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PCR #127  (Vol. 3, No. 35)  This edition is for the week of August 26--September 1, 2002.

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The Essential Gustavo Perez Collection

I have touched upon the career of Tampa actor Gustavo Perez in previous editions of "La Floridiana", but in the tradition of fellow Florida Folk Hero and actor Joel D. Wynkoop, wanted to share with you a more comprehensive history of Mr. Perez and his film exploits and career.

A fellow alumnus of Robinson High School in Tampa, Gus's acting abilities go as far back as both the Monroe Junior High and Robinson High drama Classes. He then honed his skills at the John Casablancas Acting School and Florida State Film School. Not surprisingly, his creative talents also included twelve years as lead singer for a local rock band, as well as guitarist. He is versed in fluent Spanish, martial arts, gun handling, swimming, meditation, weight lifting, song writing, and jogging.

(Fortunately, there are many pictures of Gustavo on this week's homepage. Due to scheduling conflicts I'm wrestling with this week, I will likely not have time to find and format suitable pictures of Gus in time to include here in this "La Floridiana" feature. I apologize and assure you it cannot be helped.---Nolan)

Gus's television background includes the following:
Mystery Files of Shelby Woo--Chauffer (Out of My mind Productions)
From the Earth to the Moon--Astronaut (Go Flight productions)
Automatic Avenue (Movie Studio Executive)
Second Noah (2 series)-Teacher/Restaurant Patron (MT2 Productions)
Second Noah (2 series)-Ybor City/Local Basketball Referee (MT2 Productions)
U.S. Customs Classified -- Customs agent (Grab Productions)
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous -- Warehouse Worker (WW. Target Demographic Productions)
Thunder in Paradise -- Cuban Soldier (Berk Schwartz Bonan)
Seaquest -- Caribbean Native (Universal Studios Productions)
Fortune Hunter -- Doctor (BBK Productions)
Calendar Girl Beauty Contest -- Judge (that must've been a challenging role!) (D.H.S. T.V. Productions)
American Wrestling Federation -- Spectator (WTMV Productions)

Gus has quite a lengthy and colorful film career, amongst his endeavors are:
"Kronenberg Chronicles" -- Mayor's Assistant (John Landis Films)
"South Florida" (I just read about this flick this week myself!)- Teacher (Louis Grimm Productions)
"Scary Tales" (previously reviewed in "La Floridiana")- Corrupt Hollywood Agent (Wet Floor Productions)
"Oceans 11" (4 scenes)- Gamble (Oceans 11 LLC Productions)
* "Raging Bells" -- (I can't wait to see this Mark Nash movie once it is released. I believe it will be Gus's best acting role to date)"Roman Boulder P.I." (Pesh Productions)
"The Profit" -- F.B.I. agent arresting criminals (Courage Productions)
* "Fall of an Actor" -- Corrupt Lawyer (Subatomic Productions)
* "6 More Miles" -- Southerner (Catalyst Productions)
"On Any Given Sunday" -- VIP with Al Pacino (Grid Iron Productions)
"El Lector" (previously reviewed in "La Floridiana")- 3 scenes, 1920's cigar worker (FSU Film School)
"Forever Mine" -- 3 scenes with Joseph Fiennes, playing a card shark (Forever Mine Limited Inc.)
* "Brain Robbers from Outer Space" -- (I do not believe that this movie has been released either, but am looking forward to it!) Detective (Subatomic Productions)
"Jen/Gal Beast Returns" -- Detective (Madden Productions, Ltd.)
"Florida Lady" -- Performs song while playing a guitarist (Poly Pohm)
"The Break" -- Is a gypsy guitarist in this Martin Sheen movie (Autumn Winds Productions)
"Thunder in Paradise" -- Cuban militant (Berk Schwartz Bonan)
* "Out of Hand" -- A drunk Out of Hand Productions
"Stavro: To Kill A Lawyer" -- Greek relative (Stravakis Productions)
"Armageddon" -- Reporter (Reality Group Productions)
"Seaquest DSV" -- Arabian prince (Universal Studios Productions)
"Seven Sundays" -- Plays an undercover cop in a scene with Molly Ringwald (Thalia Productions)

* Denotes not yet released to the public.

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