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PCR #96. (Vol. 3, No. 4) This edition is for the week of January 21--27, 2002.
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For a guy who has never been under contract to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bill Parcells has solidified his place in Bucco history as possibly the greatest heartbreaker ever.....TWICE! Do you recall that Bill Parcells was almost head coach of the Bucs before he ended up with the Patriots? In fact, according to many inside the Buc organization at the time, it was a done deal, agreed to in principle and everything.
   The deal-breaker? None other than Culverhouse's 'then' Vince Lombardi......Ray Perkins..., who told Tuna that Hugh's bottom line was making money, not champions, so Tuna balked. Culverhouse briefed the media at what was "supposed" to be the announcement of Parcells' hiring with "I feel like I've been left at the altar". Now that we know what we know about HC, I guess we can't blame Parcells, but this is the Glazer's. You know, the guys who fired the one coach in Buc history with a winning record. Okay, okay, so they thought they had Parcells locked in. They never said so, in so many words anyway, but you could feel it. Too bad, so sad.
   Looks like the search goes on........

As I write this, the news is reporting a plane from London to Orlando was diverted to Iceland because of a "bomb threat". There's also news all over about foiled attacks on our embassies. No doubt the work of those Al-Queda wussies, who are too chicken-shit to face human punishment. Too bad for them punishment is not escapable. It is quite clear who the infidel is. According to Islam, the infidel oppresses people with fear and death in order to achieve its desire. Gee.....that sounds just like the butt-munchers who are trying to take us down. They keep saying "Alah willing" this or that'll happen, and it doesn't. We continue to win. According to even their own fanatical ravings, they are wrong. Alah is showing them they are wrong!! The reason they continue with their plot is because Alah has nothing to do with it. It's hatred and jealousy, pure and simple. Hatred toward Israel for existing, and hatred for us for supporting them. Jealous of our properity, these chicken-heads give their God ZERO POWER IN THE UNIVERSE. If Alah is the Creator of all, and in control as they say, and we have the prosperity that we do, then it's obviously Alah's will that we have that prosperity. Give it up, chumps! Alah has spoken.

Till next time, take care and may the one true God bless you.

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