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PCR #113. (Vol. 3, No. 21) This edition is for the week of May 20--26, 2002.
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Hello gang! Once again, some news and notes and more fatherly pride. Shall we begin?

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Glad to see that "Deadguy" liked "Episode 2" as much as I did. Also enjoyed Nolan's and Terence's reviews. Note to Nolan: JOHNNY Williams hasn't been called Johnny since he did "Gilligan's Island!" As to Mike Scott's notes about the (3) fans in Kansas...................at 12:01 am this past Tuesday, I had three people outside my theatre. When I talked to them, they said they were here for the "midnight show." I told them that the show started at Midnight on Wednesday. "But it is Wednesday," one of them whined. I told her she was right.....and that when Midnight comes we'll start the movie. Again she whined, "but it IS Wednesday." I finally got so exasperated that I said, "You know, this is going to be a pretty popular film. I'll bet I've sold over 800 tickets to the Midnight Show. Don't you wonder why you are THE ONLY ONES HERE???? Finally, they slunk away. They never made it to the show Wednesday night.......believe me, I looked. I couldn't resist the urge to share their gaffe with the crowd that night. It's a shame they didn't show, because I would have instructed the audience to point at them and laugh.

Proud to announce that my son, Phillip, was named to the Kansas All League baseball team for the 2nd consecutive year. This past Saturday saw his graduation from high school. A personal highlight for me. A great sidebar to that night was a man who had attended the high school in the 1940's. Unfortunately, during his senior year, he received a letter from President Roosevelt....."Greetings," the letter began. Following his term in the army, the man got his GED and led a very successful life. One thing he always wanted was a genuine High School Diploma from his hometown school, as his seven brothers and sisters had obtained. This year his dream came true, getting to stride across the stage along with his grandson.

While "Episode 2" did not beat the record opening of "Spider-Man," it didn't do too bad! The film took in an estimated $80 million its first weekend, and almost $106 million when you include the Thursday grosses. In 1980, "The Empire Strikes Back" was the highest-grossing film of the week when it opened, taking in a whopping $6.4 million dollars. In fact, "AOTC" opening weekend gross is greater then the opening weekend grosses of the first five films combined!

Well, that's it for this week. See ya!

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