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Looks like there are some people out there who really do give a crap about what we think.

As we all know, E.T. is scheduled from DVD release very soon. There is to be a $22.99 retail version that has only the CGI enhanced 2002 re-release on it, AND another packaging that gives you both versions...for a low, low affordable common man price of about 70 bucks.

After reading countless messages on chat rooms and the like about how he sucks, Spielberg has decided to include both film versions on both DVD sets. I found it ironic that, as I was reading this online, a biography special was airing about Steven Spielberg on the History channel, in which his sister says that he can't stand criticizm and it just kills him if people are mad at him.

Spielberg said in a statement:
"My intention was never to replace the original film. When people buy E.T., I want them to know they have the original movie, not just for collectors and aficionados, but for everybody who remembers it and wants to remember it just that way."

Well, okay....I guess. Except for the fact that Spielberg is into everything that has his name on it. Too bad he didn't want us to "remember it just that way" several months ago when the advertising came out giving us the specs. Even more cruel because, as you know, Spielberg is my all-time favorite director. Hey...I even liked "1941".

It's also too bad that this had to unfold like it did, with fans only getting what they deserve after having to bitch about it and complain. Regretably, I have to "remember it just that way".

Cross your fingers, Forry fans. The moment of truth is upon us.

On November 7th, the Appellete Court in California will begin hearing arguments concerning the Famous Monsters lawsuit that was decided in Forry Ackerman's favor last year.

Forrest J Ackerman
Forrest J Ackerman
As you may recall, federal bankruptcy judge, Arthur Greenwald found that Ray Ferry (current FM editor) was guilty of trademark infringement, liable for breach of contract, libel and misrepresentation in regards to his business dealings with our beloved Forry, and awarded the Ack with mucho dinero, as well as trademarks to longtime FM pseudonyms (i.e. Dr.Acula, Graveyard Examiner, etc...).

What a lot of people don't know is that Ferry also convinced Forry to sign a contract when he was really sick that would have given him all of Forry's assets for about a dollar. What a scumbag. Fortunately, as everything else was going down, LA Superior Court Judge Stephen Petersen rescinded that bogus contract.

Although the jury threw out a countersuit that Ferry had filed against Ackerman, the appeal of the verdict went forward. At the time Ferry said that, upon appeal, it would "get ugly". We're about to see to just whom does this prophesy relate.

What does all this mean to FM subscribers? Well, if Ferry wins his appeal, it most likely means the return of FM to the shelves. According to Ferry, FM's absence is directly related to his assets being frozen due to Ack's win last year. Granted, you have to take whatever he says with some Skippy peanut butter and Smucker's strawberry preserves in order for it to go down, but that does seem logical. If Forry wins, then I believe Famous Monsters of Filmland, for all intents and purposes, is done. Even if someone new tries to revive it, there's still trademark/copyright issues with the name itself.

Possibly the cruelest cut of all to FM/Forry faithful: In order for justice to prevail for Uncle Ack, we must lose FM.

So be it!
Till next time, take care and God bless

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