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PCR #127. (Vol. 3, No. 35) This edition is for the week of August 26--September 1, 2002.
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Readers---The following Rail was published one day before the baseball strike was called off as the players and managers had finally come to terms. I'm sure Matt will have a reaction to this in next week's Rail, but for now, remind yourself what an impact on sports this fiasco WOULD have had by reading what Matt has to say...---Nolan

As stated last week, baseballs ball-less bitches (the players) are getting pretty darn close to their strike deadline...where they get to go home and cry to momma. That's good for them.......a shoulder to cry on so they can cry and whine about how the fans just don't understand. I've heard this from a couple players. Not quoting here, but things along the lines of "You know....the fans see 2.4 million dollars a year and think it's a lot of money" or, "We don't WANT to strike, but if the owners don't want to meet our terms, what can we do?"

Well, here's an idea for that last one. GROW UP. Try and understand you and the rest of you bitching beauties are blowing it big time. Only because we live in a world where stupid and obscene are the norm can some of us kind of understand where you're coming from. And that, unfortunately, is Silver Spoon land.

As for the 2.4 mil being a lot of cash, You're wrong about us THINKING it's a lot of money.....it IS A LOT OF MONEY.

These idiotic comments coming from some of these jokers used to just totally piss me off. But now that I don't give a crap about baseball anymore, I just laugh. Really!!! I do!!! I mean, come on, you have to admit, even as the casual observer to this insanity, that these bubbleheads act more like bobbleheads when in reality they're only cartoons of the evil owners. You know....THEIR BOSS!!!!!

If these jerk-offs tried this crap in the real world where you and I live three things would happen:

   1. Someone like Mike or myself would give you a bitchslap
   2. You'd lose your job
   3. Out of the joy we'd derive, you'd receive another bitchslap

It's beyond my comprehension how, here at this hallowed time, these greedy bastards could compromise the welfare and mental state of an entire nation of sports fans. This is the perfect example of why you should NEVER judge your status in life by how much money you've attained. By action and by word, these guys have demonstrated better than Webster's what the definition of a LOSER is.

These morons have multi-millions, and here they slap us in the face. The hard working common man who struggles to make it week to week, let alone month to month. Even if a miracle happens and they don't strike, the damage has been done. Sadly, given the history of greed, they will walk. They will have the audacity to walk out on all of us....all because they don't make enough?!?!?!

I hope and pray one of these idiots lands on this page, so I can show them that the L is formed with my hand over my forehead, jerkweed, and it's looking at you.

Yeah, yeah, I know this isn't a forum for politics, but enough is enough.

America used to be a country that believed you shouldn't go to war against a country that wasn't hitting you first. This was the America of a couple years ago. Before the Bush regime.

Now we learn that, not only are they thinking about doing it, they've proclaimed to the world that they don't have to get Congress's approval. This, folks, is not a democracy. Not even a Republic for that matter. It's what you call a dictatorship.

People are being thrown in jail and detained for no reason other than their ethnic background. Not allowed to speak to an attorney. Not allowed to see their family. Not allowed to use a phone. Months on end. Under constant interrogation. All because they're a Muslim. Or because they just happened to unwittingly and unluckily cross paths with one of the terrorist scumbags of 9/11. Who, I may remind you, were in the country plotting their plan thanks to the schoolyard behavior of the FBI and CIA, who were too busy not cooperating with each other.

I would also like to add that the terrorists, to Joe Schmo on 9/10, WEREN'T TERRORISTS!!! Just ordinary dudes living in a house, paying a mortgage, and going to work. Association with them doesn't mean a damn thing. Sure, they'd be remiss if they didn't check out these people, and I expect them to check out every Yashif, Kareeb, and Shariff that sparks their interest. But come on. This is America. Where you're presumed innocent until proven guilty. Where you're not denied your right to an attorney or a phone call. Where the people select their President!

God Bless America? Yo damn skippy. Now more than ever. Please God......Bless America! And rid us of this craziness.

Till next time, take care, and God bless,

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