Number 27.  This edition is for the week of September 25--October 1, 2000.
Final episode of The World of Nolan rides into the sunset. Some final thanks and acknowledgements from Nolan.
The Top 10 album meltdown continues with this list from Clearwater video producer and death metal musician, Eric Avant. Eric and Mike Scott were guests on TWON a couple weeks ago. (See issue # 26.)
   The final episode of "The World of Nolan" (TWON for short and formerly known as UFOs and Metaphysics) for the season/year/decade/ century/millenum went pretty smoothly, if not particularly wildly.
   One of my Public Access associates/friends, "UFO Joe" Murgia, took over the hosting chores for the last episode, as I was busy behind-the-scenes training a new director, Dave Andrews. Out in the studio, 13-year-old wunderkind, Lee Rossman, was handling camera and floor director duties! Lee is a protegé of Dave's and they've both seen me thru every episode.
  Joe Murgia has been getting more and more into politics. His guest was a candidate from Sarasota, Joe Simonetta, running for the US Senate on the little-known "Green Party" ticket. The Green Party emphasizes environmental issues as well as health care concerns on a global scale. They would be the ones concerned more with things like additives in food, pesticide control, ozone layer statistics, global warming and the like.
  I'm a registered Libertarian, and, looking back, maybe I should have been more aggresive in promoting that, but TWON to me was about pop culture and promoting local talent. But, Joe's been a good support to me thru the "post-Malcolm" phase of Public Access and I wanted to give him the spotlight for something he's genuinely enthused about. I think the show was successful in at least educating the public--on however small a scale--that there are third party candidates worth listening to.
  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank a few people, without whom TWON would not have been possible: "Diamond Dave" Andrews, cameraman and floor director extraordinaire, for his patience with me about climbing the walls with panic at every turn. I hope we had time enough together at the end, so he could learn enough about tech-directing to help. Lee Rossman, 13-year-old superkid, boy/eagle scout, and his mom, Kristin, (Go Bucs!) for their support and reliability. Mr. Thomas M. Lech, tech-director for the first 3 TWONs, and occasional songbird. Tom was a guest on the very first TWON special last May, where he discussed acting teaching and performed "Music of the Night" from "The Phantom of the Opera". Joe Murgia, Ufologist and video producer, for helping me out when the chips were down. Joe is trying to get his paranormal/ social consciousness newsletter, The Open Mind News, out into circulation. It is recommended reading (from
  And last, but certainly not least, I would be remiss if I made no mention of my original mentor and Ufological guru at Public Access, author, speaker, and researcher, Malcolm L. Hathorne. Malcolm is a very difficult man, but is certainly the real thing when it comes to UFO research. The lion's share of my education in television production comes from Malcolm and my association with him. We had a good couple of years together on his program (I can be difficult too--right, Dave?). Last May, Mal was the director of my first TWON special, and did a great job. There's no point in going over "the fall" here. (I wrote up a short version of it already in issue #22 if anyone really wants to know.) Malcolm has a website himself, UFO Reality, which recounts the last 2 year's episodes of the "UFOs and Metaphysics" TV show. (If you look carefully, scroll way down and you'll find me in there somewhere as a video analyst and guest host; that's cool, I did enjoy it. I have primarily good memories of everything.) It also has good links for UFO researchers.
  Finally--and in conclusion--I wish to acknowledge the tremendous support from the people and staff of Public Access of Tampa, now called The Tampa Bay Community Network. I couldn't have done anything without them.
  And thanks to all my guests. It would have been lonely out there all by myself!
  Eric Avant's Top 10 albums!
#1. My Dying Bride: Turn Loose the Swans
#2. Edge of Sanity: Crimson
#3. Amorphis: Tales From the Thousand Lakes
#4. Anathema: Serenades
#5. Hypocrisy: The Final Chapter
#6. In Flames: The Jester Race
#7. Brutality: "any album"
#8. Carcass: Necrotism--Descanting the Insalubrious
#9. Cannibal Corpse: The Bleeding
#10. Yeti: "I had to plug Yeti"
(Yeti is Eric's band---Nolan)
These pix aren't entirely accurate, but I didn't want to have the same band more than once in the top 10.
  Eric, my boy. Thanks for a great list! I'm sure these bands have many more fans.
  It's nice to know more and more young people are into this nice, quiet inspirational music. Seems I was just listening to the philhar- monic do a riff on Cannibal Corpse while riding the elevator the other day.---Nolan.
Corey Castellano to do key make-up on the new "In Search of..."
  Fans of the '70s "documentary" show "In Search of..." will rejoice at the news that, due to the popularity of "The Blair Witch Project", Haxan Films, the distributor of "Blair Witch", is bringing back "In Search of..." as a prime-time series, with production ongoing as I write!
   The makers of Blair Witch went on record as saying "In Search of" was among their primary inspirations for "Witch", particularly evident in "Curse of the Blair Witch" the wildly successful Sci-Fi Channel promotiomal special.
  The new version of the show is expected to premeire in October on Friday nights. Exact day and time TBA.
  Of special interest to "Fans of TWON" (or "FOTWON"), is the involvement of good friend, Brandon-based, FX make-up wonderboy, Corey Castellano, as key make-up for the series. Corey was on my first TWON special (and also has a short bio on my More Fan Friends page)and had the pleasurable experience of working make-up FX with Roland Emmerich and Mel Gibson on "The Patriot", one of the more successful movies of last summer. The "In Search of..." website is: Corey's website is CoreyFX.


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