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Floridaland GhostsThe Paranormal In Florida--
"Floridaland Ghosts"
by Dylan Clearfield
Thunder Bay Press, Holt, Michigan, 2000, 108 pages

For the lover of the Florida paranormal who does not want to sift through countless pages in order to get themselves scared by the spirits of the dead that roam the Sunshine State, this book's for you. The stories are abridged, quick and easy to read, and get the message across with beautiful simplicity.

Author Dylan Clearfield divides Florida haunts geographically in the following breakdowns:

Northern Florida--Northwest Coast/Pensacola Area:
Next to St. Augustine, Florida's panhandle probably has more hauntings per square foot than any other part of the State. You'll get to visit "Some Old Fashioned Haunted Houses", meet some "Strolling Spirits", and set ghostly sails in "The Haunted Naval Yard".

Tallahassee Area:
Politicians and Bobby Bowden aren't the only spirits roaming the rolling red clay hills of the State capitol! There's "The Rosy Ghost", "The Clock Tower Spectre", there's "Jailhouse Phantoms", the return of "Old Man Eppes", beware "A Witches Return", keep one eye open for "The Bedside Specter", and keep off the nighttime streets when "The Phantom Patrol" makes its ethereal rounds!

North East Coast, Jacksonville--St. Augustine Area:
We of course visited haunted St. Augustine two issues ago. There's even more stories here with "Jacksonville Haunts", "Frightening St. Augustine", "A Tycoon's Ghost", "Visions in the Wildwood", "The Perfumed Wall", "A Light from the Casablanca", "Ghosts of Catalina Gardens" and "Kixie's (not Dexies Midnight Runners) Phantoms".

Central Florida:
"Ma Barker and Friends" still roam the Ocklawaha even after their deaths in 1935, remember when bass fishing to look out for the "Spirits of the Kissimmee River", bon appetite at "The Ghost-Filled Restaurant", don't leave your car unattended at "Spook Hill", it may just roll uphill and never be seen again, visit "The City Founded by a Ghost", share a spirited booty from "A Pirate's Specter", and meet dead Florida royalty in "Princess Weenonah".

Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota Area
Believe it or not, the Bay area gets the most exposure of any part of the State in hauntings in this fine publication. Late night after the Tampa Theater closes, beware of "The Return of the Projectionist", or when visiting the Falk Theater keep a spectral eye out for "The Spurned Actress". Visit a "Ghost Trestle" in Hillsborough County, witness the heartbreak of "The Prom Queen's Ghost", or visit "Lost Souls Haven"; when watching a brilliant sunset over the water, watch for "Ghosts Near the Bay". You'll visit "The Weeks House", play with "Haunted Toys", and might even see the ghostly image of the developer of "The Don Ce Sar Hotel" walk the halls. Jump back Buffy, Sunnydale High meets its match with "Haunted St. Petersburg High", and stand back Craig T. Nelson for "A Poltergeist in Sarasota". There's "The Troubled Sandlin House", "Haunted Cayo Pelau Isle", mining of "The Sacred Ore" and "The Hidden Cemetery" is the terminal chapter in this Bay Area synopsis.

Miami Area
CSI Miami isn't the only entity playing with the dead, there's "Scaring Up A Discount" and the very disturbing goings on at "A Haunted Villa"-- cats be extra careful near the haunted gate!

Outrageous, Odd and Eccentric Ghosts Around the State
Includes "Outrageous Ghosts", "The Bronze Apparition", and what you know would have to be my personal favorite, "Spooky Trees"!

You owe it to your "La Floridiana" "spirit" to "creep" over to your local bookstore or log on to Amazon.com and get this enjoyable and frightening peek at "Floridaland Ghosts"!

Clyde Butcher Update
Florida Folk Hero and world class photographer Clyde Butcher has his breathtaking 2003 calendar. To take a sneak preview and order, log on to his fabulous web site at http://www.clydebutcher.com One of Clyde's most noble undertakings is the "Pelicans in Paradise", a project that will raise funds to give to the children with cancer in the Ft. Myers/Naples area at "The Children's Hospital". God Bless you Clyde butcher.

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