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Vol.1, No. 4        This edition is for the week of April 9,10--16, 2000.
New dating system, starting this issue: Mon.-Sun. instead of Sun.-Sat. to give weekend-only people a chance to read the week's contents and write back.---Nolan.
Mike Siegel to take over the Art Bell show
MASH star, Larry Linville, dies of cancer-related illness
 Seattle DJ and talk-radio host, Mike Siegel, will be taking over Art Bell's position as host of the extremely popular radio show "Coast-to-Coast AM", it was announced last night (4-12-00).
 Last issue we commented on the radical departure of long-time host of the paranormal, Art Bell, under strange and ominous circumstances, echoing a similar move made by the talk giant in the fall of 1998. Due to family pressures and legal problems, Bell said he was no longer able to give the show his full attention. A successor would be selected from a large pool of candidates and announced Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (4-12-00, our time).  Mike Siegel was the announced successor.
 I had been listening to Siegel the 4 previous night's shows and thought he came off like a regular "DJ", you know, like one of the "morning zoo" guys.  Competent, yeah, but I missed Bell's personality--you always knew when he was pissed off, you always knew when he was happy. He laughed sincerely and was a bit of a prankster at times. He was confident in his subject matter and just as confident at his microphone. He could be audibly shaking at times, there was no mistaking it.
 I understand Mike Siegel is not all that well versed in Ufology and the paranormal, which may work to his benefit; new listeners would identify with him. He'll certainly get a workout: Coast-to-Coast is expanding to 7 days a week (altho, I'm sure Siegel won't be there all 7 days)!
 Hey, I'll give him a chance.
 I figure Whitley Strieber will still handle "Dreamland" on Sundays. Saturdays (we don't get in Tampa) would be Hilly Rose. I'll miss the women, like Rolleye James, et.al.
 I also figure Bell won't be able to stay away long and he'll show up from time to time.
Actor Larry Linville, who played Maj. Frank Burns on the popular TV sit-com MASH, has died of pneumonia after a battle with cancer.
Fans of the show remember him as the whiney, neurotic tent-mate of Alan Alda's "Hawkeye Pierce" and Wayne Roger's "Trapper John McIntyre"(he was there for Mike Farrel's "B.J. Honeycut", right?) and was with the show, I think, for 5 seasons.
Larry Linville was 60.
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