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Vol.1, No. 5  This edition is for the week of April 17--23, 2000
Hello everyone, this is Nolan.  My home is undergoing major renovations which is keeping me stressed and away from the computer.  So this issue and the next will be a little "slimmer" due to these distractions. Mike and Matt have their usual great columns in the lettercol.  I want to wish everyone a happy Easter.
I also wish to dedicate this issue of Nolan's Newsstand to the memory of Ann van Sickle, one of a few "surrogate moms" I had in adult life. She went to a lot of trouble to make sure I had somewhere to go on Easters and Christmases. Her son Scott and I have been close friends for many years. My own parents died many years ago and, of course, holidays are never the same after that.  Ann died last December from liver cancer. She is sorely missed.
Mulder and Scully at the movies
And not only that, but as soon as this is over....
  I, unfortunately haven't been terribly impressed with this season's X-Files. Even the ones where CSM was supposed to come clean were still open-ended, like that's a shock.
  Anybody catch that one a few weeks back that was a cross between X-Files and COPS?? It TOTALLY did NOT work.
I'll admit a few episodes had their moments; with a show usually as great as X-Files, it's near impossible to have a complete clunker (as in the above-mentioned COPS "spoof", the scene with the 2 black gay guys was priceless).
  Be that as it may.....
  Last week's show (the Creepshow-like Tobacco Beetle episode; with the ironic twist of nicotine actually saving lives, due to its insecticide properties) ended with a preview I wish I'd paid more attention to (I'm not sure if it's next week's ep or 2 weeks from now), but apparently there's a movie being made about Mulder and Scully and they get to see themselves played by "actors" on the big screen!! Very original. I hope it plays out as funnily ironic as the sneak suggests. Trivia bonus: the "actor" playing Scully is Tea Leoni, who happens to be David Duchovny's main squeeze in real life!
  This is a must see.
  Now then, speaking of the movies, has anyone heard any more on the new "real-life" X-Files movie? I could swear they were going to crank out at least one more before going belly-up.
  The soup of irony that is my life. I could tell you stories.  I start this newsletter, which I have a great time doing, as sort of a lark about a month ago, OK?  It gets a good bit of attention and I'm going to continue, but what timing: my VCRs are hooked up to edit video for Public Access and one doesn't tape on the timer anymore due to a Y2K conflict (I'm not kidding). The one with the working timer can't tape and edit at the same time.
  Now, in addition, I'm looking at having to move temporaily away from home during renovations!!! So I've been missing a lot of the exact things I want to review in this space, namely: the major Fox line-ups, new shows, new movies, outré pop culture, and even Saturday Night Live.
when the dust settles (pun?) I will be in a much better position to tape, edit, write, review, everything. (Newer equipment will certailnly be an inspiration.) That all being said, please bear with me and I will still try to keep up with Mike and Matt in these pages.
(Postscript # 1: The only recent bit of SNL I caught was a live appearance by AC/DC. I was shocked to see Angus has grey hair! My brother didn't think Brian Johnson was going to make it thru the song "You Shook Me All Night Long" but I thought he did OK for a, what, 50? 53? year-old man. A close-up photo on a newsstand magazine confirmed that Angus is greying. What next?  A Beatles reunion?
Postscript # 2: I did catch a facinating special on the Discovery channel about newer efforts at computer-animating dinosaurs. It's still captivating, but I forsee a day where everyone's going to burn out on computer-dinos and hunger for a picture with old-fashioned stop-motion animals!! I guess the computer models are great science, but the stop-motion ones are more entertaining. Anyone with me on this?
Postscript # 3: Yes, my super-cheap video episode is still in post-production limbo due to my current problems, but I should have an air-date for it by the end of the week. I had to change some plans so as to avoid further delays. Copies won't be ready until after I edit them at Access. Not the original plan, but it is moving forward, at least.
South Park on the move.
While surfing thru msn.com yesterday (4-19-00), I came upon a tidbit about Comedy Central losing South Park to a higher bidder. Comedy Central desperately wants to keep the show, it's just that Parker and Stone have been getting some kind of BIG offers or something from a (cable?) network.
Alledgedly, this all transpires after the present season of new episodes finishes its run. I guess the Oscar-nominated song from the movie helped more than you thought, eh guys?
Elian Gonzalez: the movie
  And while still surfing the msn.com site getting the South Park story, I came upon a (to me) rather horrifying announcement that an Elian Gonzalez movie is already in the works for a fall release, presumably timed for the November sweeps.
  No scripts have been completed yet and no casting has been done. Probably still in negotiations with the Miami relatives, to say nothing of the outcome of the episode, which hasn't been decided yet!
  Please see "Matt's Rail" (in Commentary) for his emotional review of this case. I wish I had the room to publish more debate, but I don't. Matt's just gonna love this movie thing!!
All contents this page are © 2000 Nolan B. Canova, all rights reserved.

Out of room and time for this issue. Next issue,  I'd like my commentators and  letter  writers to chew on this headline:
Valessa Robinson verdict: Guilty of 3rd degree murder
This is a notorious local case that has received daily headlines (after Elian, of course) and has just been resolved. If our out-of-towners need details, I'll send them. I tried writing a brief outline in this space, but failed after several tries to be brief enough due to the case's twists and turns. A couple issues back, Matt had some opinions on violent kids today. He should really rail on this one.


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