Number 34.  This edition is for the week of November 13--19, 2000.
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Hello gang!  Wow, what a week we've had!  I can't believe what's going on in my homestate..............needless to say my vote for Gore got CRUSHED in Kansas.  While the world waits, shall we begin?

As I write this, they are still counting.  Who would have thunk this election would be this close.  When JFK won in 1960, he estimated that he won by just ONE vote from each eligible precinct in the country.  This could be even closer.  I hate to argue politics, but believe me, all of the rhetoric that James Baker is spewing is bullshit.  Believe me, if the shoes were on the other feet, the Bush campaign would be doing the same thing.  And I think they are doing the right thing.  It's like when Jan thought she won the essay contest on "The Brady Bunch," only to find out that the teacher added her score wrong.  She didn't want to win that way, and I'm sure Governor Bush wouldn't either.  Leave it to a true baby boomer to compare our election crisis with a Brady Bunch episode!  And worse yet, it's a valid point! We must reflect...."what would Marsha do?"---N)  One bit of news that troubles me...........a friend of mine has a son who is stationed in the Navy down in Florida.  They were scheduled to be at sea on election day and so were told that they would receive absentee ballots to fill out.  On Friday, November 10th, his ship docked in New Orleans.  At that time they received their ballots.............a full 3 days after the election!  (Nothing surprises me at this point.---N)
   I couldn't agree with Matt more on the subject of O.J. Simpson, if the man is guilty.  But imagine if someone else WAS the killer..................I don't think a "my bad, OJ" (?) is going to suffice!  (..." if someone else was the killer" slay me!---N)
-ad to report the passing of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Ring Lardner, Jr.  Lardner was black listed in 1947 after refusing to testify before the House during the "Red Scare."  When asked if he was or ever had been a communist he replied, "I'd like to answer that question................but I wouldn't like myself in the morning."  Lardner won Oscars for his screenplays for "Woman of the Year" in 1942 and "M*A*S*H" in 1970.
(Also, it's my sad duty to report the death by suicide of the founder, publisher and editor of "Cinefantastique" magazine, Frederick S. Clarke, 51, this past  October 17th.  Genre movie fans around the world are familiar with his ground-breaking publication. Mr Clarke was reportedly having bouts of depression. Mrs. Clarke is assuming the reins of command.
And I heard this on the news: veteran anchorman for CBS news, Robert Trout (Traut?) is dead at 91. Trout is the reporter who first coined the term "fireside chats" to describe FDR's radio addresses to the nation.---N)
   Happy 40th Anniversary to the Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs, New York.  A small club that featured folk music nightly, over the years it saw the debut's of such artists as Bob Dylan, Ani DiFranco and Arlo Guthrie.  It's also where Don McLean first performed "American Pie," just days after finishing the song.  The story goes that McLean had fallen asleep at a table in the bar and the bartender began to clean up around him.  He hesitated tossing out several napkins that had writing on them, then stuck them in McLean's jacket pocket.  Those napkins were the lyrics to "American Pie."  (Hmmmm...then the oldies stations would've had to pick another folksy anthem to play endlessly. It coulda been worse!---N)
   After 33 years on television, Fred Rogers has decided to call it quits in his Neighborhood.  This week he is filming the last new episodes of "Mr Rogers Neighborhood."  He will continue to concentrate on his books and web site.  The show began airing locally in Pittsburgh in 1967, then went national via PBS in 1968.  (And so now, uhhh..will it be Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzeneggar or--God help us--Will Smith who plays Fred Rogers in "Back to the 'Hood!"---N)
    Don't forget to pick up the new CD "Beatles 1," which comes out Tuesday the 14th.  The disc contains the 27 songs that hit #1 in the US and England.  I'm going to guess there's not a bad one in the bunch!
Hello everyone...
  Wish I could be commenting on the outcome of the presidential election, but
alas, it drags on.....

  I've really tried to be open-minded about all this, but it's getting harder to deal with.  The night of the election I watched the media proclaim Gore's victory in Florida, then give it to Bush, then proclaim Bush President-elect, only to awaken to the beginning of the insanity we are now all to familiar with.

  To recap, lets take a walk down judicial lane:

  Bush won Florida, then proclaimed President-elect by the media, then received a call from Gore congratulating him (Bush) on his victory. While Gore is on his way to thank his supporters for their efforts, his people in Florida call and say "hold up, florida's really close again". So Gore calls Bush and takes back his congratulations, giving Bush the specifics.  
   Florida's final count is for Bush, but is within the requirements governed by law for a recount....which Bush wins.
  Aha, says the Gore team, we want a manual recount....and, by the way, let's make it the four most Democratic counties in the state!! That'll be fair.
  The manual recount goes forward and Bush wins again!!!  Of course, this is just too much for Gore's team to handle. So they go to Democratic partisan judge after Democratic partisan judge and the fiasco is allowed to continue.
  I recognize that 19,000 ballots were not allowed due to double punches, and that they mostly would have gone to Gore. I also understand that in Tallahassee over 26,000 were not allowed for the same reasons that would have favored Bush. We now have the "FOURTH" recount underway, as we watch the Constitution of the United States of America traipsed upon by money- sucking lawyers, whose personal interest is winning for their client, not seeing that laws already in place are upheld....which, I'm sad to say, they haven't been.
  Let me make myself abundantly clear....
.....By 2pm tomorrow, we will all be privy to the count of absentee ballots, and we will therefore know the total which is needed for Gore to take the state. This information will be evident as the manual count goes on. I understand there are Republicans and Democrats doing the counting, but the majority of the councils overseeing the counts are largely registered Democrats...and they are the tie-breakers of ANY questionable ballot.
   Regrettably, with the way laws are being broken by virtue of court orders, our nation is on the verge of Constitutional collapse. I never thought I would be the type of person to march on Washington in protest of any kind, but I must proclaim now that I will be there in a heartbeat if this Presidency is allowed to be stolen from Bush and given to the inventor of the internet.

Till next week, take care and God Bless
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