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PCR #115. (Vol. 3, No. 23) This edition is for the week of June 3--9, 2002.
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Hello gang! Some news and notes, as always. Shall we begin?

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Quick congrats to Terence for his piece on the 70's horror films. I can remember working at Twin Bays when we had "The Hills Have Eyes." It was quite a shock to many people, including the couple who asked me half way through if they could just go sit in "The Secret of N.I.M.H."

Ah, yes. The infamous Toga party. (Referring to an event chronicled so far in Scott Gilbert's letter, PCR #114, Mike's Rant PCR #114, and Matt's Rail, this issue!---N) Thanks, Matt, for not mentioning all that went on at the Toga party. For those of you interested, the FULL story is actually included in a script I've written about that fun-filled summer. Not sure if this was the beginning of our "lost" weekend, when a bunch of us piled into Mark Goshen's Datsun intent on driving to Tallahassee to see an old teacher. I do remember we only made it as far as a hotel in Kissimmee. Fond memories of Rick Sousa hugging the toilet after too much Night Train Express are now flooding over me!

On a more serious note, thanks to Matt (who is one of those damn THIN people) for pointing out the most important fact........we are who we are. As someone who is probably about 50 pounds overweight, I can tell you it's not easy being a big guy. And I am one of those who DOES spend 2 hours at the gym three times a week, running on the treadmill to nowhere. I do think thin people look down at larger people. I know that whenever I'm dealing with an idiot customer I'm usually called a "fat bastard" or "fat fucker" when they walk off. Luckily, I'm a "big" enough person to ignore them.

You'd think with all the money the Catholic Church is paying to the victims of their pedophile priests that they wouldn't be so choosey as to where school tuition is coming from. Wrong! A Catholic school in Sacramento, California recently expelled a kindergartner for the last three weeks of class when they found out her mother works as a stripper. According to a school spokesman, the mother broke the school's "Christian Commitment" agreement. The mother, Christina Silvas, said her daughter won't be returning for 1st grade. "I want to find a school less concerned with image and more concerned with the welfare of children."

An Islamic high court in Nigeria, who recently sentenced a woman to death by stoning for having sex outside marriage, has decided to let the mother live long enough to wean the baby born out of that tryst. The 5-month old infant was born more than nine months after Amina Lawal, age 30, was divorced. The court has decided that she can remain free on bond until 2004, when, presumably, she will turn herself in so she can be stoned to death!

David Prowse, who was the man in the Darth Vader suit in the first "Star Wars" trilogy, say's he's ready to resume the role when the sequel to "Attack of the Clones" is filmed. Prowse, who only found out that James Earl Jones had dubbed his lines while attending the premiere of "Star Wars" with his family, will be 66 this year. He is also going to undergo his 5th hip operation in September. "If I am 100% physically able and the offer the part to someone else, I would be very disappointed," says Prowse. He is currently finishing up his autobiography, "Straight From the Force's Mouth."

Well, that's it for this week. See ya!

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