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PCR #135. (Vol. 3, No. 43) This edition is for the week of October 21--27, 2002.
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Hello, gang! News, notes and my take on the DC Sniper. Shall we begin?

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The long awaited DVD release of "ET: the Extra Terrestrial" took place this past Tuesday. As Matt pointed out, Spielberg did cave in to public demand and put both the original 1982 version as well as this year's CGI laden re-issue. Word to the wise........you'll have to look closely to make sure you get the "wide screen" version. Some stores, like K-mart, refuse to carry wide screen films because they're customers keep returning them, complaining of the black bars on their screen. Like Harvey Korman says in "Blazing Saddles"............."Shit kickers!" By the way.......I LOVE 1941!

As I write this, the news has just announced that authorities are interested in speaking to two men who may have knowledge about the recent rash of sniper shootings in and around our nation's capital. The one thing that disturbs me about this whole case is the way Police Chief Moose seems to think he's doing everyone a favor with his press releases and conferences. The fact that he did not mention the threat against children until almost 2 days after he received it is criminal in my mind. I don't agree with them closing the schools. Apparently the schools that closed did so because they were aware of the threat. That threat should have been broadcast the moment they confirmed it as a genuine correspondence from the sniper. If parents wanted to keep their children home, that's well and good. It should have been their decision. And why did they only share the note with school districts in the immediate area where the note was found? If one thing has been proven, it's that the shooter or shooters can strike anywhere at anytime. Today's latest plea to the public almost knocked me out of my chair. Now they are asking people who may be illegal aliens to notify the authorities if they have any information. They are assuring them that nothing will be done visa vi their illegal status. Yet they have already made plans to deport the two innocent men they picked up Monday who's only crime was to be at the wrong phone booth at the wrong time. Do they really think that keeping things like notes and correspondence from the public is helping? If this guy is leaving tarot cards behind as his calling card (as has been rumored) don't you think that is something you'd want to get out in the news? Do you think that if I owned a store that sold tarot cards that all of this publicity wouldn't make me remember the person who came into my shop last month and bought 20 decks of them? I agree that certain aspects of the case should remain hidden. In many murder cases, little things that only the killer can know about are kept from the public. This way when the finally catch someone or someone confesses, they can use these facts to make sure they have the right person. However, what this guy is doing is evident. No mystery here. He's sitting somewhere 100 plus yards away and picking off anyone who gets in his sights. Am I the only one to think their is something wrong when the only person who is offering an opinion about this guy is David Berkowitz? THE FUCKING SON OF SAM!!?? Of course, Berkowitz blames the shooting on violence in Hollywood, specifically sighting "Red Dragon" as a cause. Hey, don't laugh. What do you expect from a guy who took orders from a dog? I think it's time for the Federal Government to take over this case and utilize the manpower they have been granted from the various agencies to get out there and find this guy. The shooter has struck in two states and the District of Columbia. That takes it out of the locals hands and makes it a federal case. Time to put someone in charge that isn't playing into the snipers hand by reading what he's told to. "But, he told us if we read this he'll stop shooting." Yeah, and if you pull my right leg it plays jingle bells! This person isn't going to stop. He's clearly developed a taste for what he's doing. And he's going to keep doing it until he's brought down. So let's put the people who can do it in the driver's seat!

It's been almost three years since "Godfather" author Mario Puzo died. Not to let a little thing like death detract them, Puzo's publisher, Random House, sent an email to various literary agents looking for a new writer to continue the saga of the Corleone family. Remember when they hired someone to write the sequel to "Gone With The Wind?" It blew!

Somehow I misplaced this last week and failed to report that Bruce Paltrow, director, creator of "The White Shadow" and "St Elsewhere" and proud pop of Gwynneth, passed away two weeks ago of complications from throat cancer. He was 58. His last feature film was the 2000 release, "Duet," which starred his daughter. This weeks episode of "N.Y.P.D. Blue," which was directed by his son, Jake, was dedicated to his memory.
Keene Curtis, best known to television viewers as the owner of the upstairs restaurant, "Melville's," on "Cheers" died Sunday at his home in Utah. He was 79. Curtis won the 1971 Tony Award for best featured actor for his portrayal of four different characters, each with a different accent, in "The Rothchilds." He later replaced Reid Shelton as Daddy Warbucks in the long running Broadway musical, "ANNIE."

Well, that's it for now. Have a great week. See ya!

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