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Greetings one and all. The Olympics are in full force and we Americans are kicking some serious world butt!! Yeay for us!!! Couple things I'd like to touch on.....

For those of us who love competition, it really doesn't get much better than the Winter and Summer Olympics. This is one of those rare opportunities where you not only feel the joy of the winner, but have compassion for the loser, even if they're not from your own country. It's also one of those "not rare enough" opportunities where you are left flabbergasted by the cruelty of the pre-determined judging, as witnessed by the entire world just the other night. You know, of course, I'm referring to Pairs Skating competition. The one where the Canadians skated flawlessly only to see their olympic hope for the GOLD THAT THEY TRULY WON be given to the Russians, who, while skating beautifully, DID screw up a number of times on their landings....something the Canadians did quite cleanly.

We've been privy to this type of thing before. It's not uncommon for us to disagree with a judge's perception of events. The problem here is that it's such a blatant act of scummery it's actually being investigated! Certainly, everyone who reads this is in 100% agreement with me. Unless of course, you're one of those people who think its appropriate to take a payoff at the expense of someone who has trained their entire life for this one moment!!

What are we learning now? That the French and Russian judges had an agreement that the French would ensure a Russian gold in pairs skating if the Russians would do the same for the French at another Olympic game. I could just puke!!!!!!!

Fortunately, something has come from this....other than the fact that the world had to witness an EXECUTION of a Canadian Dream for Gold. The IOC has announced that there is "substantial" evidence PROVING the judging was rigged, and that the French judge has been dismissed. They have further decreed the Canadians recieve the Gold they deserve. You would think this would be good news for everyone...but naturally the Russians are furious and consider the decision " a huge blow to the Olympic spirit." According to Russian Olympic Committee official Rudolf Nezvegsky "By doing this, they (IOC) just struck a huge blow, not only to the Olympic spirit of fair competition but also to the whole nature of sport. It went against any moral and ethical norms that exist in sport where athletes, not lawyers, compete against each other on the slopes and in the sports arenas and not in back rooms. Mr Rogge, who has just become IOC president, probably does not understand what he has done for the sports movement for future Olympic Games "

WHAT A SCUMBAG. This is not suprising coming from the same Russians who added 3 seconds to a FINISHED basketball game won by the Americans so their Russian team could have one more chance to win the game...ILLEGALLY. It is the Purveyers of Falseness, like this loser slimeball, that wreck the dreams and TRUE accomplishments of others, with complete disregard for correctness or rationality.

At least, for once, we have the honor of witnessing righteousness...which we all too rarely see.

O' "LAY"
Can there be any end to the coldhearted cruelty that is canvasing our planet? From the Olympic treachery to that of the financial world, as it pertains to Enron. Olympic in its own proportions, this scandal seems to have an endless stream of executives who made millions while evidently knowing NOTHING about their company. At least that's what they'd like you to believe.

The scumbags are such wonderful specimens of Walking Pieces of Crap! And justifiably, should be wiped off the ass of the planet. Dingleberries one and all, these jerks weren't content with bankrupting their own people. It's now learned that as recently as last week they were STILL screwing with the books and pocketing millions to themselves...all this while the people who slaved for years working for them are thrown even further into debt. Certainly they had full understanding of what their actions would do! In my view, these people are traitors to their country and should be treated as such.

The sad thing about this is that the one guy everyone is blaming is turning out to be the one guy who is really innocent of the downfall...Ken Lay. This guy just got destroyed by Congress, and it now turns out the guys who work for him were lying to him about everything. Setting him up to take the fall they all knew was coming...while trying to absolve themselves of any wrong doing. SCUMBAGS! Not totally scum-free, Lay 'did' encourage stock holding employees to buy stock while he was selling his.

I'm so over people like this that I'm pushing for a new law! One that will hopefully be embraced by all rational thinking people. It's a simple law really.....one called ETHICS!

We should start by teaching this in schools. I would suggest from K-1. Maybe if we start today, by the year 2030 things will start to look up. You would hope that with something like 9/11 these types of things wouldn't happen....COULDN'T happen. Surely the tragedies that mark this planet today would make everyone, not just Americans, think about their actions and decision making, in an effort to insure a more rightous way of life. I can't begin to comprehend what it must be like to have no soul. No heart. No feeling. No compassion. No truth. And worse....No Regret!

I thank God I'm not like that!

Sometimes the best you can hope for is that the people ruining your favorite team stumble around in the dark....much like we've been witnessing for the past few weeks. That way, it's hard for them to see their way clear to totally put you out of business, but still lucky enough to where they could stumble upon the answer. Sometimes in life that's how things work! You just kind of happen along and then fortune smiles...and this is a Cheshire Cat Smile...Ear to Ear. For by now you surely know Jon Gruden is the new Head Coach of our beloved Bucco's.

Anyone who knows anything about football knows this guy is one of the most enthusiastic go-getters the NFL has seen in some time. In fact, this is so clutch, that the Glazers should be immediately absolved of all the tomfoolery we've been witness to as of late. Gruden is an Offensive Genius, and one of the most inspirational coaches in all of sports. While I just blasted the Glazers at the prospect of losing McKay, it's kind of difficult not to be totally stoked with excitement at the prospect of what Gruden brings to the team!

As for what this miracle is costing the Glazers, getting the services of Gruden is well worth it. This could be a hiring of Landryesque proportions. We're talking about a guy who I personally remember cooking my chicken wings at Hooters on Hillsboro Ave! He's a homeboy thru and thru. This is where he wants to be. And if his past glorys are even a hint of what we have in store....then I'm definitely READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!! GO BUCS!!

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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