Either your browser's javascript has been disabled or it needs an update! Please re-enable your javascript program or update your browser to view this page as designed. Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2001 Banner! Number 59 (Vol 2, No. 19).  This edition is for the week of April 7--May 13, 2001.

You might say I'm between destinations. I'm sitting here at the computer, my mind reeling from the last few week's events, and I don't know where to start. Not that this has never happened before, don't get me wrong! Lemme explain....

I announced a couple of issues ago that crazedfanboy.com is up and "on the air". Trying to catch that site up to where this one is is an enormous undertaking. At the same time as that, I'm trying to re-steer my videomaking "career" back on path from its wild careening. At the same time as that I have witnessed some of the most animated and aggressive debating this newsletter has ever seen. While all that's going on, I'm in the middle of still another home-improvement endeavor, namely trying to close my last storage space and move everything home. Of course, add to that regular homeowner maintenance duties and Spring-cleaning (mostly outside). Star writer Mike Smith visited Tampa last week and it was wonderful to see him. Terence Nuzum started another avalanche of debate with his Tirade of issue 57. And Lisa Zubek has joined Terence in the "piss-'em-off squad" with her Lambast from last issue (and likely will from this issue's as well).

Funnily enough, it's myself I'm the most disappointed with lately!  And that's why I'm telling you all this. If you've noticed I've been a little lame in the contribution arena, it's because of what I was just talking about above. Please rest assured that my searing reviews and pop culture opinions will be making a most pronounced comeback. I just need to get out from under this mountain of work--should be clearing near the end of this month. BEWARE: I WILL BE WATCHING THE UPCOMING X-FILES SEASON ENDER 2-PARTER VERY CLOSELY!  I WILL ALSO BE WATCHING THE STAR TREK: VOYAGER SERIES FINALE WITH GREAT INTEREST! If I've been too quiet, you can expect a change VERY soon--I will DEFINITELY be writing about these two series.!

Because it means so much to me to settle my "media" affairs to be a more "productive producer", I will likely not have a public access talk show until at least the Fall season. There's a bunch of shake-ups happening down there, too--digital equipment installation for starters--but I'll spare you the rest for another issue.

Visitors to Crazed Fanboy have no doubt seen the ad for The Horror Writer video--finally! Hopefully, I can fulfill my promise to have a watchable version of that ready by late summer. And then.....AND THEN...(drumroll, please)...Radioactive Television, EPISODE 2, will roll before the cameras! (Mike saw my first flick when he was down here, but hasn't written about it yet. Hint: in case you think it's because he can't find a diplomatic way of saying "it stinks!", I happen to know he thought it was "very good for a first feature".)

I am extremely satisfied with the way The Pop Culture Review has turned out and how things are moving. With luck, this will continue developing into a professional e-zine (it's getting there) and me and my writers, who pour our hearts out week after week for the simple knowledge that our writings are being consumed and enjoyed by an ever-growing legion of fans, will get our just rewards. Until then, rest assured that as long as I can keep paying the bills, I will always make time and webspace available for this newsletter.

Deadguy's Dementia
Does violence in the media affect children's behavior: A RESPONSE TO LISA'S LAMBAST
Lisa, I loved your article last week, very provocative. It's my personal opinion that you can squarely lay the blame for juvenile delinquency on parents.

Raising kids is not some kind of afterthought, either you spend time with them and raise them correctly, or you arrange for others to help you do it. If, for whatever reason, a parent is unable to do that, then what were they thinking when they decided to have kids?

Obviously, we could go down the route that says that not all pregnancies are planned and stuff, but that's irrelevant; if someone knew how babies are made and decided to imitate it in an unsafe, or partially unsafe manner, they've got to assume responsibility for their actions. Failing that, there are abortions if people choose to do that, and failing that, there is also the option of adoption.

As you noted, children have role models in the entertainment business. Why's that, I wonder? Maybe it's because these entertainment folks are the only ones taking the time out to speak with them about issues. Sure, it's apparent that a lot of these role models shouldn't have small children watching them, or have views on issues that I wouldn't want MY son agreeing with, but I've seen parents that are just as bad, or worse. If the only thing a kid hears about violence is how "cool" it is, then you can guess where that kid's headed.

If you raise a child so that he/she feels that violence is a bad thing, and not something they should be participating in, then you could send that kid to a pro-wrestling summer camp and they aren't going to come back with any violent tendencies (except perhaps appropriate violence within the wrestling ring, where it belongs.). When you raise a kid correctly, you are teaching them how to think and respond to situations that you wouldn't be able to censor even if you wanted to. Personally, I think censorship is dangerous to children, if you censored all sex scenes on TV and in the movies, then when your child is eventually in a situation which involves having sex, that kid may not know how to react, because it's a foreign thing to them. Will they make the right decisions about it? Or will they go with the ideas that your censorship accidentally, or unwittingly, let slip through?

That doesn't suggest that you should buy pornos for your kids, but it DOES indicate that whenever your child comes into contact with something of that nature, it SHOULD be something that get's discussed. Teen pregnancy doesn't come from girls imitating their role models, or boys imitating theirs, NEARLY as much as it results from desperate cries of attention, and only a half-knowledge of what they're doing. Proper parenting resolves both of those issues, and once the child determines for themselves that sex is not an appropriate thing, then perhaps their hero worship would decay a bit as their role models did things that they themselves don't agree with.

That's the nature of raising kids, as far as I'm concerned. Raise them correctly, decide what shows they're mature enough to watch, keep an eye on their friends (especially when they're young), pay attention to them, devote time to them, etc. That doesn't mean it's important to stop them from watching "Tom and Jerry", it simply means that every once in awhile, there should be an adult there that says, "geez.. you know how much that would HURT? I bet they'd have alot more fun adventures if they learned to be nice to each other instead of fighting all the time." Encourage them to respond, and see what ideas they're formulating on their own. A kid receiving that kind of positive reinforcement will have a good head on his/her shoulders when it comes time to make their own decisions about violence.

To me, that's the missing factor from the statistics you read: I watched wrestling as a kid, but I knew better than to attack someone that was half my age.. What about that 15-year-old kid you mentioned that beat up his 6-year-old cousin? Was that a sign of a stupid kid vs. the smart kid that I was? No, to me, it's a sign of parents that were too busy to spend time with their kid and work on setting values on things like respect for others.

It sounds kinda' silly, but unless you teach a kid the value of human life, and how to respect folks, they aren't going to pull it out of thin air. Especially not with the "role models" out there today that tell them that it's far better to break someone's teeth than it is to apologize, or otherwise resolve an issue.

How about that kid who shot his teacher? He didn't buy the gun, he took it from his parents. Apparently, they hadn't told him how to respect guns. They obviously didn't lock-up the gun, or put a safety-lock on the trigger guard. AND they had ammunition readily available too. That's not the fault of "MTV Jackass", or Wrestling, or Marilyn Manson, or anything similar to that. If you wanted to go that direction with the blame, you could literally name ANY movie that used a gun to resolve ANY kind of situation, or even just used violence to resolve an issue. That includes good guys AND bad guys, everything from "Caveman", to "Tom and Jerry", to "the 3 Stooges", to any war movie (including ones shown in history class), to literally ANY action flick, MOST sci-fi flicks, ANY cop show, etc, etc.

If that is all truly to blame, then why aren't I some kind of homicidal maniac myself? I own, at last count, 180 horror films that contain murderous violence, read literally 1000's of books that contained violence, 80-or-so CDs/tapes that have the "parental advisory" labels on them, and I even used to watch wrestling and "Creature Feature" on TV as a kid, not to mention "Tom and Jerry". I also happen to love cats, I've never murdered anyone, I've never shot or stabbed anyone, I've VERY rarely hit anyone, and these days I rarely even get angry with anyone, let alone lose my temper, nor do I take drugs, or even drink alcohol, even though I've been exposed to the same, if not worse, entertainment that everyone else is being exposed to.

So.. that would suggest that either I'm an amazing individual able to overcome my own beliefs created by improper role models, or I had effective parenting. Personally, I think it's the parenting, even though it wasn't actually my parents that set me straight on stuff like that, it WAS their actions that put me into situations where I could learn about being respectful to others, and "right and wrong". For me, it was a mixture of being dragged to church, and then encouraged to be a part of the clergy by kids of my parent's friends at the church. Later, it also had to do with psychiatrist visits when I was in elementary school, which may SOUND like a bad thing, but it certainly got me steered in the right direction. I might like a lot of stuff these days that most folks would call horrible, but at least I know better than to hurt folks. I've made mistakes and bad choices and stuff while growing up, but never anything as extreme as the stuff kids are doing these days.

Basically, what I'm saying is that all kids are subject to the same "irresponsible" entertainment venues, but only those with bad parents are actually doing this kind of stuff themselves.

Show me a topic that should be censored, and I'll show you how a child can still be exposed to it. Censorship doesn't prevent people from seeing things, it merely prevents them from seeing things in an environment where there's someone to guide them towards what is "right".

Is child pornography "censored"? Sure it is. It's not only censored, it's actually banned and illegal and everything else. Do you think a child is unable to see another child engaged in sex? Sure, they do it themselves. Personally, I DO agree in censorship of that item because it definitely LESSENS the amount of children that can get involved in making such things, not because it prevents folks, from being exposed to it.

Beyond that.. what's acceptable and what isn't? Who is qualified enough to determine what people should be allowed to express and/or what people should be allowed to come into contact with? Allowing folks to censor themselves pretty much comes up the same way. Take Marilyn Manson---is it OK for him to discuss God as a fictional entity, or one that doesn't care about people? He's got freedom of religion on his side, yet I'll bet that most folks think he shouldn't be passing that kind of rhetoric to children. Should he not sing about drugs? Or should parents explain to their kids that drugs can really mess them up for life. Not having songs about drugs could pretty much set-up a situation where parents never really have an opportunity to discuss the topic with their kids. It's kinda' awkward to go, "son.. drugs are bad, m,kay?" unless it's WITHIN a conversation. If a kid is taught that drugs are bad for them, they aren't likely to use Manson's song as an excuse to go find drugs. If they're old enough to find drugs, they SHOULD be old enough to know better, but they CAN'T be, unless someone has taken the time to have that discussion with them.

I'll tell you all something, if your kid breaks into my house one day as an adult, I'm not going thick twice about beating them to death before they can hurt me or MY family. Keep that in mind next time you get irritated at your child for "interrupting" your television time, or you're too busy to hear your son's story. Set them straight NOW, before it eventually becomes someone else's job, because someone else simply isn't going to care about your precious kid when he pulls a gun on them. In any event, thanks for the great article, it certainly inspired me to add my opinions to it. -Mike

Let's see.....you were DRAGGED to church as a youth. Had...to...see...a...PSYCHIATRIST..in grade school...Own several hundred extremely violent movies and thousands of like-themed books.
I'm OK with all that.
But, Jesus Christ, "Tom and Jerry" was the most VIOLENT ANIMATED CARTOON IN HISTORY!!!  How did you survive THAT??---Nolan

Lisa's Lambast!

This week in New York, one school is planning a ban on Mother's Day activities stating that today's families are so diverse that many students feel alienated when Mother's Day rolls around. Their claim is that there are many same-sex partners parenting children as well as single fathers now doing double-duty in the home. Another school in Texas is calling for a ban on Dodge Ball in schools, citing that the game encourages violent behavior, and that typically the strong, athletic students "pick off" the weaker ones. (Now, I personally, feel that the entire physical education curriculum encourages such behavior, but then I am speaking from the experience of a former geek who was usually picked off first!) Parents of a Georgia middle school student are suing the school board for sending their son home because he wore a t-shirt displaying the Confederate Flag. The school board says that the flag is considered by many to be racist in nature, and that the t-shirt could spark racially-motivated violence among some students. The parents insist that the child was honoring his southern heritage, and that the school board is violating the boy's Constitutional rights.

So, the question here is, ARE public schools taking political correctness too far? Some might argue that you can't BE too P.C. That each individual, or individual groups should be shown the respect that all people deserve. (Hmmm, I guess The Boy Scouts didn't GET that memo.) 'Course many of those same people think that prayer in our public schools is a fine idea too. So what IS the line that doesn't get crossed then? Do we really NEED or WANT for that matter, for our elected officials to force us to walk on egg shells all of the time for fear of offending someone? Shall we appoint P.C. police to enforce these ideas? And what will become of Mel Brooks' career if we do?! Put down that dodge ball and Mother's Day card and weigh in!

The Summer of 2001: Hits or Misses?
Brandon's Review

Ah yes...the infamous summer of 2001, with those little movies with big bombs to big dinos, there isn't much mercy in this summer. Week after week after week there is a new and big movie coming out. This is my preview of Summer of 2001 and the movies I want to see, and which ones I don't want to see (but probably will anyway). Below is my top 10 "Must See Movies" of 2001, followed by the list of the movies I want to see but can wait, and finally, the movies I don't want to see but probably will anyway. Also included is a description of the movie, and a "will I see it factor" of 0-10 (on the "don't want/probably will" list).

10. The Fast and the Furious (PG-13)
Ever since I saw the first trailer for this action packed movie, I thought wow a real summer movie with all action and no substance. Of course then the second trailer came along, and ruined it all because I knew this movie actually had a plot. Who cares? It has cool cars! Release Date: 6/22/01
9. The Score (R)
What a cast! Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Edward Norton...in a crime drama/action. What more could one ask for? Is it gonna be good? Probably...do I want to see it? You bet! Release Date: 7/13/01
8. Evolution (PG-13)
This has to be one of the best teaser trailers and posters made. With the 3 eyed Smiley Face...what more do you have to lose? Anyway the plot revolves around aliens having the billions of years of earth's evolution take place in just a few months. Sounds interesting? See the trailers. Release Date: 6/8/01
7. American Pie 2 (Not Yet Rated...but R is a given)
Come on? There is people out there who knew it was going to happen...and officially it has. They wrapped up a few days ago, and now it is in the can waiting for release. The August release date is about three months in the future...but it will come fast (and so will Jim lol) Release Date: 8/10/01
6. Tomb Raider (Not Yet Rated, but probably PG-13)
Obviously every guy (or girl) out there wants to see this because of Angelina Jolie. Then again it might be because it is Lara Croft...the kickass video game character in the brilliant line of video games. The trailers look great (and so does Lara!) Release Date: 6/15/01
5. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (Not yet rated, but PG or PG-13)
Let me put this in easy words: Steven Speilberg + Idea by Stanley Kubrick + Haley Joel Osment in lead role + two letters for title = E.T., Part 2. Release Date: 6/29/01
4. Jurassic Park III (probably PG-13)
Ok anyone who doesn't see this movie is weird. Come on! It's Jurassic Park III for God's Sake...who ISN'T gonna see this movie? More dinos, more action, more darker than the first..I definitely cannot wait! Release Date: 7/18/01
And tied for fourth place:
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (PG-13) Sony can either make a ton of $$ on this thing...or lose their reported $125m they put into this film. I'm leaning towards making more money, and with the jaw-dropping special effects in this film I wouldn't be surprised. Release Date: 7/11/01
3. Planet of the Apes (Not Yet Rated...but probably PG-13 or R) Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors of all time...even the bad-because-its-meant-to-be-bad "Mars Attacks" was great. With his darker remake of the classic of the same name...I have very high hopes for this one. Release Date: 7/27/01
2. Pearl Harbor (PG-13)
The excellent trailer for the Michael Bay film is fantastic. Even though a lot of people hated his great "Armageddon" I was still a fan of it, even though I wasn't too big on "Con Air". Still though...it's summer...it's Michael Bay...it'll be good. Release Date: 5/25/01
1. Moulin Rouge (PG-13) I'm not sure what it is about this movie...and why I want to see it so badly. Ever since I saw the first picture of Nicole Kidman in her outfit I was wowed by it. I need to see this film. Baz Lurhman is a great director and even with the lacking "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet" he added something to it, most wouldn't. With "Moulin Rouge" he adds music, with visuals, suspense with acting, and great actors with all of the above. This is the one summer movie I will see, and the one I am most looking forward, too. Release Date: 6/1/01

OTHER SUMMER MOVIES (with the "Will I see it factor?"):
The Mummy Returns (PG-13) (5/4/01) Here he comes again...and this time it's all style and no substance but somehow greatly entertaining. Will I see it factor: 10
A Knight's Tale (PG-13) (5/11/01) What a good idea...let's mix Gladiator with Rob Zombie...then put Heath Ledger in it? Summer hit: unfortunately. Will I see it factor: 3
Angel Eyes (R) (5/18/01) Hmmm...Jennifer Lopez: Rescue 911. I'm still not sure what this movie is about...but it could be interesting. Will I see it factor: 5.5
Shrek (PG) (5/18/01) This looks to be one of the best animated films in a long time...both visually and storywise. Will I see it factor: 9
What's The Worst That Could Happen (Not Yet Rated) (6/1/01) Martin Lawrence + Danny DeVito + jewel-heist comedy? Sound familiar?...I thought so. Will I see it factor: 4
The Animal (PG-13) (6/1/01) Rob Schneider is back again...and this time it's "Deuce Bigalow 2: The Animal"...well almost. Will I see it factor: 7
Joyride (R) (6/1/01) Too bad it was changed from the original clever title "Squelch"...too bad it won't be good, either. Will I see it factor: 3
Swordfish (Not Yet Rated: PG-13 or R) (6/15/01) John Travolta tried this action thing last year with "Battlefield: Earth", but failed miserably. At least he has some good backup this time...and the movie looks actually good. Will I see it factor: 7
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (PG) (6/15/01) Disney's newest animated effort...looks good visually but might end up being a flop like "The Emperor's New Groove"...hey it could happen. Will I see it factor: 7
Dr. Dolittle 2 (Not Yet Rated...but PG-13) (6/22/01) Let's see...how about making a sequel to one of 1998's highest-grossing movies. Ok...but wait--didn't we go through with this last year? Will I see it factor: 6
Baby Boy (R) (6/29/01) Uggghhhhhhhhhh. Too bad John Singleton hasn't had a good movie since "Boyz in the Hood"...that he has to make this crap to try and make up for it. Will I see it factor: 1
Cats and Dogs (Not Yet Rated...Probably PG or PG-13) (7/4/01) Sounds interesting: Cats and Dogs are actually very smart animals who have secret underground things going on...to try to take over the world and us humans. I guess we'll see how it works July 4th. Will I see it factor: 8
Scary Movie 2 (Not Yet Rated, but undoubtedly R...I hope) (7/4/01) Ah ha...so whenever a movie makes $100 million you make a sequel, then release it less than a year when the first one was released. That's right, it's Dimension Films! (Can't wait for "Halloween 8" NOOOTTT!) Will I see it factor: 8 (it's gonna be funny)
Rush Hour 2 (Not Yet Rated, probably PG-13) (8/3/01) Again with the sequels...this one to the huge $144m grossing film back in 1998. It should be funny...the trailer is. Will I see it factor: 8
Osmosis Jones (PG) (8/3/01) I'm still not sure about this one...it sounds like Innerspace but animated. Hmmmm. Will I see it factor: 6
Curse of the Jade Scorpion (Not Yet Rated, probably PG or PG-13) (8/10/01) Woody Allen...plus a huge talented cast. That right there tells you everything. Will I see it factor: 7
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (R) (8/17/01) Nooo make it stop...please stop with the annoying trailers. I can only stand so much Penelope Cruz!!! Will I see it factor: 2
Rollerball (Not Yet Rated, probably PG-13 or R) (8/17/01) Oh no...another bad movie on the same date. This time its about some people trying to kill each other while they skate. I think I can already hear it "Local skating rinks closed due to violence". Will I see it factor: 3
John Carpenter's "Ghost of Mars" (Not Yet Rated, probably R) (8/24/01) Too bad for John. After the awful "Village of the Damned", the slow "Vampires" and the recent news of "Halloween 8" it makes you really wonder who directed "Halloween". Will I see it factor: 6.5
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Not Yet Rated, probably R) (8/24/01) After Kevin Smith's hit "Dogma", Dimension Films is releasing this movie, which is destined to be a hit. And with the HUGE cast...it'll be good. Will I see it factor: 9
Soul Survivors (PG-13) (8/24/01) Too bad, really...After Wes Bently did "American Beauty" and Eliza Dushku did "Bring It On"...oh well they always have something bad they learn from. Will I see it factor: 2

The release dates listed above were accurate at "press time". They can, however, change. Hope you enjoyed the preview! Have fun in this Hit-and-Miss Summer of 2001.
Brandon Herring 5-5-01. ©2001

Letters to the Editor

Will Moriaty
   Nick Van Cleave (sic?) announced on the "Ron Diaz Show" on [Tampa radio station] "Thunder 103.5" this morning (May 7, 2001) that rock-guitar wizard Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Steely Dan 1971-1974, Doobie Brothers 1975-1980, Donna Sommers early to mid 80's) is now a missile defense expert. He is so knowledgeable on the subject that he is sought after as a consultant to members of both the Pentagon and the United States Congress.
   Gee, we now have Cheech ("Up in Smoke") Marin as a cop on "Nash Bridges', and the "Skunk Ape" as a consultant to the Pentagon-- who 'da thunk it?

Dawn Miller
Re: Lisa's Lambast, PCR #58, Lisa writes: "In this age of the two-income family, children are often left to their own devices for hours after school to watch, listen, or play whatever they want.......Mom and Dad HAVE to work, and they can't watch little Johnny every second of the day.........why can't these performers censor THEMSELVES? "

   Being smack in the the middle of a two-income family, I learned real fast how to lock channels out on the TV. And for those without the nifty lock device on the remote, there is always a scissors to cut the plug off. Geez - is TV really that important? I personally blame the parents...the ones who don't give a damn what their kids are watching. But does TV really influence a child? I happen to think so. Does my kid watch TV? Yeah---but he knows what I approve of and what I don't. Does he watch "The Simpsons" while I am at work? Yeah---probably...... but at least he knows I don't approve. Maybe some of the parents should shelve the TV for a few years like I did to get the kids to do something other than sit around all afternoon after sitting around all day in school. I do find that my 13-year-old appreciates the good stuff, too, though: Learning and History channels............. and one of my favorites --the SciFi channel.
   Is the media to blame?? No. Are parents to blame?? Maybe... Should some of the performers censor themselves? Yeah.... I think so. I don't see where all the vulgarities are really necessary to make a buck.
   So much for my two cents.
Hey, you made a lot of "cents"! Thanks for writing!---Nolan

Mike's Rant!

Hello gang! Hope everyone had a good week. Shall we begin?

Three events to note this week. First, this Friday evening, May 11th, ABC is running a new documentary entitled "WingSpan." It is Paul McCartney's story about the forming of his band, Wings, and all of the adventures they had. It will be the first time he really addresses the period following the break up of the Beatles, and his life after the passing of his wife, Linda. If you're in or heading to Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is featuring a new exhibit entitled "Stu Sutcliffe: From the Beatles to "Backbeat." Among the display items are many of Stu's paintings, letters and the bass John Lennon persuaded him to buy. The original "fifth Beatle" (though I now give that distinction to Billy Preston), Sutcliffe left the group while they were in Hamburg, Germany to concentrate on his paintings. An excellent telling of the story can be seen in the film, "Backbeat," which is pretty much the best "Beatle" film ever made. Let me clarify that. The best film made "about" the Beatles. "A Hard Days Night" is still the best Beatles film. Finally, you lucky Tampa folk will be able to catch Ringo Starr live at the USF Sun Dome on August 15th. This year, his "all-Starr" band includes Ian Hunter, Howard Jones, Greg Lake, Roger Hodgson and Sheila E. Ringo's shows are always great. Not only do you get Ringo's hits, but you also get mini-sets from his band mates.

Anyone else not surprised that President Bush has refused to do ANYTHING about the rising gasoline prices? In the past, prices have gone up slightly, maybe a penny or two at a time. Last week, the price of gas shot up 12 CENTS overnight. This is outrageous! Does Bush care more about his fat cat oil buddies from Texas then the country he has swore to lead? I guess we will see.

If you watched TV in the 70's, you are familiar with the opening lines of the song from "Baretta," sung by the late, great Sammy Davis, Jr. How bizarre is this case concerning Robert Blake and his wife, who was gunned down outside a restaurant last week. She was alone in the car as Blake had gone back to the restaurant to pick up a hand gun he had left behind! Of course, now both sides are pointing fingers at the other. Blake's lawyer was quick to point out that the missus had a criminal past. Family members of Ronnie Lee Bakely (Blake's wife) state that she told them in the past if anything were to happen to her, Blake did it. Pretty bizarre. I do like how, when reviewing his career, the media keeps pointing out that Blake portrayed "real life killer" Perry Smith in "In Cold Blood." (Let's not forget he also played cold-blooded killer John List in the TV bio-Movie of List's life. It's one of my favorite stories that included how "America's Most Wanted" helped nab him. I thought it weirdly appropriate Blake was picked for the role.---N)

James Woods has replaced an ill Marlon Brando in the film, "Scary Movie 2." Woods will play an exorcist. No word if he got the $2 million Brando was to receive. Filming is now finished on "Star Wars: Episode Two." Producer Rick McCallum says a rough cut will be finished by June. Preproduction work on Episode Three begins in September. (I sense much haste in this Lucas one....haste leads to hackness....hackness leads to fan dissatisfaction.....fan dissatisfaction leads to DARK SCREEEEEENS!"---N)

27 years ago this week, with an actors strike looming on the horizon, a young director, coming off a major theatrical flop, began filming what would become a landmark in the way films are released. I'm speaking, of course, of "Jaws." With the Screen Actors Guild still considering striking when their contract expires in June, Hollywood is again rushing films into production to meet a possible deadline. Thankfully, the 1974 strike never materialized. The original 55 day shooting schedule ballooned to 159 days!

"CliffNotes creator Cliff Hillegass, dead age 83, Lincoln, Nebraska. First subject, "Hamlet". 270 guides. Cost $4.99."
   The above is my CliffNotes version announcing the passing of creator Cliff Hillegass, who died at the age of 83 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The first CliffNotes subject was Shakespeare's "Hamlet." There are currently 270 CliffNotes guides available. The cost is $4.99. (May they continue to save student's asses on exam day for many years to come!---Nolan)

Well, that's it for this week. Have a good one!

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