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PCR #114. (Vol. 3, No. 22) This edition is for the week of May 27--June 2, 2002.
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The end of the "End Times" series?
The End Times editorial I was writing, you no doubt know, will not be brought to you here. The editor has decided to disallow my article on the basis it doesn't pertain to Pop Culture, which it obviously doesn't!  I've researched PCRs thoroughly and have noticed a virtual litany of articles that have nothing to do with pop culture. I do, however, recognize and moreover respect Nolan's 'right' as creator and editor of PCR to allow or disallow whatever he chooses. In his defense, he did have the putzbah to print my first two columns, mainly I feel because of our friendship (of which I'm eternally grateful). Therefore, readers, if you would like me to send it to you directly, please feel free to email me at mdrinne@netscape.net under subject-line "End Time Rail", and I'll be more than happy to do so.

Some people believe that, in the End Times, the dead will walk the earth. I had no idea when I began my quest that Nolan would actually run into one of the dead.

Fortunately, that isn't really the case, and we all have a reason to celebrate and be thankful for one of our own, Tom Bowles, who was believed to have died years ago, is alive and well. This is better than exceptionally great news! This is MAGNIFICENTLY WONDERFUL. I'm sure we all share these sentiments.

When I learned Tom had passed, it was like a shovel hitting me in the face. I was numb for days and depressed for a far greater period of time as I reflected on our friendship. We all know eventually our time will come, but to learn Tom was gone was devastating. Making it even more monumental that he is, in fact, alive and well.

This news got me thinking about a long lost trip to Baltimore that Tom and a bunch of us took to see Mike and attend World Con (which was a blast). It also made me recall I have pictures from that now famous trek and am trying to gather them all so everyone can have copies.

Thanks to Nolan for this most excellent news about our close, dear friend who we all can rejoice is still with us! Hopefully, we can all get together soon. Sure sounds like a good reason to get together to me!!!

Welcome back, Tom!!!

Having been menaced by the phantom a couple years ago, I went into this with 'some' reservations. Putting a lot of thought into my possible reaction, I decided to view this void of preconceptions or expectations, and take it for what it was. While there were a couple things that bugged me, as a whole I enjoyed 'Clones'.

The now infamous romance seems forced, and the dialogue had me grimace a few times, but to Lucas' credit, there wasnt much else that bothered me. Anakin acted a little too much like a pouting-punk deserving a bitch-slap, than the segue to an evil Lord Darth Vader.

Christopher Lee was sensational in what 'should' have been an even bigger role. And I was thrilled with Yoda, who can be a butt-kicking little dude when he wants to be. The exception is Jar Jar, of course, who I still despise with a passion. The vanilla ending suprised me, too, as I feel they missed a prime opportunity to leave us begging for more. But I gotta say I loved the action....and yes....gulp!...t...th...the...the CGI! There.....I said it.

If I'd never seen the other Star Wars installments, I still would've enjoyed this one, although I can't say today it usurped New Hope, Empire, or Jedi. To me, anyway.

However, it is a MASSIVE improvement over the confusion and disappointment I felt at the end of Phantom Menace, which had me asking quite simply...."WHY?????". Thankfully, that sour taste has been squelched, and I look forward to seeing "Clones" again.

The venue was a digital theater with a THX system that quite simply rocked. If you have the opportunity to see it this way, I urge you to do so.

Haven't really had time to address this, so let me congratulate Nolan on another successful episode of TWON, specifically the PCR edition. I'm glad I was able to call in and actually be a part of it. I'm equally happy I kept Mike on hold and I got to be first....heh heh.

My question is this.....when are you going to do a Hats/Blade World of Nolan? We could even hook up and play live for the TV audience. What a blast that would be.

Till next week....
Take care and God bless

Hook up and play live? Maybe on y'all's next trip to Tampa!---Nolan

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