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PCR #115. (Vol. 3, No. 23) This edition is for the week of June 3--9, 2002.
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I can see them now.

Multitudes upon multitudes of people rushing to their nearest Healthclub in their dire attempt to meet that crucial need. That, of course, is the need for a piece of the "chic" pie. Doing their damndest to shed the pounds just to look in the mirror winking and smiling, and say, "oh yeah". They get to this point, of course, because they decided to undertake the cruel and unusual punishment of running on a treadmill going nowhere stareing at a white wall sweating their ars off. Or lifting things in the air that represent NOTHING they would ever really need to lift in their lives. Doesnt sound like the most enjoyable endeavor, does it?

Okay, I have to admit for the longest time I was one of them. I imagine that this insanity goes on because these people are still being deceived. Listening to those who tell them "thin is in" and "thin is beautiful". The opposive end of this spectrum, of course, would tell you "fat is out" and "fat is ugly". This is so prevelently accepted in our culture, and not just by judgemental morons, that we don't think twice about it.

Only recently in the scope of history have we been deceived into believeing that thin is beautiful and fat is ugly. It's such a stupid rediculous insulting judgemental attitude. There are plenty of people who are obese only becaues of some biological chemical imbalance in their bodies. Isnt it more than ignorantly dumb to expect these people to live their lives thinking they're ugly? And yet, is this not the message our society delivers?

Well, before you decide again to hop aboard that bike to nowhere, just remember this.........

It was'nt long ago that thin was out, and "fat's where it's at". In fact, the bigger, the better. This would mean that you were obviously of royal, or nobel blood, for only the upper crust could afford to live so "high on the hog"so to speak. Even if not royal blood, you were still revered as great and wonderful. Those who were "thin"? Mere fodder for the upper crust or "girthed" ones. The fact that someone was thin meant they had nothing....so because of their thin-ness, they got laughed at. In essense, worth was judged by girth!

So the next time you're standing at the mirror and looking at your royal pudges, I want you to do what I'm going to do...look in the mirror, wink and smile, and say, "oh yeah".

Ah, the fond memories of my youth. Amazing, it is, that I remember any of what has been spelled out before you in the last few PCR's concerning this now historic event. (This...ahem..."historic" wild party was alluded to in last week's Lettercol by Scott Gilbert and recalled by Mike Smith in last week's Mike's Rant.---N)

So historic that I wrote a song about it. It's because of this song that the location of this house is emblazened in my mind forever. East 26th street 3 houses on the left just off Florida ave. Strange I used the term "emblazened", as that is what was witnessed at that very address not long after our storied party.

I find it interesting that my "friends" have conveniently forgotten a few 'other' events that took place that evening, but I'm too much of a 'real' friend to mention them.

I also find it interesting that the proof was early that I was hard-headed, as SAG's crushing blows to my head and neck did nothing to thwart my past stupidities. Fortunately, the mere fact they gave a crap about me DID reach me and my insanity was pushed aside. Didn't know where that came from till years later but that's another story....which you are aware of if you read my rails on a regular basis.

As far as Mike's father showing up....I really was looking for Pepsi. I mean, hey, we were out of beer.

And think what you will about me collapsing in the corner with a poke in the chest, I swear to this day his father hit me in the chest the the hammer of Thor. In fact, I thought he WAS Thor!!!

I also remember him laughing his ass off, and actually being very understanding about the whole thing. The next few days were all a blur, but the party was over, and like I said, we were out of Pepsi.
(Now this..THIS...sounds like the real Matt we all know and love!---Nolan)

I wonder why soon-to-be-ex rap phenom R. Kelly has to have sex with girls under 17 years of age the youngest being 14, and videotape these encounters while in the midst of legal hassels brought by the "victims" who, after they threw their bodies at him for eager sex with a superstar, developed a conscience in the symbol of several dollar signs. I wonder why this same individual also tapes "encounters" with women of legal age without their knowledge, and then gives copies to his buddies. I wonder why he takes issue with the fact that this woman is now suing his sorry ass. I wonder why R. Kelly thinks he's being picked on because of his fame. I wonder why anyone would give one penny to this scumbag via ticket sales or CD sales. I wonder why he wasn't prosecuted by the state and sent to prison for having sex with a 14-year-old. I wonder why......

Till next time.......
Take Care and God Bless

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