Number 38.   This edition is for the week of December 11--17, 2000.
(12-12-00) Bush league wins case. Gore expected to reluctantly concede. More challenges?
US Supreme Court makes it official: Florida comprised mostly of dumb-asses. Its own Supreme Court violated its own Constitution.
   In an 11th-hour decision, the US Supreme Court agreed with the George W. Bush attorneys that the Florida Supreme Court did not have legal standing when it ordered the manual recounts. ALL the manual recounts. Which means that this whole fiasco for the last few weeks has been a complete waste of time. Well, maybe not a complete waste of time...
   Look how much we all learned about the electoral college. And about election laws. And what would happen if this and this and this happened. And about Palm Beach citizenry. And butterfly ballots, for chrissake.
   Unbelievably, there is still some noise (as I write this Wednesday morning, 12-13-00) that the Gore team STILL has some legal wrangling to accomplish. But, you know what? I don't believe it. Not any more. Even a high-ranking chairman of his own party is calling for him to concede. Gore is expected to make a statement sometime this morning. I'll update this page accordingly if and when that happens. But, I didn't want you, oh loyal reader, to wait any longer for my petulant bitchings. I just had to wait for the Supreme Court. Then I had to go to work. You know. So, here we are.
   Here's how it's going to go, in my humble opinion. Both Bush and Gore will be dogged with questions about this for years to come. Each candidate has been stigmatized to some extent. How effective can an administration be when his election was anything but--as my friend Matt Drinnenberg would say--a slam dunk?  To say nothing of the already dubious distinctions of my home state of Florida. The bumper sticker industry has enjoyed an unexpected cash crop ("How many Palm Beach residents does it take to screw in a light bulb?" "Come to Florida, where your vote counts....and counts....and counts", etc.)
   And looks like I was right about the new election methods. There's serious talk of voting by putting your hand on a computer screen over the face of your candidate. Supposedly, even a monkey could do that. Don't worry--somebody'll screw that up too.
(12-13-00) PCR Election update:
   Minutes ago I watched a special report on FOX News. Vice-President Al Gore has finally and officially conceded the presidential race to George W. Bush. In a short, carefully worded speech, Gore began by saying he just called Bush and promised he was not going to call back this time!
   The remainder of the speech was very gracious and well-wishing. Calling for unification of the country after such a divisive election, for openers.
   An hour later at 10:00pm, from the governor's mansion in Austin, Texas, president-elect George W. Bush acknowledged Gore's phone call and pledged a bipartisan approach to his administration. Often, those words ring hollow, but after such a tight race, it conveys more meaning than usual. We'll see. But, like y'all, I'm glad it's over.
Addendum to last issue: that was Buc's player Martin Gramatica who Corey was splashing with "sweat make-up".
  Multitudinous apologies to all my sports-fan friends as I didn't comment on the player Corey was splashing in the video photo from last issue's story on the Spike Lee film at Tampa Stadium. Actually, I ran out of room for the caption. But that was indeed Martin (mar-TEEN) Gramatica.
"Miles Dyson" and the "T-1000" reunited on the X-Files.
Anybody see it?
I'm now embarassed to admit that due to a football game overrun, I missed taping the complete X-Files episode from last Sunday--I only saw part of it because my tape ran out.  I welcome any reviews of it and will post it right here ASAP.
   All I know is Joe Morton and Robert Patrick of "Terminator 2" fame (Miles Dyson and T-1000, respectively) were reunited on the X-Files for what I believe is their first time since T2 came out. Looked like a killer episode, but I only got part of it. I keep forgetting about these damn football games screwing with the schedule. I don't get back home till late and that's when I discover I've got a hodge-podge of Malcolm in the Middle, Simpsons and X-File pieces. If anyone saw it, I'd love a review on it (subject to editing for spelling and grammer, of course--and don't reveal any critical plot points that would ruin it for the reruns--then I'd have to edit for content, too.) Thanks.
Coming soon, probably in this space: my top 11--20 guitarists. Keep checking back.
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