by close personal friend, Will Moriaty. The remaining episodes after that will likely focus on more general pop culture themes, much as my website does.
UFO witness Will Moriaty from TWON with original program graphic.
  UFO witness, agricultural specialist, comic art enthusiast, and fellow fanboy, old friend Will Moriaty appeared on Thursday night's (8-24-00) "The World of Nolan" with me to help kick off a special 5-part series to finish out the former "UFOs and Metaphysics" series. Will was a planned guest from even "before the fall" and I didn't want to short-change the world his intriguing stories.
  In the hour we had, Will managed to get out about 6 or so stories (out of 9 planned) between phone calls and general conversation. It went well. He was an exciting guest and I'm glad we finally had the airtime together.
All contents this page are 2000 by Nolan B. Canova
  The lucky few who saw the original "World of Nolan" special from May will remember actor/singer Tom Lech. Tom helped Thursday with tech-directing. And new crewmember David Andrews was our expert cameraman. Both men did a fantastic job! Really made the show come to life. Fortunately, I believe they're in for the duration. Full speed ahead!


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