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PCR #111. (Vol. 3, No. 19) This edition is for the week of May 6--12, 2002.
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As stated in last week's "letters to the editor" by moi, something just didn't sit right with the Top Ten Television shows of all time as selected by the guru's at TV Guide, also stated in last week's PCR.

In order to sooth my casternation I decided to undergo the semi-lengthy process of tabulating all of the Top 10 Lists submitted to PCR by writers, and readers, alike. So as to be fair, I also included in my tabulation the selections by TV Guide, feeling that this would quell any simmering bitterness they may feel by my blatant attack on their lack of TV honorability. (i.e. Sopranos vs Hawaii 5-0/Simpsons vs Gunsmoke--although Simpsons 'does' make this list).

Summarizing, we ended up with twelve shows instead of ten because there were several ties, culminating in 1 #1, 1 #2, 2 #3's, and 8 #4's, equalling 12.

And they are (insert mental drum roll here)
1.   Twilight Zone
2.   Star Trek
3.   Outer Limits
3b  Saturday Nite Live
4.   All in the Family
4b  Kolchak: The Night Stalker
4c  The Lucy Show
4d  Mash
4e  Monte Python's Flying Circus
4f  The Prisoner
4g  Seinfeld
4h  The Simpsons

I would think this is a list most of us can live with.

You just gotta love the professional athlete.

Allan Iverson, basketball stud for the Philadelphia 76ers, is all upset and whining because the rumour mill is churning out that the Sixers are trying to trade him. It appears this is the case, regardless of the fact that Iverson states his case for NBA Most Valuble PLayer nearly every year.

Why would they do such a thing, you ask? Simple. You can sum up all of Iverson's comments about any given situation in one word:


You see, he's another one of those wonderful example's our kids have to watch that are all about themselves. This guy has the audacity to call down his coach to the media after another season of him bastardizing the coach/player relationship on his own team, which in the end, probably cost them their chance to advance in the playoffs. In the old days, I would've called him a selfish pig, and while the temptation to do so now is strong, I will instead say he's one of a number of people in this world who are ignorant of any reality other than what they choose to think.

Whining like a wuss because of problems HE created, such as showing up to practice late, blowing it off all together (without even calling in), or showing up game day hours after the mandatory check in time. In my world, you get fired for that kind of garbage. He gets millions a year for his lack of work ethic.

Oh, I'm not saying he isn't a stud. But let's face it, if a company needs 5 people to do the job, and needs those 5 people to work cohesively, ALL 5 PEOPLE NEED TO BE THERE. Make sense to you? Makes a lot of sense to me!

If he really wants to cry, he should tell it to his teammates, who--after Iverson refused to participate in the MANDATORY season ending meeting--told their coach in no uncertain terms to get this jerk out of town so the TEAM could grow.

You'll notice the word 'mandatory' keeps popping up. This is an ingenious tool by profesional sports leagues to insure their immature, childish members earn their multi-million dollar paycheck. Something Iver probably wouldn't see if he followed his other skills such as flipping burgers and/or dumping trash. (No harm intented to the excellent sanitation folks of this country--or hard-working burger flippers)

It really hurts to see such a selfish, self-centered, egotistical prima-donna so upset. Crying like a baby because HE doesn't understand why people don't like being walked on.

I guess I'll just have to sum up my feelings in one word.....


Starting with next week's Rail and continuing until completion, I'll be touching on some troubling things I've been discovering since I've been off work.

To gear you up for it, I'll look at how our government isn't run by the people (something most of us already know), how we are getting closer to a one world government, i.e. New World Order, how Satanism is as much a part of America's history and present as Christianity, how Satanists believe the Anti-Christ is alive today---and why they believe it,......and how the chip in the hand to buy and sell is much closer than just around the corner!

And, unfortunately, it's not a BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Till then, take care and God Bless

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