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PCR # 111 (Vol. 3, No. 19) This edition is for the week of May 6--12, 2002.

Murder on the Woo-Woo Express by Patty G. Henderson

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-------------------------------------- Haunting news and briefs    The Gotta Write Network Online has added a "Paranormal" column to their Genre to Genre category and appointed author Ayn Hunt as editor.
   Ayn is the author of OBSESSED and UNWILLING KILLERS. Check out the site and click on the Genre to Genre category to "Paranormal" and enjoy.

All aboard for the third run of MURDER ON THE WOO WOO EXPRESS. On this trip, we unwrap a new section to the WOO WOO EXPRESS. "Haunting News and Briefs" will feature news flashes and events that might be of interest to readers and writers of woo woo mysteries. Check out Ayn Hunt's appointment as new Paranormal Editor at the Gotta Write Network (GWN). If any of you have announcements or news that you'd like to share with the woo woo mystery community, please send them to me, Patty G. Henderson, at: pattyghenderson@aol.com

Our reviewed book this month is Lillian Stewart Carl's MEMORY AND DESIRE. Lillian is a favorite with woo woo readers and she rarely disappoints. MURDER ON THE WOO WOO EXPRESS is currently looking for reviewers. If you are interested in reviewing for us, please contact me.

Memory and DesireMEMORY AND DESIRE
by Lillian Stewart Carl
Wildside Press, 2000
Softcover, 16.99
ISBN: 1587152681

Back bookjacket copy:
   Claire came to the English village to find her best friend, Melinda, who'd vanished after performing in a play which re-creates a seventeenth century witchcraft trial.
   What she found was a murder mystery and a man. A man who, like her, is trapped between memory and desire.
   The play takes place at the manor house where the protagonists lived and died, a house where the past is still a haunting presence. Did Melinda ask too many questions about the village's tragic history? To find her, Claire too must ask questions. What she learns is that everyone in the village is playing a role, not just in the melodrama, but in real life.
   Claire must walk a fine line between repeating the past and surviving the present. For if she puts one foot wrong, she won't be seeing the future at all, let alone spending it with the man she's not only come to trust, but to love.

Claire Godwin, librarian, travels all the way from Texas to the quiet, quaint English village of Somerstowe, to follow the footsteps of her friend Melinda, who has disappeared after performing in the village's annual play re-enacting a famous witchcraft trial.

The minute Claire starts asking questions, she begins to realize that nothing is as it seems in this charming little town and that the townspeople she thought she knew well are not all they pretend to be. When she starts to fall in love with the man she suspects, the trail becomes more dangerous than she ever imagined, both for her physical safety and her heart.

This delightful mystery is less murder and more romantic suspense. Ghosts and witchcraft keep the 'woo woo' in the mix. The town of Somerstowe comes alive with all the little British quirkiness one comes to expect of a good British cozy. Although that very same "Britishness" had me a bit confused with some of the words and descriptions (I'm not heavy into English mysteries), I was able to get past that, grow comfortable with Lillian's wonderful tale and characters and enjoy the book. I especially loved the way Carl leads us into the world of ancient tapestry restoration.

If you like haunted romances, cozy British mysteries and magical storytelling, give MEMORY AND DESIRE a read. And when you're done with it, check out Lillian Stewart Carl's other woo woo novels. They won't disappoint.

reviewed by Patty G. Henderson

By Jeffrey Marks Deadly Alibi Press
Softcover, 18.99
ISBN: 1886199167

Forget John Kremer. And the Ross books too. Okay, so some of you won't want to, but INTENT TO SELL may be the only book you'll need and actually use, in the marketing and promoting of your book.

After Jeff sent me the review copy and I read it, I decided that although INTENT TO SELL isn't a woo woo mystery, all authors writing and trying to sell their mysteries, especially a sub-genre like "woo woo," would benefit immensely from this book. So I included it in this month's reviews.

This is a no nonsense, practical guide to selling your genre novel. Unlike the Kremer book and other such marketing bibles that focus primarily on non-fiction books, Jeff's book deals with the realities of selling a novel.

If you're a new author, a self published author or print on demand, I can't recommend this book more highly. As an author who has published two books through small presses and used many of Jeff's marketing and promoting plans, I can honestly tell you that they work! It's all hard work, but use the ideas in this book, mark it up for reference and sell, sell, sell.

Reviewed by Patty G. Henderson

EMAIL: SoDeadme@aol.com

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