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THE MAKING OF WASHINGTON D.C. (and how it relates to end times)

To begin this segment, I must confess that I don't know what's more surprising about all this history I've uncovered. The reality that it's true, or the reality that most of us are clueless to it. Surely my previous Rail was never taught in any History class I was a part of. Yet the proof is there, and it is undeniable. Thus turning history toward a more bleak prospect of propaganda. From the personal correspondence of the founding fathers to the documents of freedom our current government is trying desperately to circumvent. Possibly you think the same thing. Hard to imagine, but true it is. Just as true as what follows here now........

In 1791, George Washington commissioned fellow Freemason, Pierre Charles L'Enfant, a French engineer, to architect the physical layout of D.C., using the Capital as the centerpiece. Before all was said and done, the agreed-to landscape design was specific and prominent to Masonic symbols such as the square, the compass, the rule, and yes...the pentagram.

One would think that such things back then would have caused another war within the states. This is where the art of deception, acknowledged and endorsed by Albert Pike, comes into play. This is also where Christ telling us not to be deceived comes into play, as well. Surely any issues of concern from 1700's common man regarding this blatant occultic ideal was immediately blasted as lunacy by those in power not wanting their true goals exposed. We have to suffer thru this type of misinformation today! But hey, don't take my word for it. Get yourself a map of Washington D.C., and check it out for yourselves. Because, In fact, the occultic making of Washington is very visible.

If you start at the Capitol building and consider it as the head or top of the Compass, then Pennsylvania Ave and Maryland Ave are the left and right leg, respectively. The intersection of Canal St. and Louisiana Ave make up the masonic Square. The left leg of the Compass stands squarely on the White House lawn and the right leg on the Jefferson Memorial. The circular drive and shortened streets that run directly behind the white house form the head and ears of what Masons, and Satanists, call the Goat Of Mendes or Goat's head!

Okay, so where does the pentagram fit in all this. Before we go further, you need to understand Satanist 101. This course will teach you that the pentagram is Satan's symbol, and is given its power just by being created, thus ushering in Lucifer and all power afforded him by the God of Holy Scripture. The more specific the placing of the symbol, the greater the power you are requesting from the source of your worship. Fanatical ravings by a guy you used to know of as Matt??? No....well-known text of a manuscript called the Satanic Bible. Now my question........

Why would the founding fathers of our nation "under God" specifically place this pentagram on the top of the Capitol with its point facing south, which is a request for greater power and authority of Satan?!?

As if this isn't blatant enough, the center of the pentagram is aligned with 16th St. If you park there, and go thirteen blocks to the north, you will wind up at the doorstep of the Masonic House of The Temple. Relevence here is that the elite Masons (or sages), like Occultists, are huge into Numerology. The number 13 is acknowledged as Lucifer's number. They get this number from Scripture, which states the number of the beast is 666. Common belief is that sixes stand for, in order, man, humanity, and the Beast (i.e. the Movement against God). God's number is 7. Take a 6 for man, and a 7 for God and you have 13 for (g)od. Hmmm....13.....powerful number. How many colonies did we start with? Of course that 'has' to be coincidence...right?

As for the Washington Monument......It stands aligned with the intersecting point of the landscaped Masonic square. It runs from the Capitol Building all the way to the House of the Temple. Within that right triangle sits the most powerful aspects of our government, such as the Justice Dept., U.S. Senate and the Internal Revenue Service.

The cornerstones laid at the building of ALL of our historical institutions commenced with Masonic Ritual. As such, you may be interested to know that they were dedicated to the demonic god of Masonry, JaoBulOn, NOT the God of Holy Scripture.

Furthermore, occultic prophesy clearly states "The leader who faces the obelisk shall introduce the world to the man who will introduce Anti-Christ". Who can deny this blatant statement has reference to the ushering in of the Anti-Christ. The signs are given for those who are willing to see them. Most people, I'm sure, will immediately begin to scoff at what I'm about to write, and that's fine. You're not scoffing at me. You're scoffing at Satanic prophesy.

What does that have to do with us, you ask? Well, we have an Obelisk right here in America. It's called the Washington Monument, which was dedicated to a pagan god when built, in offense to the God of Scripture that our nation was 'supposedly' built upon. Again, let's go to Webster's:

   ob·e·lisk. A tall, four-sided shaft of stone, usually tapered and monolithic, that rises to a pointed pyramidal top.

In the entire history of the United States of America, there has been only 'one' leader sworn into office who faced the obelisk. Not only did he face it, the ceremony was conducted in that fashion at his "insistence". He and his wife were huge believers in astrology and numerology. It's common knowledge today that this former President didn't make a move on anything unless his psychic said the planets and numbers were in his favor. This man, who decided future events based on forces that God emphatically denounces as evil, was known to be a man of God.

This man is Ronald Reagan. He ushered in George H.W. Bush. Is this the man prophesied by the occult who they say will usher in the Anti-Christ? Can he be considered a man of God when he belongs to a satanic cult called "skull and bones"?...which is modeled after a secret German society that Hitler was a member of?....The same Hitler who was financed by Prescott Bush, our current President's grandfather?

George H.W. Bush was asked once in an interview if he was a born again Christian. After hesitating, he answered "if you're asking me if I was born again...yes, I was born again" (notice how he does not claim to be a born again "Christian"). It is called 'tapping' or being 'born again' into Skull and Bones. Oh yeah, I almost forgot....George W. Bush is a member of this, too, being 'tapped' in 1963. The demand of Skull and Bones is that 'nothing could come before loyalty to this society'. No future endeavor, or pledge, circumvents your allegiance to this group. This would include any pledge, including the swearing into office of the Presidency. Again, not my ideas, but cold, hard fact.

I'm beginning to have grave concerns about our nation, and just how 'PROTECTED' by Almighty God we really are. Especially after the horror of 9/11, combined with what I now know about our nation's birth, and the blatant blasphemies against Him then....and now.

Whether you are a believer in God or not, you have to admit this much...IF God does in fact exist, then He certainly can't be very pleased with us. If you've ever read Revelation, which refers specifically to the end of time, then you know that it is very heavy in symbolism. Its author is believed to be John the beloved of Christ, who received this 'revelation' directly from God, Christ, and administering angels. There's talk of a 'Babylon' and in it, a place called "The Great City", and its imminent destruction. The unfortunate thing is that the description of this 'Babylon' is strikingly similar to our present culture.

Of course, if you don't believe it, then I guess that means it doesn't matter!

But my most sincere hope is that God 'does' bless America, because we need His blessings more now than at any time in our history.

NEXT WEEK....9/11...and how it may pertain to end times

Till then, may Almighty God of Holy Scripture bless America.

OK, this has gone far enough. This is not pop culture, this is a religious agenda and this particular series of Rails is being discontinued. Altho I abhore censorship in any form, this is no longer a book review (as it started out being last week--more or less), this is Dogma-at-the-lectern. To the end of promoting free speech I will not take down this chapter since it's already up, but I think all readers are accutely aware of the gist of Matt's argument now.
And I've expressed my feelings more fully to Mr. Drinnenberg (an old, dear friend) in a private email. When the Rail returns (and hopefully it will), it will focus on movies, television and sports like always.---Nolan

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