Number 34.  This edition is for the week of November13--19, 2000.
for the Tampa Bay area only:
a reminder about T.R.E.E.
It'll be Friday before we really know.
    As regular readers recall, last week I was all a-flutter over the twists and turns the presidential election had taken and, in particular, Florida's ongoing role in it.  I have since grown very weary of the whole affair--like yourselves, no doubt. I am looking forward to Friday's (11-17) final tabulation of the absentee ballots.
   I must say I have learned a lot this past week. About electoral colleges, about "butterfly ballots", about corruption in voting going back at least 10 and possibly 30 years.....the list goes on.
   But I got a horse laugh out of a small news item that ran on a local station, maybe y'all saw something like this too. It had to do with what happens in case the vote never gets settled! First off, no, Clinton does not get another 4 years!! But what does happen is this, and this is the short version: first, it goes to Congress and they vote on it. If they hopelessly tie, the man who becomes president of the United States is....the current Speaker of the House! Yes, a guy who never even ran!! HA HA. They showed his picture, but I can't remember his name right now. Just some regular old Joe from the midwest, I think.
from Will Moriaty
   The next TREE Inc. planting is slated for Saturday, November 18th, at 11:00am. The planting will be of close to 200 3-gallon container sized South Florida Slash Pines on the Pinellas Trail. Volunteers are needed. Parking is at the parking lot closest to the trail where the Publix Supermarket is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Alt. 19 and Curlew Rd. Thanks!
   For further information on any ongoing projects, or just to review the history, please visit the TREE website!

Nolan shows off his first GIF animation!
  OK, OK, I have nowhere else to put this--that makes any sense--so I'm putting it here because I'm just so godamned proud of it.
  As y'all know, I've been studying the computer, HTML code, and all the millions of
GIF animation of the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space.
little things that come with being a novice website designer. I'd loooooong wanted to get into "GIF file" animations, but the only program I'd ever known about was Paint Shop Pro 5.5, which was WAY over my head.
  Then AOL--of all things--put me onto this neat, easy little download construction set from Alchemy Mindworks. Voila! In five minutes I had animated something. (Never mind what, it's silly.) About 3 attempts later, I "scratch-built" this Jupiter 2 in Paint and animated it. I'm BEYOND ecstatic with this.
  I'm also in the process of animating the "UFO Intruder alert" pic on my homepage. Actually, I started that first, but it's more complicated, so will take more time.
   I'm very much enjoying this stage of my development right now. Flash animation, which is far more complex, I might get into nearer to year's end.
   To see how this looks on an actual page (with the appropriate black background), I've put up a temporary(?) Lost in Space fan page. Hope you like it. Might make it permanent if I have the time.
   For "Space" purists: I realize the above J2 cartoon ship is missing its "hind leg". When I put it in originally, it made the design too busy, so I left it out on purpose for simplicity's sake. Hey, artistc license! Besides it was only an experiment.....
     Next up: the robot!
All contents this page 2000 by Nolan B. Canova
The last Fox reviews for awhile......
   I've been pretty bullish on supporting the Fox TV network for years. Either I'm getting jaded, they're getting stale, maybe I'm too busy, I don't know, but they're not particularly thrilling me anymore.
  The Simpsons Halloween special (that came on the day after Halloween--but I forgive them) stands out as an example of this. I always looked forward to this. The only thing I can remember of this year's was a lame knock-off of "Day of the Dolphins" and a cameo of those 2 aliens near the end. The raucus imagination displayed on past shows just did not seem evident this year. I'll maybe give it another view in case I'm being too harsh.
  The season premiere faired slightly better with Homer reuniting the WHO to gain enthusiasm for a town he invented to be mayor of--in response to something in Springfield that offended him. What that was escapes me now. But it's getting predictable.
   The X-Files! Well now, wasn't that just dreamy? Actually Robert Patrick's turn as John Doggett is pretty good. The real bad chemistry between him and Scully (Gillian Anderson) is downright sexy somehow. According to last Sunday's previews, he's being assigned to the X-Files. Scully does not look pleased.
   Meanwhile David Duchovny's Mulder is still strapped down naked on an alien-probe table in a really uncomfortable-looking make-up. I hope it's make-up. His cheeks are all stretched out and pulled taut and he's always about to be probed or something when the scene occasionally goes to him. Lots of screaming.
   He's supposed to be in half this season's episodes. I hope I don't have to watch this table thing every time.
   Meanwhile, Robert Patrick just may move in on his turf. If that's what Duchovny wants, he may regret getting what he wished for.


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