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PCR # 105 (Vol. 3, No. 13) This edition is for the week of March 25--31, 2002.

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"All aboard!" The ghostly conductor's voice screams as his image ripples and wavers between the real and a transparent mist. You hold up your ticket, eagerly awaiting the next stop and you suddenly feel the slight lurch of the train as Murder on the Woo Woo Express takes off for another exciting column of news and reviews of your favorite woo woo mysteries.

Yes, that's right, Murder on the Woo Woo Express will be posting news and events as well as reviews that pertain to woo woo mysteries. If you have interesting news that direcly relates to woo woo mysteries, please send it on to me. But please, remember that the Express is a monthly column, so you should keep that in mind when submitting news that might be of a more immediate nature.

Before I get to this month's news, I'd like to welcome a new reviewer onboard the Express. L. Martinez makes a splash with her first review of Denise Deitz's FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL. Martinez puts this book on her "recommended" list. Ms. Martinez will be splitting review duties with me.

I got an invitation to join this new Yahoo online group after the inaugural issue of Murder on the Woo Woo Express premiered, so I couldn't share the excitement with you then, but it's never too late to share something this good. The Paranormal Mystery Writers group is for writers, readers or any who would like to discover this up and coming mystery subgenre. When you visit the site, you'll find a very exhaustive list of writers working in this field. I can't think of a better way to get introduced to some of the best writers of woo woo mysteries. For those of you who already know you want to belong to this list and prefer to subscribe right here and now, this is the address:


We've got some great books by dynamite authors lined up for review like Lillian Stewart Carl, Lee Killough, Alex Marcoux, Marilyn Meredith, William Mize, and more, so I hope you come back, ticket in hand, and jump aboard for another trip on Murder on the Woo Woo Express.

Denise Dietz book coverFrom the dust cover of FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL:
"Frannie Rosen's psychic mentions a brilliant future, but she never tells the relatively straight-faced and naive Frannie that she will be possessed by a promiscuous doppelganger. All Frannie wants is an Oscar-winning role. What she gets is far more than that, especially when she's cast in a horror film about demonic possession, directed by the legendary Victor Madison.

Victor Madison is universally and deservedly hated. His murder surprises no one but Frannie; his murderer is a surprise to everyone but Frannie. FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is a black comedy/murder mystery tracing Frannie's irreverent adventures double-demoning for the lead character in Madison's horror flick, Forever Asmodeus. Frannie's unorthodox phenomena were inspired, in part, by mysterious events that plagued the filming of The Exorcist, in which the author's sister played the Face of Death and other demonic scenes."

by Denise Dietz
Delphi Books

This story about Frannie Rosen's wish to win an Oscar gets her involved with supernatural forces she never bargained for.

FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is a book that travels flawlessly between the storyline and reality. We've seen this many times in horror films (yes, The Exorcist is one of them, as this book has links to) where while the action is taking place in front of the camera and film is rolling, stranger things yet are taking place behind the scenes.

Dietz captivated me with her wickedly raunchy story of Frannie, her psychic experiences and the lurid, cruel and sexually insatiable obsessions of film director Victor Madison. The author has a way to keep you reading with her snappy, well crafted dialogue, witty narrative and a plot so interesting, you will be very shocked at the end. Nope, I'm not going to spoil that for you. You could say FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL delivers with an ending that satisfies a mystery fanatic.

FIFTY CENTS FOR YOU SOUL is not a book for cozy lovers. This is an explosion of sex, religion, demons and dopplegangers all wrapped up in a veritable feast of sharp, black humor that will appeal to the mystery reader with a taste for something with real bite. Now I've got to find Denise Dietz's Diet Club mysteries. Highly recommended.

Reviewed for Murder on the Woo Woo Express by L. Martinez

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