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PCR #101. (Vol. 3, No. 9) This edition is for the week of February 25--March 3, 2002.
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Hello gang! Problems with my PC will keep this one short and sweet. Shall we begin?

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Not exactly the message I got this morning, but pretty close. As I write this I am sitting in a Kinkos, getting stared at by the clerk who must think I'm looking at porn because I took the computer way in the back corner away from everyone else. I was going to just write the boss with an apologetic note, but then I remembered he went through all the trouble of giving me my own bust..................I couldn't disappoint! Of course, to compound things, I just realized that I left all of my notes for this week at home, so this is even going to be shorter!

Apologies all around to Will, Terence, Count Poffula, et.al, on the Waylon quote. More importantly, my apologies to you who read this piece. I do try my best to be factual and am quite embarrassed at what my little letter to Nolan started. I guess I could offer the excuse that it is, in fact, a very recent revelation, but that would be too easy. I should have investigated before I questioned the work of others, and for that I offer my sincere apologies. (I will accept on everyone's behalf, even tho there is NO need for you to apologize--you wrote what you thought was correct. The reaction you got was way too harsh. Ye old spineless editor will use better jugdement himself next time!---Nolan

Sadness doesn't even begin to express my feelings over the passing of Chuck Jones. Long before he became a corporate shill, Michigan J. Frog earned a spot in my heart as my all time favorite cartoon character (how's that for a top 10 challenge?). In fact, when I moved west from Baltimore, my friends pitched in to buy me the greatest going away gift: a seriacell from Mr. Frog's cartoon debut, "One Froggy Evening," which now hangs proudly in my living room. A student of silent films, Jones took the best of what he saw and turned it into the classic tandem of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. He also created the amorous skunk Pepe Le Pew and directed the holiday television classic, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Somewhere Michigan J. Frog has his head bowed, his top hat in hand. He will sing no more.

What a difference 2 decades makes. Apparently trying to put on a better face in public, Paul McCartney has turned up EVERYWHERE this year it seems. Most recently, he made a surprise appearance at a Liverpool, England tribute to late guitarist George Harrison. Standing before a shocked 2000 plus fans, he broke into an a capella version of "Yesterday," altering the words to "why HE had to go I don't know." Quite a far cry from December 1980, when all Paul could muster when asked about the death of John Lennon was, "It's a drag." Indeed it was.

Well, gang. That's it for this week. 20 cents a minute is making me rush! Have a greet week. See ya!

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